How to get to Coron from El Nido And Manila

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Coron Vs El Nido. Which one you like more El Nido or Coron? For sure both of them. Coron is much smaller than El Nido. Today we we will tell you how to get to Coron by plane, boat from all the possible destinations with prices and schedule.

Coron is located in Busuanga and it’s a magical place Coron with its own magic! Once you are in Coron you will love to do island hopping, diving, snorkeling and much more plans. Coron is a paradise for divers, we loved the sealife and we are excited to go back again!

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Best time to visit Coron

The best time to visit Coron is from December to May when it’s dry season. Just expect the prices to be high and more crowded because it is peak season. From June to November will be rainy season. Coron will be less crowded and prices will go down.

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How to get to Coron

How to get to Coron by Plane

If you get to Coron by plane will be the most comfortable and fastest option. There are daily direct flights to Coron from Manila, Cebu and Clark. There are also flights from El Nido and Puerto Princesa but there are no daily flights. So make sure that you book in advance.

How to get to Coron town from the airport

Francisco B. Reyes airport in Busuanga is only 20 minutes ride to Coron town. To get to Coron town from the airport you have to go by van and it costs 150 PHP per person.

How to get to Coron from Manila

How to get to Coron

To get to Coron from Manila the fastest way is a direct flight to El Nido. It will take only 1 hour. There are daily flights with Cebu Pacific and SkyJet and prices are around 3000-4000 PHP one way.

You can also take a ferry to get to Coron from Manila. The ferry is leaving on Friday at 7 pm and it will get to Coron at 6 am. Prices are around 2200 PHP.

There are other companies J.V. Serrano Shipping Lines and Atienza Shipping Lines that offer services other days of the week with different schedule but it’s changing depending of the season.

How to get to Coron from El Nido

How to get to Coron

Well one of the main routes of travelers in Palawan is going going from El Nido to Coron. There are a few options fast and slow boat with different schedules and prices. You can get the slow boat around 1300 PHP and it takes 6-7 hours. And you can get the fast boat around 3-4 hours for 1700 PHP. Up to you guys a few dollars for beers, smoothies or just paying for your comfort.

The fast boat getting to Coron from El Nido leave at 6 am and it will get around 10 am. We chose this way with Montenegro Shipping Lines. Since we didn’t have so many days to stay in Coron so we could make the most of the day. Click this link to make sure you book in advance!

There are also flights going to Coron from El Nido but you have to book in advance and prices are around 2500-3500 PHP so it can be a great option if you want to save time.

How to get to Coron from Cebu

There are daily flights from Cebu to Coron with Philippine Airlines. The flight will take 1 hour 15 minutes and it will cost around 5000-7000 PHP for one way from Cebu to Coron. There are also flights with Cebu Pacific but prices are expensive starting from 7000 PHP and you will have to stop in Manila.

How to get to Coron from Puerto Princesa by Boat

If you want to get to Coron from Puerto Princesa. There is weekly trip every Sunday leaving at 7 am. It will take 11 hours and prices are around 1250 PHP for the Super Value Class.

How to get to Coron from San Jose Mindoro

How to get to Coron

There are daily boats from Montenegro Lines leaving San Jose occidental Mindoro at 7 am and getting to Coron at noon. The trip will take 5 hours and it will cost around 1200 PHP economy class.

Where to Stay in Coron

How to get to Coron, where to stay in Coron, Sophia's Garden Resort
We stayed at Sophia’s Garden a beautiful resort just located in a quiet area just 15 minutes walking distance from Coron town. There are many places to stay on a budget in Coron . You can get a room for around 1000 PHP . You can also look for accommodation in Airbnb. Click here to get a great deal off your first booking with AirBnB!



Let us know if we are missing information how to get to Coron. If you have questions let us know in the comments below.

Happy Travels!

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