A different experience of El Nido

Last updated on June 24th, 2019 at 09:35 pm

Want other things to do in El Nido aside from the regular Tours A to D? After spending a few weeks in El Nido with One Life Adventures, we will share with you my most recent El Nido trip with Rachel.

Here we break down other activities that are worth doing in one of the famous islands in the Philippines – El Nido.

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Go Island Hoping with a charter boat

If you’re up for a more private tour, we highly recommend a charter boat tour to do island hopping in El Nido.

For this experience, we worked with Skipper Charters to show us the tour with their boats, click here if you want to book with them. Our experience actually happened in the middle of a surging storm and the waves were very strong, but it was a solid proof of how good their charters are. We rode their solid boats with friendly and knowledgeable boats men and guides.

We visited and had some lunch in El Nido’s Pinagbuyutan Island, one of our most favorite islands in El Nido. Join a few friends and choose your itinerary. Yup, you can mix destinations from different tours and you can also choose how much time you want to spend in the island. Why not spend the whole morning if you think that will be the best paradise you can visit in the whole world?

We had an amazing day enjoying one of our favorite islands in El Nido. There was almost no people there and we enjoyed lunch with locals in the island. Now we like this place more since we could enjoy the place without the other tourists. It´s more magical!

Check out our photos:

Zip Line in Las Cabañas fos a different experience of El Nido

Zip line is definitely an activity you wouldn’t want to miss. Zip lining through the best area for sunset is such an amazing adrenaline-packed experience. The prices are 700PHP or around $14 for a one way ride. You’ll enjoy amazing views until you reach Las Cabañas where you can enjoy a bottle of beer at sunset time. There are many bars with loud music and the place is so beautiful.

El Nido Party Boat

If you’re looking for a more party vibes island hopping and you’re more into booze than seeing all the lagoons and beaches of El Nido, then a party boat might be for you.

During our tour with One Life Adventures, we were able to do a party island hopping with the El Nido party boat. The day was spent with booze, good music, good conversation while cruising the islands of El Nido.

Just relax and have a cold beer or a cocktail while visiting the Big Lagoon, or do some snorkeling. One thing that we loved with El Nido Party Boat was the tour doesn´t leave first thing in the morning haha! Sorry we aren´t early birds. Another thing that we loved about The Party Boat was we could enjoy watching the sunset from the boat, and yes guys, don’t forget about the beer! El Nido’s sunset was really insane!

Book a Hotel with El Nido’s point of view

Where to Stay in El Nido

For a different experience of El Nido, we did not sleep in the town. We stayed in a quiet place called Las Cabañas, 10 minutes away from El Nido. One of the best hotels in El Nido for a scenic view of Las Cabañas is the El Nido Bayview Resort. We stayed in this hotel and had an amazing view of Las Cabañas right from our balcony despite of the really bad weather.

As it was an intermittent rain at that time, we spent so much time at Bay View Resort. Luckily we found a reliable connection in El Nido. And of course, great Filipino food! We enjoyed our favorite dishes and smoothies. You can choose to enjoy the sunset with a beer or smoothie in the balcony of your room or just walk around the beach or have a beer in a bar listening to music.

It was the coziest place to stay and we were really happy to be in this place while waiting for the storm to leave. The staff was super friendly and careful at Bay View Resort. We were leaving at 4 AM to get to Coron and they organized everything for us, from the wake up call to packing sandwiches for our trip.

Which type of El Nido experience would you like to have? Would love to hear your thoughts and preferences!

Happy Travels!

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