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10 Reasons Why You Should Go Travel Subic

Last updated on February 21st, 2023 at 08:23 pm


Have you ever thought about traveling to Subic? Stuck in Manila waiting for your flight out from the Philippines? Or maybe, you just reached the Philippines and unsure what the next destination should be? Then hang around because this should be a helpful article for you. Actually, even if you’re not in the Philippines yet, and just miles away planning a trip to Asia, traveling to Subic is a good place to consider visiting.

Subic is located in the province of Zambales. It’s only 3 hours driving from Manila. Subic is a free port zone, something that was built during the years the Americans colonized the country. (Also a big reason why you see a lot of foreigners staying in this area). Unlike Manila, Subic is much smaller, (population, size) and because of that, much more peaceful and quieter. It’s a great place to walk around.

You can see a mix of local people with foreigners living there. It’s a perfect place to spend a short weekend getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or just for a quick stopover when deciding which other escapades you need to do in the country. Subic is like the sweet spot between a city and a province. Today, we will give you 10 reasons why you should travel to Subic and why you will love the place!

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Reasons why you should visit Subic

1. Zoobic Safari

Visiting Zoobic when travel Subic

Travel Subic with adventure.

If you travel to Subic with kids or if you love to see animals, it’s a great idea visiting Zoobic Safari. It’s around 30 minutes jeepney ride from Subic Freeport zone. Or a little bit less if you go by taxi. We enjoyed walking around Zoobic, especially since we were visiting with a child. We had fun during our visit to Zoobic, watching and taking pictures of the animals.

But something that I didn’t love was the many things that you have to pay for inside the zoo, when you already paid a hefty price to enter in the first place. There was an area where you have to feed tigers with chicken (and pay for it) so that you the tigers will go closer to you while riding a tiger train. That didn’t felt so right, so you will see only local people agreeing to that, and I, plus another foreigner, saying no to it. So at least, that’s one thing I wouldn’t pay for.

2. Sunset

Sunset to travel Subic always great.

Travel Subic and enjoy sunsets.

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? If you’re not a morning person it could be tough to always try to catch the sunrise, however sunsets are almost always easy to see! If we are traveling in the beach (actually, in every new location), we always try to catch the sunset. It has been sort of a personal ritual for us, and a satisfying daily feat.

There is this amazing feeling when you watch the sunset. Even if  you travel and are in different locations in the world all the time, you know that in your home, they are seeing the sunset, and also your friends from other countries. It gives us the feeling of oneness, and a lasting connection with the rest of the people and places we care about. In Subic, the sunsets almost never disappoint, so it’s always a moment of the day we looked forward to.

3. Try Local Food when travel Subic

Going for the local food when traveling in Subic is a must. Did you know that Zambales is a mango province? We love mango shakes and juices so much. We were having a couple of these fresh and delicious mango juices everyday.

Also, one of our favorite dishes that we got to try in Subic was the Kare Kare. A local dish cooked with meat, rice and egg plant (and more vegetables) and is served with peanut sauce. It was really delicious! If you want to know  more about street food in the Philippines, read about our favorite street food dishes.

4. Hanging out at Pier One

When you travel Subic, you can’t miss the party place: Pier One. You will get the feel of the local scene with some foreigners around. You can have dinner and a few beers. After that you can even dance or enjoy music with live on-stage music. Filipinos love singing and there is always a band to enjoy the night. It was our favorite place to have a beer in Subic.

5. Visit a Local Public Beach

Local beaches when travel Subic.

Swimming when travel Subic.

If you travel Subic, you will realize that beaches are usually inside the private resorts. You have your own beach in the place that you are staying. But we love to have local contact everywhere. And why not visit public local beaches? We were surprised that public beaches in Subic aren’t for free. Well, the entrance is only half dollar but still.

If you want to rent your own cottage to spend the day with much more comfort, especially if you are bringing with you some luggage, you will have to pay at least 20 USD. The beaches were very quiet in Subic, with not too many people overcrowding the beach. The water is very calm and warm which is perfect for swimming. It’s very easy to get there by jeepney or taxi, around 10-15 minutes.

More reasons why you should travel to Subic

6. Ocean Adventure

You can visit the friendly dolphins in Ocean Adventure in Subic. If you travel Subic with kids, they will enjoy the different shows with the dolphins and the sea lions. There is also the Ocean Aquarium where you can see the sea creatures in their habitat with coral reefs and deep dark caves. There are sea horses, sea snakes and exotic colorful fishes.

7. Visit the Mall and Duty Free

Visiting the Mall when travel Subic.

The weather is so warm in Subic. A great plan to do during the day is to visit the mall. If that’s something you enjoy doing, then you will be happy to stay inside a cold mall when it’s really warm and sunny in the city. There are many shops to buy gifts, clothes or whatever you need.

And you can take the advantage of shopping in the Duty Free  to save a few dollars. If you aren’t into the shopping, you can just go to eat in the restaurants, have coffee, refreshments or ice cream.

8. Walking at night around the beach

My second favorite plan after the sunset was walking around the beach at night. It´s so peaceful and with almost nobody around, you can enjoy walking barefoot and having a nice conversation while hearing the sound of the waves. And the weather at this time is perfect to enjoy the breeze! This plan is also great to do first thing in the morning!

9. Visit Olongapo Market

Riding a jeepney when travel Subic.

Once you travel Subic, it’s a great idea to visit Olongapo town just a few kilometers away from Subic. We can recommend you to visit the Olongapo Public Market where you will find all that you need, especially food. Tasty fruits and local places to eat. And prices are very affordable.

You want a local experience? Go to the market by jeepney. Jeepney is the typical transportation in the Philippines and there are hundreds of them in Subic. You will feel the real local life.

10. Get a luxury stay in Subic

Luxury time when travel Subic.

We did an amazing luxury stay with the Lighthouse Marina Resort and we had an amazing time. It’s a perfect place to travel Subic with your partner and enjoy the romantic scenery of Subic. The city is filled with so many hotels and resorts so make sure to choose the best one that fits your vibe so you can fully enjoy your stay!

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These are our top 10 reasons to travel Subic! What are the top things you look for when you are traveling to a new beach area? Tell us in the comments down below! Philippines weather is improving by the day, so we are looking forward to hit more summer travel destinations! Let us know if you’d like to hear about any specific place in the Philippines.

Love to all and til the next travel guide! x

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