How to get to Subic from Manila, Clark and Baguio

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how to get to subic from Manila

Subic is one of our most repeated destinations in the Philippines for us. Since we are based in Angeles City in the province of Pampanga. It’s only one hour driving distance and we have been visiting a few times. Today we will tell you how to get to Subic from Manila and Clark and how to move around Subic.

Subic is located in the province of Zambales. It’s only 3 hours drive from Manila. Subic is a free port zone that was built during the years the Americans colonized the country. Subic is quiet, calm and peaceful. It’s a perfect place to spend a short weekend getaway from Manila away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Subic is like the sweet spot between a city and a province.

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The best time to visit Subic

Since the Philippines is made up of many different islands, weather conditions may vary from one city to another. If you’re traveling to Subic, you can expect considerably small variations to the city’s weather. Humidity is high in the Philippines and the warmest months here are April and May. Basically, January to March is the best time to visit Subic as this is the sunniest period of the year and is relatively cooler than other months.

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How to get to Subic

How to get to Subic from Manila by Bus

From Manila you can get a bus from Cubao, Earnshaw, Pasay and Caloocan going to Olongapo. Victory Liner buses are going there and the fare is 270 PHP. Buses leaves every hour and it will take 3-4 hours to get to there depending on the traffic.

Once in Olangapo you can move around by jeepney or tricycle depending where are you going to in Subic area. If you want to go to Subic by jeepney from Olongapo ride the jeepney until SM City Olongapo Mall and from there you can go walking to Subic free port area or take a taxi if you have so much luggage.

How to get to Subic from Manila by private car

If you are coming to Subic from Manila by private car. It will take you 2-3 hours depending on the traffic or the area from Manila that you are coming from. If you are coming from Cubao it will take less time than coming from Pasay.

How to get to Subic from Clark by Bus

how to get to Subic

If you are coming from Clark International airport you just need to reach Dau Bus Terminal and you have two options to get to Subic. A minivan is leaving every hour or so (when it’s full) to Subic and they will drop you at the Harbor Point Mall in Subic. The fare is 130 PHP per person and it will take one hour.

If you want to get to Subic by bus from Clark from Dau Station, you have to go to Olongapo city. The fare is 140 PHP and it will take almost an hour and a half to reach Olongapo. Once in Olongapo you have to get a jeepney to SM Olongapo where you can go walking to Subic freeport zone.

We did both of them! If we are going to stay in Subic area we prefer the minivan. If we will stay closer to Olongapo or going for Island Hopping in Zambales we prefer to take the Victory Liner bus.

Getting Subic from Clark Airport

Since there is P2P bus service from Clark Airport we have to add other option to get to Subic from Clark. For 250 PHP you can go from Clark Airport to Subic with the P2P. Buses are coming almost every hour during the day and expect 2-3 hours waiting time at night.

How to get to Subic from Baguio

If you go by private car or van from Baguio it will take you 4 hours. You have to go to Rosario Road and drive the Express way to Tarlac and all the way down to Subic.

If you are coming from Baguio to Subic by bus. You can go to DAU Bus Terminal in Clark will take you 5-7 hours. And follow the steps mentioned above. Bus or van going to Subic that will take you around one hour to reach Subic.

Transportation Around Subic

How to get to Subic, jeepney around Subic

If you are staying around Subic Freeport zone you can go walking distance to most of the places. There are also taxis to move around Subic. If you want to get a jeepney you have to walk 10 minutes to SM Olongapo and you can get transportation to move around the area.

Jeepneys costs around 10 PHP and taxis are affordable since there aren’t big distances in Subic. There are also a few jeepneys leaving near Jollybee close to Harbor Point Mall to different points of Subic if you prefer public transportation. And it cost between 10-20 PHP depending on the distance.

Hope it’s useful this travel guide how to get to Subic from Manila and Clark. If you have questions email us at or just let us know in the comments if there are new changes in the schedule or prices. Thanks in advance!

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