19 Magical Sunsets in the Philippines (Epic Philippine sunsets)

Last updated on August 29th, 2021 at 05:00 pm

Magical sunsets in the Philippines

Today we will talk about magical sunsets in the Philippines. The main reason why tourists come to the Philippines is to explore their beautiful island and beaches. For us when traveling in the Philippines our favorite part of the day is enjoying Philippine sunsets. There are many special and popular like White Beach in Boracay and Port Barton. But we will discover for you other sunsets not so popular in the Philippines.

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Best time to visit the Philippines

The rainy season starts around May until October, strongest months are July, August and September. Well if you are coming during the rainy season, it’ll be raining a couple of days during the day but you will usually see the sun almost everyday. I would avoid those rainy months if I can, but no worries you will find sunny days and it will be less crowded in some places that you visit in the Philippines.

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Sunsets in the Philippines

1. White Beach Boracay Island

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How beautiful are the sunsets in Boracay Island. One of our favorite sunsets in the Philippines. White Beach is located from Station 3 to Station 1. It’s crowded but so beautiful the colors. Ready for more adventure and to really experience the Boracay and its picturesque beaches? Try the local sailing experience, the Paraw Sailing.

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2. Port Barton

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Sunsets in Itatay Beach the main beach in Port Barton are amazing. You can enjoy the sunset with a beer, juice, a fresh coconut.  We did mostly taking pictures and swimming in the sunsets. For us Port Barton are our favorite sunsets in the Philippines.

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3. Looc Tablas Island

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Looc is a quiet place and the most popular sunset is in Binucot Beach. But we were lucky and had amazing sunsets and sunrises in Looc just in front of the Fish Sanctuary.

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4. Subic Bay

things to do in Subic, Subic travel guide, sunset in subic

In Subic the sunsets almost never disappoint, so it’s always a moment of the day we looked forward to. We took magical shots every trip that we did in Subic!

5. Batanes

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One of our favorite Batanes tourist spots and for sure the best in North tour. We recommend you visiting one of the best Philippine sunsets and enjoy the colors while taking pictures or just sitting down and relaxing.

6. Island Hopping in El Nido

 sunsets in the Philippines

While doing island hopping with the boat party in El Nido. We enjoyed one of the most magical sunsets in the Philippines. Lovely colors for a perfect day in the islands.

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7. Kandamaran Island, Balabac

Kandaraman Island in Balabac, sunsets in Balabac, things to do in Balabac, Balabac travel guide

We were staying in Island and the sunsets were so magical. Blue and clear water combining with orange and pink colors was amazing. Our place for staying was Kandaraman Island and the sunsets were so colorful and amazing.

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8. Vivere Azure, Anilao

 how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao

There was an infinity pool and couchs for relaxing and enjoying the amazing views of the islands. We enjoyed watching the sunset daily as well! The area was really quiet and relaxed since the place didn’t have many rooms. You will really have a chance to rest peacefully there.

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9. Mount Tapyas Coron

After a nice walk, the tour can be done in 1-2 hours and it’s free with no entrance fee. It will take around 20-30 minutes to go up not too much too see the best is going direct to the top in our opinion and enjoying the views and the sunset there.

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More Sunsets in the Philippines

10. Saud Beach, Pagudpud

things to do in Pagudpud, sunsets in Pagudpud

We have to say that sunsets was one of our favorite things to do in Pagupdud. They are so colorful with the view of the windmills on the bottom. We were so lucky that we spend a few days in Pagudpud. Despite of little bit rainy during the day, we were so lucky of enjoying the sunsets everyday.

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11. Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

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Around Panagsama Beach there are bars and restaurants. After the sunset is perfect time for dinner and also having beer. You will find great nightlife in Moalboal. And we were surprised how many people went around at night even is a fisherman village tourists are coming more often, Moalboal is becoming very popular in Cebu.

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12. Lighthouse Beach, Malapascua

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You can go to the Lighthouse Beach for the amazing sunset. There are also spectacular views from the island from the top. It’s close to Langob  Beach and you can access it by walking or by taking a habal-habal. It’s such an authentic and enjoyable experience to just walk around the beautiful Malapascua Island.

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13. White Beach, Puerto Galera

 sunsets in the Philippines

Maybe White Island in Puerto Galera wasn’t the most magical sunset in the Philippines. But for us it’s one of the most special since it was our first sunset together just after one week that we met. Puerto Galera was our first trip together in the Philippines.

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14. Panglao, Bohol

 sunsets in the Philippines, sunset in Panglao

It’s not much of a secret anymore that we are so addicted to watch Philippine sunsets. In Panglao, we watched sunsets while kayaking and paddling. The colors were absolutely breathtaking, and it’s just the perfect time to enjoy the water. A must-do, definitely. These small moments can easily make your stay in Bohol (or really, any other beach for that matter) extra memorable.

15. Mactan Island, Cebu

 sunsets in the Philippines, sunset in Mactan Island

Mactan Island is located close to the International Airport in Cebu. We took this shot at the end of our trip around Cebu. It was a perfect way to end the trip.

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16. Manila Bay: Philippine sunsets

 sunsets in the Philippines, sunset in Manila Bay

We don’t go very often to Manila since there is so much traffic. But our favorite place for sunset is Manila Bay. It’s crowded but the views are great.

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17. La Union

where to stay in La union, la union tourist spots, thunderbird resort, La Union travel guide

La Union is popular destination for surfing in the Philippines. We didn’t try it. But we enjoyed sunsets and nightlife there. This sunset was at Thunderbird Resort.

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18. San Vicente Palawan

 sunsets in the Philippines, sunset in San Vicente Palawan

Palawan is a magical island and San Vicente is calm and quiet. Apart from the long beach in San Vicente we saw one of the most magical sunsets in the Philippines.

19. Samal Island

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Samal Island is located in Mindanao close to Davao City. Our favorite time of the day is whenever we get to watch the sunset with a beer in our hands. It´s a special moment that you feel at home wherever you are in the world.

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Hope you enjoyed our sunsets in the Philippines and enjoyed our pictures and stories behind every sunset. Share the post with your friends and let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite sunset in the Philippines.

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Happy travels! 🙂

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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