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How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling

We will write a full guide on how to get free accommodation when traveling.

Traveling can be expensive, but there are several ways to get free accommodation and make your trips more affordable. Here are some tips and methods to help you find free places to stay while traveling.

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How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling

1. House Sitting

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling, House Sitting

What It Is: House sitting involves taking care of someone’s home (and often their pets) while they are away.
How to Get Started: Sign up for house sitting websites such as TrustedHousesitters, HouseCarers, or MindMyHouse. Create a compelling profile and apply for listings.

Tips: Highlight any relevant experience, such as pet care or home maintenance skills, to increase your chances of being selected.

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2. Couchsurfing

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling

What It Is: Couchsurfing connects travelers with hosts willing to offer a free place to stay, ranging from a couch to a private room.

How to Get Started: Sign up on, create a detailed profile, and start searching for hosts in your destination.

Tips: Send personalized requests to potential hosts, explaining why you would be a good guest and what you can share or offer in return (e.g., cooking a meal, sharing travel stories).

Couchsurfing is our favorite one in the list and we tried many times on our travels.

3. Work Exchange Programs

What It Is: Work exchange programs allow you to stay for free in exchange for volunteer work or help around the property.

How to Get Started: Join platforms like Workaway, HelpX, or WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) to find opportunities.

Tips: Look for hosts that match your skills and interests. Read reviews and communicate clearly with hosts about expectations and tasks.

4. Home Exchange

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling

What It Is: Home exchange involves swapping homes with someone else, allowing both parties to enjoy free accommodation.

How to Get Started: Sign up on home exchange websites like HomeExchange or Love Home Swap. List your home and search for potential swaps.

Tips: Ensure your home profile is detailed and attractive. Communicate openly with potential exchange partners to build trust.

5. Camping and Wild Camping

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling, Iceland Travel Tips, things to know before visiting Iceland, facts about Iceland, Wild Camping in Switzerland, Free Camping in Switzerland

What It Is: Camping or wild camping (camping outside of designated campsites) can be a free or low-cost way to stay in nature.

How to Get Started: Research areas where wild camping is allowed or find free campsites through websites like

Tips: Follow Leave No Trace principles and respect local regulations. Be prepared with appropriate gear and supplies.

6. Hospitality Networks

What It Is: Hospitality networks connect travelers with locals who offer free accommodation and cultural exchange.

How to Get Started: Join networks like Servas or BeWelcome. Create a profile and reach out to potential hosts.

Tips: Be respectful and open to cultural exchange. Show appreciation to your hosts by helping out or bringing a small gift.


7. Friends and Family

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling, Good food while couchsurfing! Best way to travel without money.

What It Is: Staying with friends or family can provide free accommodation and a chance to reconnect.

How to Get Started: Reach out to your network to see if anyone lives in or near your travel destination and is willing to host you.

Tips: Be considerate of your hosts’ schedules and space. Offer to help with chores or cook meals as a thank-you.

8. Travel Hacking

How to Get Free Accommodation When Traveling

What It Is: Use travel rewards and points earned from credit cards, loyalty programs, or other means to book free stays at hotels.

How to Get Started: Sign up for travel rewards credit cards and loyalty programs with hotels. Accumulate points through everyday spending and travel promotions.

Tips: Plan your trips around where you can use your points for free stays. Be mindful of blackout dates and availability.

9. Teach English or Other Skills

What It Is: Some organizations or communities offer free accommodation in exchange for teaching English or other skills.

How to Get Started: Look for programs or schools abroad that offer accommodation in exchange for teaching. Websites like and Dave’s ESL Cafe can help you find opportunities.

Tips: Ensure you meet any qualifications or certifications required for teaching. Be prepared to commit to a certain period.

Final Tips To Get Free Accommodation

Build a Good Profile: Whether you’re using Couchsurfing, house sitting sites, or work exchange programs, a detailed and positive profile can increase your chances of finding free accommodation.

Be Respectful and Considerate: Always be respectful of your hosts’ home and rules. Show appreciation for their hospitality.

Stay Safe: Always verify the legitimacy of the opportunities and hosts. Trust your instincts and prioritize your safety.

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