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Sugba Lagoon in Siargao Island


If you are visiting Surigao del Norte, one of the most popular places there is the Sugba Lagoon in Siargao Island. In this blog post, we will give you all the tips how to get to Sugba Lagoon on a budget in Siargao Island.

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The most of the people choose to stay in General Luna. From General Luna you can hire a tour to Sugba Lagoon and it will cost you 1500 PHP per person including lunch and they will organize everything for you. Keep reading for more island hopping in Siargao.

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How to get to Sugba Lagoon on a budget


But we will tell you how to get to Sugba Lagoon on a budget based in our experience. The easiest way you can rent a motorbike for 350-450 PHP and going by yourself to Del Carmen. It will take you 45 minutes to an hour since the roads aren’t the best and there are 40 kilometers to reach Del Carmen from General Luna.

If you don’t feel like renting a motorbike and you want to go on a budget, you can join more people and rent a tricycle from General Luna and prices can go around 700 PHP and you can fit 5-6 people in the tricycle one way. It means you can get 100 PHP each way from General Luna to Del Carmen. Even cheaper if you decide to pay 40 PHP each from General Luna to Dapa where is the port. And from the terminal port you can get another trycicle for around 300 PHP to Del Carmen where you can take the boats to Sugba Lagoon in Siargao Island.

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how to get to Sugba Laggon, Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon Tours

Once you arrived to Del Carmen you can buy your own food since there are carenderias and small shops where you can buy water, sodas and food to take away to your day trip to Sugba Lagoon.

how to get to Sugba Laggon, Sugba Lagoon

Once you got your food and you are ready for island hopping renting a local boat for 6 people it costs 1500 PHP for the whole day going to Sugba Lagoon. There are more options as we did we took the Tour C which includes apart from Sugba Lagoon, Kawhagan Sand Bar and Pamomoan Beach.

It cost us 2200 PHP for the whole day and apart from that you have to pay 350 PHP docking fees making a total of 2550 PHP and 100 PHP entrance fee per person. If you go 6 people the maximum that they allowed expect to pay 500 PHP for the day trip with everything included and if you go 4 people you will pay around 700 PHP for the whole day.

how to get to Sugba Lagoon

There are a few options and you can just go to Sugba Lagoon or combine the tour with other places. They will give you the information in the entrance before leaving with the boat and you will pay everything there. So it will be clear how much are you spending for the boat, docking fees and entrance fees to the places that you visit.

How to get to Sugba Lagoon, Sugba Lagoon

How to get to Sugba Lagoon, Sugba Lagoon

How to get to Sugba Lagoon, Sugba Lagoon

The first stop is Sugba Lagoon and it will take around 40 minutes ride from Del Carmen. They allowed us to stay 3 hours which we considered is enough time to take pictures, enjoy the place and have a quick lunch too. You can rent paddle boards 250 PHP per hour and snorkeling masks for prices for 150 PHP.

There is a small house with a trampoline where people jump to take their shot or just for the experience. The small house has two stores and in the second one you will have a good place to take the shots of your friends. There are tables where you can leave your belongings so they will not get wet and you can also have your own lunch. They rent them for 50 PHP.

We enjoyed flying the drone so much and taking shots jumping. We also took underwater shots since the water is so clear. 3 hours was enough time to do it!

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Kawhagan Sand Bar

From Sugba Lagoon we went to Kawhagan Sand Bar which wasn’t so crowded. It took us 40 minutes boat ride to get there. The island isn’t very big and it has a small voleyball court if you feel playing and having fun. It’s full of coconut trees so you can look for a local seller to have one for 50 PHP. Also it’s very picturesque with the clear water to take pictures and swimming. We stopped in Kawhagan Sand Bar for an hour which was totally fine for us.

Kawhagan Sand Bar

Last stop of the tour was in front of Kawhagan Sand Bar, just 3 minutes boat ride to go Pamomoan Beach where you can also play voleyball and even have a beer or some food since there is a resort in this island. There are a few places where you can relax on the shade or the whole beach for yourself since nobody was there at that time. We stayed for an hour before going back to Del Carmen.

Pamomoan Beach

Pamomoan Beach

From Pamomoan Beach to Del Carmen is another 40 minutes boat ride where you can enjoy the sunset on the way. Once you are in Del Carmen after an amazing Island hopping day you can grab or eat food. Add if you have your own motorbike going back to General Luna, if not you will have to negotiate a tricycle that will cost you around 700-900 PHP from Del Carmen to General Luna.

Hope it’s useful this post about how to get to Sugba Lagoon on a budget from General Luna and you can do by your own joining more people for half of the price.

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Where to sleep in Siargao Island?

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