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Kerala – Human by Nature

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 06:02 am

When one thinks about traveling to a special country, India comes to mind for a lot of people. With India’s rich culture and the diversity of its landscapes and sceneries, from the North to the South,  it’s a must go for everyone, at least once in their lives. 

And for the people who have traveled to India, some fall in love. Including us. This country has held a special place for us, and one of the reasons is Kerala.

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Kerala, situated in the Southernmost part of  India has captivated us, not only with its backwaters and sceneries, but most importantly, its people. It was one of the most quiet and serene areas of the country. People here live a very simple life – when you go around you see people and how they live their everyday lives connected to their nature.

Transportation through boats, working in the fields, playing in their parks, fishing, talking to each other, shopping, harvesting, and walking around. They live their life immersed in nature, and it is a very beautiful sight to see.

The people are the loveliest part of Kerala. We’ve seen bustling cities and crowded places in India, however Kerala and its people  bring its own beauty. While we were traveling in Kerala, we noticed that not only are the people simpler and quieter, they are very helpful and accommodating.

Kerala is a part of India that we feel the safest. It’s like coming back in time, where people interact with nature and everyone around them, from morning til night.

The food in India, and especially in Kerala is amazing and delicious. There’s so much to taste – we had tea, enjoyed seafood – these are some of the main specialties of Kerala. Of course, we also ate the typical Indian food. It’s just authentic and full of more spice here in the country, and you just can’t get the same taste outside India.

 If you love greenery and nature surrounding you, there’s nothing better than exploring the South part of India. Even the views in the train ride is one of the most beautiful when you reach this part of India. 

This year, Kerala Tourism’s focus is Human by Nature. This we think is the best way to describe the experience you’ll get when you travel in Kerala. The people here are so in touch with the nature that surrounds them that most of their living and tourism revolves around it. 

It’s such an authentic experience, watching how the people of Kerala are one with their nature. 

Two of our favorite destinations in Kerala are Kumarakom and Kochi. They represent two very unique points of views of this part of India. In Kumarakom, you have the backwater tourism, one of the most popular reasons people visit Kerala. 

Kumarakom is set in the backdrop of Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in Kerala. It was such a breathtaking sight to do the backwater ride here, watching the sunset. And any time of the day, you can enjoy fresh seafood which is another highlight of Kumarakom. 

We stayed in Kumarakom Lake Resort and the views are indescribable – it’s like living another time. It’s definitely a place we’d come back to when we visit India again. 

Another place we visited was Kochi. And this is such a new face of India – something you don’t see everyday. It is the densest part of Kerala, however, still very quiet and serene.

Also, since Kochi was under the regime of the Portuguese, then the Dutch and British, the place is now an exotic mix of these cultures. The architecture is incredible and unique compared to other parts of India, and the streets are just so quiet and lovely and full of colors. 

Kerala, also known as God’s own country has more to offer. It has wildlife like the elephants and the tiger reserves, and the endless beautiful tea and coffee plantations of Munnar. If it’s the beach that you are looking for, visit Varkala. 

Kerala might have been in a challenging feat back in 2018, due to the floods, however it has stood strong. This is how you know that the people of Kerala have a strong and undeterred spirit. You’ll know how much they love their nature surrounding them, and how much they know that to get the rewards from their land, they have to treat it with love. 

We are sure that we’ll be back in India again. There’s just so much to see and experience. And Kerala, will always be one of our most recommended place to visit. It’s our little “home” in India, and we can’t wait to be back and to see the smiles of its people and the beauty that surrounds them. 

This article is sponsored by Kerala Tourism for their Human by Nature Campaign.

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Ruben Arribas

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Thanks Rena yes Kerala is amazing we also bought a few of spices :)