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Best Thai Food – 11 Best Thai Dishes To Try in Thailand

Best Thai Food – 11 Best Thai Dishes To Try in Thailand

Thai Food, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know how delicious you are? Read our favorite Thai dishes. Read here best Thai breakfast

Yes. If you’ve backpacked or traveled your way to Asia, then you’ll know what we’re talking about Thailand.

But whether you’re looking for a new restaurant or a new food discovery, or you just haven’t been exposed to good Thai food, we are here to show you some of the best Thai food dishes and restaurants that cook them.

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Best Thai Food And Best Thai Dishes

1. Royal Kantoke, Koh Samui

Thai Food And Thai Dishes, Thai food: Royal Kantoke, set dinner for two, with authentic Thai dishes served in Poppies Restaurant, Koh Samui Thailand.

Kantoke is a set of Thai food dishes put together for meal sharing. We tried the Royal Kantoke which was a great mix of authentic Thai food.

If you’re not into too spicy food, then make sure you mention that when you order. In our experience, Poppies Samui is one of the best restaurants that offer Authentic Thai food. 

If you’re feeling like you need something not Thai, they also have a healthy set of European and American dishes.

We ordered our Kantoke with ice cold Chang beer, and let me tell you, getting served a cold beer with a chilled glass is something we don’t get to experience in Asia a lot. So yes, this is definitely one good place to eat, especially if you care about good service.

2. Pad Thai our favorite Thai food

Thai Food And Thai Dishes, Our favorite Thai food in Thailand, noodles with seafood or pork and vegetables and we enjoyed it in Riva Arun Bangkok.

Pad Thai is the most popular dish of Thailand. It’s a mix of big white noodles, fried with shrimp, chicken or pork, cooked with roasted peanuts.

This is a perfect dish, whether you’re in a budget or you’re dining fancy. In our experience, even the smallest places in Thailand know how to cook the dish well, so you should be able to taste a good one, whatever budget you have.

Try the Pad Thai in Bangkok while you dine in a rooftop restaurant, watching the boats come and go in the Chao Phraya river. Amazing ambience and views of Bangkok. A must try.

3. Lamb Rack and Chilled Seafood 

Thai Food And Thai Dishes, The signature Hyatt Regency chilled seafood is such a delight to eat!

The Sunset Grill restaurant is one fine restaurant, situated at the top level of the whole hotel property, with excellent views of the Phuket skyline and sea view. If you can dine while catching the sunset, then you’re in for a good treat!

If you are in Phuket to relax, celebrate something special, or just try something out of the ordinary, we highly suggest trying their chilled seafood – top of the line appetizer. We ordered lamb rack as our main dish for the night of our stay with Hyatt Regency Phuket.

Lambrack at Sunset Grill in Hyatt Regency Phuket.

4. The fruits of Chiang Mai

Delicious and very sweet, fresh strawberries sold at Chiang Mai markets.

Now this is not exactly a dish, or meal in a restaurant, however, if you’ve been to Chiang Mai, you’ll know that they have the best fruits in the country. Visiting markets in the north is such a great memory, as we taste their super sweet strawberries.

A lot of people actually stay to live in Chiang Mai because of its very friendly prices.

If you are in downtown Chiang Mai, and looking for a good quality restaurant to dine in, try the Akyra Manor Chiang Mai restaurant. We’ve tried their breakfast menu, and it’s just high quality. Good food and amazing restaurant overall.

Thai Food And Thai Dishes

5. Boat Dining in Ayutthaya

Thai food in a boat, Thai Food And Thai Dishes, best thai food, thai dishes, thai food

Looking for a unique experience? Then you gotta try cruising the Ayutthaya river, while dining. This is what we exactly experienced with Nutty Adventures. The river in Ayutthaya is a nice cruise, and you can enjoy tasting authentic Thai food in a whole new experience. We got to see some of the beautiful ruins too, so that was a plus.

6. TomYum in Chiang Mai

How to Make Tom Yum – Authentic Tom Yum (Recipe Guide)

Tom Yum is another popular Thai dish. It’s a spicy and delicious mix of hot seafood soup. You might want to make sure that you can really eat spicy, or you request for your TomYum to be “spiced down” as it can be really hot. Ha!

We loved  TomYum in Chiang Mai however if you’re around Krabi area, it was delicious too!

More Best Thai Food And Thai Dishes

7. Chinatown Bangkok

Thai food in Chinatown

Street food? You bet we’re in. Chinatown has a very active night life, and there are many people who are just in for a good evening of delicious food. Through our local friend, we were able to taste some finds that only locals can tell you. Example, these bread that are made with good sauces are just so delicious, you won’t even believe it. Donuts, you’re out. Ha!

We also had a nice taste of mango sticky rice in Khao San Road night market, local street soups, and sea food.

8. Green Curry

Green Curry

Made with green curry paste, coconut milk, meat or tofu, eggplants, and basil leaves.

Start by frying the green curry paste in a little coconut cream (the thick part that rises to the top of the can) until it’s fragrant. This process, called “blooming”, helps to release the flavors of the herbs and spices in the paste, making your curry more flavorful.

Do this for a few minutes before adding the rest of your coconut milk and other ingredients. This step significantly enhances the depth and complexity of your curry.

9. Lunch on a raft

Thai food: Papaya salad

Kanchanaburi was surprisingly one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to in Thailand. We got the chance to stay in a floating restaurant and go around the city, eating our way to many of its local and delicious restaurants. Papaya salad? Yes, you gotta try it. And many more authentic Thai food.

10. Desserts 

X2 Koh Samui Matcha Ice cream
Have a sweeth tooth? Take a bite of  delectable desserts! And yes, we are talking about you Matcha green tea ice cream. Eating these, while being surrounded by just the serenity of the whole place is another level of relaxation in Thailand.

11. Breakfast with a view

Thai Food 17
International breakfast with Thai beaches? Well, it’s a match made in heaven! We can’t tell you enough how amazing it is to just have a breakfast buffet of Thai and International cuisine, have a chance to pick what inkling you have for the day, and dine in front of the amazing blue waters and skyline.

That feeling is just irreplaceable.

There you go. 11 of our best Thai food and food places to eat in. Every time we go home, or go to another country, we miss Thailand’s vibrancy, the nice people and the good, authentic food. We know we’ll be back but in the meantime, here’s to enjoying more food trips around the world!

Hope you like our post today.

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