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Places To Stay in Hong Kong: Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

Traveling in Hong Kong and Macau is one of the best trips we had so far. It is a great destination to visit and experiencing life in Hong Kong made it one of our favorites.
We spent a week in Hong Kong and had the opportunity to do different activities. We also stayed in different accommodations, from low budget one, normal budget and also the luxurious one. We will share with you our experience in one of the best places to stay in Hong Kong: Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel.

How to get to Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

Moving around Hong Kong smoothly takes time. You need to familiarize yourself with the bus stops or metro if you want to use public transportation like we usually do. Great news! Going to Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour Hotel  from downtown was really easy. We rode a bus which was very comfortable and convenient since it stopped by just at the gate of the hotel.

First Impressions

When we first entered Renaissance, first impression was everything was so fancy. We finished checking-in and we were fixing our stuff and taking pictures when suddenly someone rang the bell. He brought champagne and chocolates. We were like “Whaaat? It´s always like this at Renaissance?” We were really surprised by their hospitality.
It was Rachel´s birthday the day before and when the staff in reception noticed this, they sent someone with our surprise- champagne, chocolates, and strawberries dipped in chocolate. We loved their welcome so much that we forgot to mention about the views we had at the Harbour. We were staying at the 36th floor and the views were really amazing! During the day you’ll see the busy life in Hong Kong and at nighttime, you’ll enjoy the city lights.

Facilities at Renaissance Harbour

The Room

Well with those views, we have to say that is enticing to stay in the room. Plus the room was big enough for the two of us. There was a couch, desk, big bed, and a huge bathroom. All the comfort you need will be provided to you by Renaissance Harbour.
Check out these shots:
Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour: The Room
Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour: Views

Swimming Pool

We were comfortable in the room but we couldn’t help staying in the pool area as well because it was really beautiful and spacious! Rachel and I love pools where we relax, swim, and take pictures. Their pool is one of the biggest in Hong Kong since they share with another luxury hotel, Grand Hyatt.
We were surprised how quiet the pool area was. We didn’t expect it to be that peaceful because the hotel has so many rooms. We loved this! We surely had a great time there.


There are many options and restaurants at Renaissance. We chose the privacy and luxury at The Club Lounge.

The Club Lounge

The place was cozy and the views were really stunning there. You can have dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as tea and cocktails. The variety of food and drinks was really awesome!
Everything was delicious and you can find Western choices and local dishes as well. We loved having a beer while enjoying those views. There are a few different beers, locals and imported. There are different wines and cocktails and of course, snacks. They even cooked a few dishes for us for an early dinner. They were really friendly!

Coming back to Renaissance Harbour?

Definitely yes! We didn´t want to leave this place because it was so comfortable. The staff was friendly and very helpful. They will make you feel special. I think that´s why everybody loves staying in these luxuries hotels.
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Happy Travels!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

Brown Boy Travels

Saturday 19th of December 2020

I admit, I have not been on this web page in a long time... however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 20th of December 2020

Thanks for visiting and hope you pass by more often :)

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 12th of November 2017

Totally agree, many plans to do in Hong Kong!


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

Wow...I would love to go to Hong Kong and this hotel looks stunning. Those views are amazing! Also it sounds like the service was exceptional! Hope you guys had a great trip.


Ruben Arribas

Tuesday 7th of November 2017

Thanks Megan! We enjoyed so much in Hong Kong and of course at Renaissance Harbor View :)