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A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

Our Royal Balloon Cappadocia Experience

Hey fellow adventurers!

If you’ve been following my journey on Instagram, you probably saw those surreal sunrise shots I took from up in the air in Cappadocia. Yep, that was me floating in a hot air balloon with Royal Balloon, and, let me tell you, it was every bit as magical as it looked!

Before we go to the tour itself, let us introduce you to Royal Balloon Company:

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The Royal Experience – Royal Balloon Cappadocia

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

Royal Balloon isn’t just any hot air ballooning company. They’ve carved a niche for themselves as one of the most reputable ballooning services in Cappadocia. Being “Top Rated on TripAdvisor” and an esteemed “American Express Selects Member” only elevates their status. And if that’s not convincing enough, they boast the most number of authentic reviews on TripAdvisor, which essentially makes them a global favorite.

Choosing Your Flight Package

Royal Balloon Cappadocia 7 scaled

Royal Balloon offers a range of flight packages tailored to different preferences and budgets:

  1. Royal King Flight: A 75-minute long flight with a maximum of 8 passengers. If you’re seeking an intimate and extended experience, this one’s for you.
  2. Royal Queen Flight: This is the package I opted for. A 60-minute flight with a maximum of 20 passengers. Perfect blend of luxury and value.
  3. Royal Queen “Plus” Flight: A 60-minute journey, but with only a maximum of 16 passengers. A bit more elbow room, perhaps?

Every package includes:

  • Transport to and from your hotel in luxury minivans
  • Highest insurance coverage in Cappadocia
  • A light breakfast at the Royal HQ
  • After-flight champagne celebration
  • A commemorative Royal Gold Medal

(And, a tip: If you book online, they throw in some cool merch like a baseball cap or a polo shirt!)

What Sets Royal Balloon Apart

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

What struck me the most was their attention to detail and the effort they put into ensuring passenger satisfaction. Not only are they ranked as the best balloon company in Cappadocia on TripAdvisor, but they also pride themselves on having the highest number of genuine reviews globally on the platform. Their consistent high-quality service hasn’t gone unnoticed, as they’ve been graced with the “Certificate of Excellence” multiple times.

Ready to read about our experience? Here is a detailed review of our Royal Queen Balloon Flight experience:

Pre-Flight Excitement (Our Royal Balloon Queen Flight Experience)

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

The day began super early (or was it still night?) when a luxury minivan from Royal Balloon picked us up from our hotel. The roads of Göreme were still quiet, the town lit only by the dim glow of streetlights. We reached the Royal Balloon Headquarters and after a quick check-in, they treated us to a delightful light breakfast. As I nibbled on pastries, I couldn’t help but feel the buzz of excitement in the room, a mix of anticipation and the early morning jitters.

Now, you might think choosing the Royal Queen Flight was purely about budget, but here’s the kicker: even though it’s their more “economical” option, the experience felt nothing short of luxurious.

Lift Off!

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

The inflation process was a spectacle in itself. Watching the enormous balloons slowly come to life and stand tall against the backdrop of the still-dark Cappadocian landscape was almost surreal. We were given a brief on safety and then, before I knew it, we were gently lifting off the ground. The roar of the flame was the only sound that broke the early morning silence.

Up in the Air

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

Floating above Cappadocia was dreamy. We ascended to about 300 meters, and the view? Pure magic. The rock formations, the vast valleys, and the play of light as the sun rose made everything seem so ethereal. I’ve been to a lot of places, but this, by far, felt like flying in a dream.

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

Every now and then, our balloon pilot would regale us with anecdotes or point out interesting formations down below – all in fluent English and Turkish. The basket wasn’t overcrowded either. We had enough space to move around, snap photos, and simply soak in the views.

Touch Down and Celebrations

A Dreamlike Journey Above Cappadocia with Royal Balloon Cappadocia

The landing was smooth and to mark the end of our aerial adventure, we were treated to a champagne ceremony. And guess what? They even handed out these shiny Royal Gold Medals as souvenirs, making me feel like I’d won a race in the sky!

As we sipped on our champagne (I got the Kavaklidere “Inci Damlasi”, for those wondering), I reflected on the entire experience. It wasn’t just the flight; it was the little touches, the attention to detail, and the professionalism of the Royal Balloon team that made it truly memorable.

FAQs on Royal Balloon Cappadocia

  • Is it safe? Absolutely. Royal Balloon’s priority is safety. They use top-notch balloons by Cameron Balloons and Lindstrand Balloons, known for their quality and safety standards.
  • What should I wear? Dress for the temperature of the day. Comfortable, flat shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and a camera are must-haves.
  • What’s the deal with seasonal changes? Ballooning is dependent on the weather. So, pick-up and drop-off timings might vary based on seasonal and climatic conditions.
  • What about discounts? They do have special rates for children (6 to 11 years) and offer some intriguing deals in 2023. It’s best to inquire directly with them or check their official website.

Wrapping It Up

My flight with Royal Balloon was nothing short of enchanting. From the meticulous organization and top-notch service to the breathtaking views of Cappadocia from above, it’s an experience I’ll cherish forever.

Should you choose to touch the Cappadocian skies, I can’t recommend Royal Balloon enough. Happy flying!

Final Thoughts

Cappadocia is undeniably enchanting from the ground, but witnessing its beauty from a hot air balloon takes the experience to a whole new level. If you’re considering it, my advice? Absolutely go for it. And if you’re deciding which company to trust with this bucket-list adventure, I can wholeheartedly vouch for Royal Balloon and their Royal Queen Flight.

So, fellow travelers, when in Cappadocia, make sure you touch the skies. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Until next time, keep wandering and wondering!

P.S. A tip for those booking with Royal Balloon: Make your reservation through their official website. They prioritize online bookings for the first flights of the day, ensuring you get that coveted sunrise experience. Plus, if you book online, they toss in a nifty Royal Baseball Cap (worth 6,00 Euros). How cool is that?

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