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London on Budget: What to See, Do, & Ways to Save


London on Budget: What to See, Do, & Ways to Save

One of the biggest and most populated cities on the planet, London is a major draw with tourists and visitors to the UK. With its world-class attractions, museums, theatre, shopping, dining and entertainment it is one of the most vibrant cities to spend a holiday. While the city is fantastic to visit, the fact is London is extremely expensive.

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Accommodation: London caters to travelers with all kinds of budgets. From budget hotels to luxury boutique hotels and B&Bs, there are plenty of places to stay.  For those looking to stay in the comfort of a boutique hotel art an attractive price a budget can go up to £90.

You can access a dorm that can go up to £18-30. And while a hotel that is a double room in



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London on Budget: What to See, Do, & Ways to Save

Top attractions in the city

Buckingham Palace: Summer is the only time when visitors can visit the official residence of the Queen in London. During other parts of the year, visitors can admire and photograph the palace from outside. Do not miss the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony in the forecourt of the palace.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben: Taking a guided tour of the House of Parliament is a great way to see the British government machinery in action. Combine it with a view of Big Ben nearby. Since visitors cannot travel up to the top of Big Ben, an alternative is to take a ride aboard the London Eye. It offers some of the most fantastic aerial views of the city and its major landmarks.


Westminster Abbey: While there is an admission fee to visit Westminster Abbey, visitors could skip the cost if they attend the worship service. They could join the mass celebrated in the Abbey on Sunday when services take place at no cost.

Trafalgar Square: The most famous public square in the city, visitors enjoy watching the many monuments including Nelson’s Column among other installed here. A great location to people watch and a popular meeting spot for visitors to the city!

London Bridge and Tower of London: Visit the popular Tower of London and see the priceless Crown Jewels among a host of other exhibits. Take a guided Beefeater tour of the tower as well. Later head to the London Bridge and visit its exhibition and its famous aerial glass walkway.

Tips to save money

Visit the free attractions:  Many of the city’s public museums and art galleries are free to visit, so make the most of the opportunity! These include the most famous museums like The British Museum, The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern and the National Gallery etc.


Get an Oyster Card: One of the simplest ways to save on transport costs is to invest in an Oyster Card. This can save you as much as 50% on using modes of public transport in London and is ideal for those who plan to travel a lot in the city. At the end of the holiday is there is any balance it is refundable.  

Take a free walking tour: There are plenty of free walking tours so join any of them to learn about the city its history, culture etc.

The good news is there are plenty of free things to do and ways to trim expenses in the city and unusual things to do in London

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