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7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling

Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 01:41 am

7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling, Most Popular Airports To Land In Mexico

Traveling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. People love to explore the lands around them and further afield, but one restrictive factor remains an often-immovable barrier.

The cost of travel has skyrocketed in recent years, and sometimes the trip of a lifetime is quashed before it has even grown legs. These great ways to save when traveling discussed in the guide below will make jetting off more accessible than ever. 

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Ways to Save When Traveling

Time a Trip in the Off-Season

7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling, Must-see Christmas Destinations and Unique Getaways for the American Traveler 

Off-season is the time to look at when it comes to cutting costs on all aspects of travel from flights and train tickets to hotels and hostel stays. Every tourist destination increases prices at times of high frequency, like summer or around Christmas.

So, if you can, avoid these at all costs and opt for a trip in March or October instead. You may be taken by surprise just how much you can save by getting the timings right. 

Use Dedicated Money Saving Platforms for Flights

Once you have picked your time of year to travel, consider using Going’s service to save significant amounts of money on flights. This type of platform is dedicated to finding the best deals for travelers, and there are hundreds of regularly updated cheaper plane journeys live every day. Never book the first flight you see, because there will always be a greater deal waiting in the wings. 

Avoid Taxis and Car Hire

7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling

When you do arrive at your dream destination, think about how you will get around while you explore. The cheapest option remains to be walking, but this is not always super practical if you want to cover a wider distance. Instead of relying on taxis or even hiring a car, make sure you research the local public transport links.

These typically cover all of the main attractions and are beneficial in terms of finding a cost-effective way to traverse from place to place. You can book tickets before you arrive in some countries too. 

Book Bucket List Activities in Advance

7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling, Tenerife Beach in Canary Islands, Madeira vs Canary Islands, Canary Islands vs Madeira

There will naturally be some attractions and locations that you want to see, and are on your non-negotiable bucket list. Don’t assume you have to forfeit anything, because if you book in advance there are so many cost saving options to uncover. 

Pre-Paid Debit Cards Help You Budget

7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling

Instead of taking your main bank card or a big pile of cash with you, try to utilize pre-paid debit card options. Have something like a credit card on standby for emergency spending, for instance, if you get hurt or stranded. This will help you stick with a budget, and ensure you are not overspending too. 

Have a Few Nights In

7 Great Ways to Save When Traveling

Consider staying inside and cooking in place of going out to restaurants and bars every evening. While you are absolutely there to explore, it can be a lot of fun to stay in and take in the surroundings. Plus, you will definitely protect your wallet if you go for this option.

Check out the local markets and ask the local vendors for meal inspiration to take back with you. This way, you are getting an authentic experience and spending less than you would out and about. 

Stay in Hostels

Hostels are undeniably cheaper than mainstream hotels, and the good news is that every major city in the world has dozens to pick from. You can make a whole new bunch of companions and use the difference in cost to squeeze in a few extra activities here and there. 


Traveling is a rite of passage, but it’s not always accessible because of the rising costs. Think smart and follow the tips above to stretch your pocket as far as possible.

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