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Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad Breakfast to Try

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Looking to learn more about breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad Breakfast)? Then this guide is for you!

Sun-soaked beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture – Trinidad and Tobago, the dual-island Caribbean nation, has it all, including a delectable culinary scene that’s as rich as its history. Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago is no exception.

Renowned for their hearty and diverse breakfast traditions, these islands combine fresh local ingredients with a unique blend of cultural influences. Let’s dive into what makes breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago a flavorful journey worth embarking on.

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Importance of Breakfast

Just like in many other parts of the world, breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago is often considered the most important meal of the day. It’s the fuel that kickstarts the day, providing the energy needed for daily activities, whether that’s working, studying, or exploring the island’s picturesque landscapes. But beyond its nourishing function, breakfast here is a cultural affair – a fusion of flavors that tells a story about the country’s multicultural heritage.

Typical Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago

The morning meal in Trinidad and Tobago is often hearty and savoury, with a blend of flavors that draw from the country’s diverse cultural heritage. As with many things in this beautiful island nation, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to breakfast. Depending on where you are and who you’re with, breakfast can range from a simple dish of fresh fruits and yogurt to a complex platter of sada roti and choka.

Street Food Breakfast

For those in a hurry or looking to grab something on the go, street food is a popular breakfast option. “Doubles” are a favorite, a dish made of two pieces of bara (fried flatbread) filled with channa (curried chickpeas) and topped with a variety of sauces and chutneys. Accra, spicy deep-fried balls made from black-eyed pea flour, are also a common choice.

Sit-down Breakfast

A more leisurely, sit-down breakfast may include dishes such as bake and shark, a deep-fried shark sandwich served with an array of toppings. Buljol, a dish made from salted cod sautéed with various vegetables, is often served with coconut bake for a hearty start to the day. Another favorite is sada roti, an unleavened bread similar to naan or pita, served with choka, a dish of fire-roasted vegetables.

Healthy and Light Options

For a lighter, healthier breakfast, many Trinidadians might choose fresh tropical fruits, like mangoes, pineapples, and papayas, often paired with yogurt. A warm bowl of corn soup or the creamy cornmeal coo-coo can also be a nutritious way to kick-start the day.


In terms of beverages, a typical Trinidad and Tobago breakfast is usually accompanied by hot drinks. Cocoa tea, a traditional hot drink made from locally grown cocoa and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, is a beloved choice. Coffee and tea are also popular, with some people enjoying them with condensed milk.

Whether you’re a fan of hearty, savory meals or prefer something light and fresh, breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago offers an incredible variety of flavors to explore.

Traditional Breakfast Dishes

When it comes to traditional breakfast dishes in Trinidad and Tobago, diversity is the key. One staple breakfast item is ‘doubles’ – a delightful street food made of two baras (fried flatbread) filled with channa (curried chickpeas), topped with various chutneys, pepper, and a dash of tamarind sauce. It’s a symphony of flavors guaranteed to wake up your taste buds.


Doubles is a well-loved street food consisting of two pieces of bara (fried flatbread) filled with channa (curried chickpeas). Toppings include mango, cucumber, coconut, and a variety of chutneys and sauces. The combination of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavors makes doubles a delightful sensory experience.

Bake and Shark

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Bake & shark fast food, Trinidad & Tobago

This unique sandwich-style breakfast from Trinidad and Tobago features deep-fried shark meat and bread, called “bake.” It’s commonly garnished with an assortment of fresh veggies, pickles, and a medley of sauces. Though it might sound unconventional, it’s an integral part of the island’s culinary tradition and a must-try for any food lover.

Sada Roti and Choka

Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad Breakfast to Try
Trinidad Sada Roti, Image via Cleo’s Cooking

Sada roti is a type of unleavened bread, similar to naan or pita. It’s typically served with choka, a dish made of fire-roasted vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplants, or bell peppers, that have been mashed and mixed with garlic, onions, and hot peppers.

This hearty, savory breakfast is deeply satisfying and provides plenty of energy for the day.

Buljol / Salted Cod Salad

Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad Breakfast to Try
Image via Wikimedia – Buljol, Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago

Buljol is a flavorful dish made from salted cod. The cod is boiled, shredded, and then sautéed with onions, tomatoes, peppers, and a variety of herbs and spices. It’s often served with coconut bake, a type of bread made with coconut milk, for a complete and well-rounded breakfast.

Aloo Pie

Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad Breakfast to Try
Aloo Pie – Image via Wikimedia / Jason Lam

This is a deep-fried pastry filled with spiced mashed potatoes (aloo). It’s commonly enjoyed with a side of mango or tamarind chutney, adding a sweet and tangy flavor that complements the savory filling.

Fried Bake and Saltfish

Fried bake, despite its name, is actually a type of deep-fried bread that’s fluffy on the inside and golden brown on the outside. It’s traditionally served with saltfish, a dish made from salt-cured fish, usually cod, that has been sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and peppers. This combo is a classic Trini breakfast that’s both delicious and filling.

Cornmeal Coo-Coo

A delightful savory dish, cornmeal coo-coo is similar to Italian polenta or Southern grits. It’s made by cooking cornmeal with okra and coconut milk, resulting in a creamy, rich porridge that can be enjoyed with a variety of sides, such as saltfish or stewed meats.

These dishes, with their rich flavors and textures, provide an excellent representation of the melting pot that is Trinidad and Tobago’s culinary scene. Every meal, particularly breakfast, is a testament to the islands’ diverse cultural heritage and love for food.

Where to Have Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago

If you’re looking for an authentic breakfast experience in Trinidad and Tobago, there are numerous local eateries to explore. Sample the famous doubles at Ali’s Doubles in San Juan, or savor the legendary Bake and Shark at Richard’s Bake and Shark in Maracas Bay. If a sit-down meal is more your style, then check out places like Breakfast Shed in Port of Spain, known for its wide array of local dishes.

How to Prepare a Trinidadian Breakfast at Home

Preparing a Trinidadian breakfast at home can be a fun culinary adventure. All you need are a few key ingredients and a willingness to try something new. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of doubles or cooking up some sada roti and choka, there are plenty of online recipes to guide you.

How Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago Differs from Other Countries

Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago stands out due to its diverse cultural influences, which include East Indian, African, Creole, Amerindian, European, and Chinese elements. This multicultural melting pot results in a unique breakfast culture that’s unlike anywhere else in the world. The focus on spicy, hearty, and flavorful dishes sets it apart from the often sweet-centric breakfasts found in many Western countries.

Final Thoughts on Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago

Embracing the vibrant flavors of Trinidad and Tobago for breakfast is a journey worth taking. It’s not just about the delectable dishes; it’s also about the cultural stories they tell. So whether you’re visiting these beautiful islands or just exploring their cuisine from home, make sure to start your day the Trinidadian way!

So, ready to embark on this flavor-packed adventure? Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago is waiting for you!

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