18 Best Beaches in Cebu

There are many popular Cebu tourist spots in the Philippines because this Visayan island is a mix of cosmopolitan beauty and rich natural resources. Today we will focus in the best beaches in Cebu. From the Northern part like Malapascua and Bantayan beaches to Moalboal and a few more places that we will discover for you!

If you don’t know yet, Cebu is just one of the provinces in the Philippines that have a lot of beautiful beaches. It’s actually one of the best countries you can go to if you want to explore vibrant beaches, remote islands, and even the full-packed ones. Philippine beaches have lots of things to offer and Cebu is one of the top provinces you can visit for a good beach trip! Continue reading as we tell you our favorites and best beaches in Cebu!

Best Time to visit Cebu

Cebu has 2 seasons: sunny and rainy. Those who enjoy the summer heat can visit Cebu from May to October to experience the island’s warmest months. Those who don’t mind a little bit of rain can go to Cebu around June and until December. We believe that the best time to visit Cebu is during the dry season from December to FebruaryClick here accurate updates on Cebu’s weather!

Best Beaches in Cebu

1. Sumilon Island

best beaches in Cebu, Cebu, Sumillon Island
Image from Flickr

As you can see, this island is blessed with clear blue waters and white sand. It is located at the southeastern part of Oslob. You will definitely enjoy your stay here because of the activities you can do in the area, such as relaxing in the beautiful beach, bird watching, fishing, hiking, island hopping, trekking, and of course, diving! There are 4 beautiful major dive areas in Sumilon Island that you can choose- Garden Eel Plaza, Nikki’s Wall, Coral Landscape and Julie’s Rock.

2. Paradise Beach in Bantayan

Bantayan Island, Paradise Beach, things to do in Bantayan Island, Best beaches in Cebu

There are beautiful beaches like Paradise Beach in Bantayan Island where most of the resorts are located. We enjoyed flying our drone, swimming, and walking around the beach. The color of the water is blue and it’s so calm! Close to Paradise beach, you can visit Ogtong Cave, a small cave with a natural pool inside.

Read here for all things to do in Bantayan Island.

3. Tingko Beach

Tingko Beach, Best Beaches in Cebu
Image from Flickr

Tingko Beach is located in Alcoy, Cebu. It’s a popular getaway among locals and tourists because of its beauty- white sand and clear water. Because of its popularity, expect a crowd to be in this beautiful beach especially during summer and hot weekends.

4. Santa Fe Beach in Bantayan Island

Santa Fe Beach, Bantayan Island, Things to do in Bantayan Island, Best Beaches in Cebu

The beach is really quiet and is undeniably beautiful. There are few places to stay in, like cottages which are just a few meters from the beach. It was so nice to just hear the sound of the wind and the waves as we rested on our cottage. Santa Fe beach is for us, one of the best beaches in Cebu.

5. Langob Beach in Malapascua

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Langob Beach was our favorite beach in Malapascua. It’s located at the end of the island and it’s very quiet and peaceful. If you decide to take a walk to Langob Beach, you will see gorgeous palm trees and a breathtaking 360 view. You can also take a habal-habal from the port to the beach for around 50 PHP per person. We found the beach less busy than Bounty Beach. From here, you can head to Lighthouse beach which is just a few minutes walking distance to catch the sunset.

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6. Bounty Beach

Bounty Beach, Malapascua, Malapscua island, things to do in Malapascua Island

In the Southern part of the Island, you will find an area full of restaurants, resorts and diving shops. Bounty Beach is the perfect place to spend your day if you just want to chill and aren’t in the mood to do the activities mentioned above. You can get a coconut or a cold beer and just enjoy the day. There are also a few hammocks if you want to chill while reading a book or listening to music if you’d like!

7. Lighthouse Beach

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You can go to the Lighthouse Beach for the amazing sunset. There are also spectacular views from the island from the top. It’s close to Langob Beach and you can access it by walking or by taking a habal-habal. It’s such an authentic and enjoyable experience to just walk around the beautiful Malapascua Island. There are also fishermen starting or finishing their day.

8. Lambug Beach in Moalboal

There are many beautiful beaches to see in Moalboal. Our favorite island was Pescador Island where you can snorkeling, see dolphins and sardines. And of course, Lambug Beach where the water is so blue and you can find star fishes everywhere in this lonely beach. There are cottages and a few places to stay in Lambug beach.

9. Durhan Beach

Durhan Beach, best beaches in Cebu
Image from Flickr

Durhan Beach actually a white beach resort in Tabuelan, Cebu. Like most of the beaches in Cebu, you’ll fall in love with the panoramic views of the beach, its clear blue waters, and white sand. According to what we’ve read, staff here are hospitable and friendly. We hope to visit it soon!

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More Beaches in Cebu

10. Basdaku Beach in Moalboal

Badasku Beach, Best beaches in Cebu, Moalboal
Image from Flickr

Although it’s not as clean as most of the beaches in Cebu, you can still enjoy your stay in Basdaku Beach, which is located in Moalboal as well. There are a lot of people here and you can do fun activities like swimming, fishing, eating and cooking your own local food, camping, diving, and of course, sunbathing in this one-kilometer long stretch of white sand beach!

11. Matutinao Beach

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We enjoyed resting after Kawasan Falls in Matutinao Beach. The colors of the water were so beautiful and it’s really a nice spot for snorkeling. Click here to book your stay around Badian and you will find the best places to stay.

12. Dalaguete Beach

Dalaguete Beach, Best beaches in Cebu
Image from Flickr

This is a perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway in Cebu and it’s a relaxing place to just swim, relax in the sand, have a picnic, or take pictures of the beautiful views. Even watching the sunset is a perfect idea when you’re here! The water in Dalaguete Beach is clean and clear, plus it has white sand. You can enter Dalaguete Beach for only PHP 20.

13. White Beach

Moalboal, things to do in Moalboal, White Beach
Image from Pixabay

White Beach is a popular beach destination in Moalboal. For us it was little bit crowded, but still a beautiful beach in Moalboal. It’s easy to get there from Panagsama Beach where we were staying in Moalboal. It takes 15 minutes by bus North direction, and with motorbike or tricycle, you can reach White Beach from Panagsama Beach.  It´s good to visit if you have time to do it.

14. Panagsama Beach

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Panagsama Beach is full of bars, restaurants and resorts. The water sin´t very clear but you can still go for a swim here. There is no white sand and it´s not as beautiful as White Beach and Lambug Beach that we mentioned above. But for sure, we can still recommend it. Our favorite plan was renting a kayak, swimming, snorkeling. You can see turtles underwater! If you do an Island Hopping tour, you can reach Pescador Island and do snorkeling with sardines. Also, diving is possible to do around the area.

15. Mactan Island

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We love chasing sunsets and above you can see an amazing one. Having beaches just arriving Cebu International Airport or before leaving was so cool for us. Sunset time is definitely a good time for that!

16. Santiago Bay in Camotes Island

Santiago Bay, best beaches in Cebu
Image from Flickr

Santiago Bay Beach is also a public beach located in San Francisco, Cebu. It has a long white-sand shoreline with fine and powdery white sand. It is perfect spot for swimming especially in the summer!

17. Hermit’s Cove

Hermitt's Cove, Best beaches in Cebu
Image from Flickr

Hermit Cove is located in Aloguinsan, Cebu, and it’s definitely a must to visit this place! For many, it is a paradise- a white sand beach with just the perfect water, surrounded with tall coconut trees. It’s a perfect spot to reconnect with nature! There’s a PHP 50 entrance fee with free use of cottage. You cannot stay for an overnight here so make sure you maximize your daytime in Hermit’s Cove!

18. Kalanggaman Island

You can visit Kalanggaman Island, an island about 2 hours away from Malapascua, which is already an official part of Leyte, Philippines. It will take you an hour and a half to reach the island. You will find a paradise haven where you can spend the day, relaxing, enjoying sea food, walking in an area surrounded by the palm trees, eating fruits and seafood, and of course, you can snorkel to see underwater beauty of the area. The day trip from Malapascua costs 800 pesos lunch included and you have to pay extra 550 pesos fee to visit the island if you are foreigner, 150 pesos for Filipinos and children with 5 years old get for free! If you are staying in Malapascua we totally recommend you this day trip to Kalanggaman Island.

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How do you find these beautiful beaches in Cebu and which one is your favorite? Do you want us to add you favorite beach in Cebu here in our list? Just comment below and we’ll add it!

Happy travels!

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