25 Best Filipino Desserts You Should Try

Last updated on September 13th, 2021 at 02:27 pm

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Philippines is popular because of the beaches and islands. In this blog post, we will make you crave for our best Filipino desserts. From the most popular Filipino dessert halo-halo to ube, crema de fruta and buko pandan.

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Filipino Desserts to try


street food in Southeast Asia, Filipino food, filipino dishes, halo-halo

Halo halo is the most popular dessert in the Philippines. The ingredients are kidney beans, sugar palm, coconut, ice cream, purple yam and evaporated milk. Prices are from $1-2.

2. UBE

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Ube is a purple yam that is very common in the Philippines as a standalone dessert or an ingredient of another dessert. Actually most of the purple Filipino desserts you’ll ever taste maybe has ube in it. It has a very gentle flavor, that’s why it blends well with other sweet ingredients.


street food in Southeast Asia, Filipino food, filipino dishes, bread and ice cream

Bread and ice cream is a strange Filipino dessert. You can find them everywhere, where the sorbetero (ice cream vendor with a cart) is going, especially at Christmas time. It’s just sweet bread with ice cream. It’s delicious and affordable!


Traditional Filipino dessert Leche Flan, Filipino food, filipino dishes

Leche Flan is Rachel’s favorite typical Filipino dessert made of eggs and milk, with caramel on the top. Leche Flan is really delicious and you have to try it when you’re in the Philippines! It costs as low as PHP 50 per tub!


Filipino Taho, Filipino food, filipino dishes

Taho is a snack food made from fresh soft tofu and sago pearl. It’s very sweet because of the arnibal.


Crema de fruta filipino food
Image from Wikimedia

Crema de Fruta is one of the best Filipino desserts usually served during holidays in the Philippines. It’s made with rectangular cookies, fruit cocktails, sweetened cream and milk. We have to say that crema de fruta is Ruben’s and Han’s favorite one.


Image from Flickr

Puto is steamed rice cake staple in every Filipino occassion. It is usually topped with a slice of cheese or salted egg.


Kutsinta, Filipino street food

Kutsinta is cake made of steamed rice cake. It’s a mix of rice flour and brown sugar. You can find them as Filipino street food 5 PHP.


Image from Flickr

This is another type of bread in the Philippines. It is covered in butter, cheese, and sugar. It’s fluffy and cheap! Prices start at PHP 20.

10. YEMA

Image from Flickr

Yema can be identified as a candy because it’s usually served in bite-size pieces. It’s a sweet Filipino delicacy made with milk and sugar.


Banana Cue, Filipino street food
Image from Flickr

Banana cue is one of the most popular Filipino desserts. Banana cue is deep fried banana with caramel sugar. It’s sweet and delicious. Prices are starting from 10 PHP.

More Filipino Desserts


Image from Flickr

Bibingka is another popular Filipino dessert mostly eaten during Christmas season. This egg based dessert is eaten alongside. It’s usually served on a banana leaf.


Things to do in Tagaytay, Places to visit in Tagaytay, Food in Tagaytay, Buko pie
Image from Flickr- Filipino Desserts

Buko pie is made with coconuts and custard sweetened with condensed milk. Some of the best buko pies available in Tagaytay come from Colette’s Buko Pie and Pasalubong along Aguinaldo Highway and Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road.


Buko Pandan
Image from Flickr- Filipino Dessert

It became one of our favorite desserts aside from ube, halo-halo and crema de fruta. Just 50 PHP for this Filipino dessert, and we were able to eat more than once!


Lemon Pie, Street Food Philippines

Lemon Pie is the most popular dessert in Sagada. These can be bought for less than a dollar per piece in local markets and local shops and as fast as we’ve tasted, they are very good. 


Cassava cake loved by every Filipino, and it’s also very famous in Quezon. It’s made from grated cassava, coconut milk, and condensed milk with a layer of custard on top. You can see it on Filipino gatherings or eaten as an afternoon snack.


Filipino sticky rice, known as Puto Bumbong, Filipino food, filipino dishes

Puto Bumbong is one of the traditional Christmas foods in the Philippines. It’s sticky rice with a purple color. It’s served with butter or margarine and you can add coconut grains on top, mixed with sugar. Price for Puto Bumbong is $0.5 (25 pesos).


things to do in Dumaguete, places to visit in Dumaguete
Image from Flickr

Silvanas are frozen cookies made from buttercream and cashew-meringue wafers that are covered with cookie crumbs. On the other hand, Sans Rival (literally “without rival”) is a cake made from the same ingredients and has also won the hearts and tummies of many.


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Suman is a typical dessert in the Philippines. Suman is made from sticky rice, a sweet and delicious treat! Suman is usually topped with latik, a sweet sauce made from coconut.


 Filipino food, filipino dishes, turon
Image from Flickr

Turon is primarily made with saba, a type of banana, wrapped in a thin wrapper then deep-fried with lots of brown sugar. Some turon variations have langka or jackfruit too.

21. Sapin Sapin

filipino desserts, filipino dessert, best filipino dessert, best filipino desserts , Sapin Sapin

Sapin Sapin is a delicious Filipino dessert with rice flour, coconut milk and condense milk.

22. Mais Con Yelo

Mais Con Yelo, filipino desserts, filipino dessert, best filipino dessert, best filipino desserts

Mais Con Yelo is one of the most popular desserts. You will find as street food and in local restaurants. Mais Con Yelo is made with evaporated milk, sugar, corn, cereals and of course ice.

23. Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca, filipino desserts, filipino dessert, best filipino dessert, best filipino desserts
Image from Wikipedia

Maja Blanca is made from coconut milk, sweet corn, condensed milk and coconut milk. It’s very popular in Christmas.

24. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad, filipino desserts, filipino dessert, best filipino dessert, best filipino desserts
Joyce’s Sweet Cravings

Fruit Salad is one of our favorite Filipino desserts. It’s usually served at home in fiestas and it can be cold or even frozen. Fruit salad is made of fruit cocktail and condensed milk.

25. Ginataang Bilo Bilo

Ginataang Bilo Bilo, filipino desserts, filipino dessert, best filipino dessert, best filipino desserts
Image from Lola Kusinera

Ginataang Bilo Bilo is made of glutinous rice balls (bilo-bilo), coconut cream, pearls and jack fruit. It’s similar halo-halo.

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What do you think about our best Filipino desserts? Did we forget any Filipino dessert? Let us know in the comments below!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!