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Breakfast in Sweden – 17 Best Traditional Swedish Breakfasts To Try

In this article, learn about the best breakfast in Sweden – 17 best traditional Swedish breakfasts to try when you’re in Sweden.

Swedish breakfasts, when you eat in smaller places can easily cost around 50-60 SEK Swedish Krona or $4-5 USD. Usually, in hotels or hostels, it can be part of your accommodation. In Sweden, a lot of things are expensive, so for these prices, the breakfast is definitely worth it. Or of course, you can always try to find your favorite breakfast items when you’re in the supermarkets. Read best drinks in Sweden

Traditional Swedish breakfasts – you’ll be surprised how much bread and different kinds of filling will you find in this list. Let us know which ones you’re excited to try in the comments below.

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WHERE TO STAY IN SWEDEN – Traditional Breakfast in Sweden

Ahh, Sweden and all the Nordic / Scandinavian countries. Accommodation prices are easily expensive here, and some smaller places and boutique hotels can start from $50/night. The good thing is that because of the high demand of tourists, there are a variety of options for all kinds of travel – hostels and hotels, and even AirBnbs.



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1. Havregrynsgröt / Oatmeal Porridge – Traditional Swedish Breakfast

17 Traditional Swedish Breakfast - For you to try when in Sweden

Havregrynsgröt is one of the most traditional Swedish breakfasts and is actually rolled oats. Served with your favorite fruits, can be smoother, or thicker based on your preference, and usually with milk of your choice.

2. Filmjölk / Yogurt with Cereal

Filmjölk - Traditional Breakfasts in Sweden
17 Traditional Swedish Breakfast – Filmjölk, a Swedish traditional fermented milk product is one of the most favorite

Filmjölk, a Swedish traditional fermented milk product, is a very common dairy product in Nordic countries and is easily part of traditional Swedish breakfasts. You can compare a Filmjölk to kefir (with its consistency), or cultured buttermilk, but they are not exactly the same. Filmjölk is definitely unique in Sweden.

You’ll see it as a common part of traditional Swedish breakfasts, that you can eat with a bowl of fruit, berries, muesli, or cereal. Filmjölk is also popularly eaten with Swedish crisp bread. Filmjölk is more traditionally eaten with cinnamon and sugar by the Swedish, especially if you find yourself needing something very light for your stomach troubles.

3. Kanelbulle or Cinnamon Bun or Cinnamon Roll – Breakfast in Sweden

Kanelbulle or Cinnamon Bun or Cinnamon Roll - Traditional breakfasts in Sweden found in almost any Swedish bakery
Kanelbulle or Cinnamon Bun or Cinnamon Roll – Traditional breakfasts in Sweden found in almost any Swedish bakery

Kanelbulle is a very popular and traditional Swedish pastry likened to a cinnamon roll! Kanelbulle is best enjoyed with hot milk or coffee. Kanelbulle, being one of Swedish most popular pastry, they even celebrate Cinnamon Roll Day on October 4th.

4. Mandelkubb

Mandelkubb - traditional Swedish breakfast
Image via Godare – Traditional Swedish Breakfast

Mandelkubb is likened to almond buns and is a big part of traditional breakfasts in Sweden. It’s a pastry, with a bittersweet flavor. The flavor actually comes from almonds, which gives it a unique, kind of bittersweet taste.

You can find Mandelkubb almost everywhere in Sweden, and it’s usually enjoyed on its own, or with milk or coffee. Definitely a classic way to start traditional breakfasts in Sweden.

5. Mjukkaka

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast
Image via Vinguiden

The Swedish loved their breads, and Mjukkaka is a traditional Swedish flatbread. This is actually huge, popularly a size of a regular plate, and you’ll easily recognize it with the small fork pricks you see on top of the bread. This technique of fork pricks keeps it flat while baking. Mjukkaka is usually enjoyed with butter!

6. Klappgröt

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast
Image via ensmaksak

Klappgröt is a traditional Swedish breakfast or a light desert. Klappgröt is a Swedish sweet porridge, and mixed with mannagryn or semolina, with added sugar and water, and then with added sweetened berry juice, like the lingonberry juice.

These are all mixed, and beaten to form a fluffy porridge and a very delicious start to your traditional Swedish mornings! You can add milk or whipped cream if you want it creamier or sweeter.

7. Smörgås – Swedish Breakfast

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast

Smörgås is as easy as an open sandwich. The Swedish loved their Smörgås, and is a typical part of their breakfasts in Sweden. Smörgås can be topped by many things, like butter or cheese, various slices of meat, or what they call Kaviar, or smoked fish roe.

8. Kaviar / Kalles Kaviar

Kaviar - Traditional Breakfast in Sweden

Kaviar, or smoked fish roe, is a popular part of traditional Swedish breakfasts. Kaviar is popular with Swedish adults and children, alike. Kaviar or Kalles Kaviar is traditionally added to Swedish breakfasts bread on its own, or you can use it on top of cheese or eggs. A definite not to miss when trying traditional Swedish breakfasts.

More Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast

9. Leverpastej – Traditional Breakfast in Sweden

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast

Talking about sandwich spreads, Leverpastej is another sandwich topping and a traditional part of breakfast in Sweden. Leverpastej is a liver paste and is traditionally added in pickles. Together, they make a sweet flavor and add sweetness to your Swedish morning.

10. Rödbetssallad

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast
Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Rödbetssallad or pickled red beets is a traditional sandwich spread and a big part of traditional breakfasts in Sweden. Rödbetssallad is commonly added on sandwiches, with mayo or creme fraiche. Creme Fraiche is a Swedish soured cream dairy product that also contains butterfat.

Not only do you ad Rödbetssallad to your Swedish breakfast sandwich. In the Swedish breakfast tradition, you also eat this with cold meatballs on bread. Definitely a great partner for Rödbetssallad.

11. Skagenröra

Skagenröra - Traditional Breakfast in Sweden

Skagenröra is a traditional Swedish breakfast that can be considered a little more sophisticated than the other Swedish breakfast spreads mentioned above. Skagenröra is made with mayo and Creme Fraiche, mixed with crab sticks, shrimps, or crayfish – now that’s a very unique Swedish breakfast.

For added taste, Skagenröra is usually added with dill. Skagenröra can be added to an open Swedish sandwich. It can also be used as a filling for your baked potatoes.

12. Knäckebröd

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast

The Knäckebröd is a traditional Swedish hard bread. Very crunchy, dry, and thin, and can be eaten on its own or with the various toppings that are popular with Swedish breakfasts or general Swedish cuisines.

13. Råg kaka

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast

Råg kaka is another traditional Swedish breakfast, and the main difference with Knäckebröd is that Råg kaka is more a soft, lighter bread (compared to the thick and thin Knäckebröd). Råg kaka is best enjoyed in traditional Swedish breakfasts with eggs and Kaviar.

14. Tunnbröd – Top Breakfast in Sweden

Tunnbröd - Traditional Breakfast in Sweden
One of the most typical Swedish breakfast that you can easily find.

Tunnbröd is another type of bread, traditionally enjoyed by Swedish for their breakfast. It’s thin white bread, and is sometimes crunchy, and sometimes soft. Tunnbröd can be eaten on its own, but of course, mostly enjoyed with traditional Swedish toppings for that extra pop of taste!

15. Herring / Pickled Herring

Herring, Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast

The Herring or Pickled Herring can’t be missed as a big traditional part of breakfasts in Sweden. Now, the Herring or Pickled Herring can be easily found all year round, but the Swedish eat it more traditionally on holidays like Easter, Christmas, or Midsummer. Herring or Pickled Herring is usually served or bought in jars, and are filled with mustard sauce, dill sauce, and other types of popular Swedish sauces.

When you eat Herring or Pickled Herring in the summer, you might find that the locals like to eat it without additional sauces. Instead, the Herring or Pickled Herring is used as a filling in sandwiches, mixed with potatoes, sour cream, and chives. Now that’s definitely a unique taste!

Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast
A can of Surströmming

Speaking of Herring or Pickled Herring, Surströmming or fermented herring is also something popularly eaten during Swedish summers as well. Surströmming is best eaten with boiled potatoes, sour cream, and chopped onions.

16. Messmör – Best Breakfast in Sweden

Messmör - Traditional Breakfast in Sweden

Messmör is one Swedish classic that will easily transport you to a Swedish breakfast table, anywhere you’re trying it. Messmör is a spreadable, mild brown cheese.

It literally means whey butter and is almost very close to the Norwegian brown cheese, however, Messmör is milder and sweeter. This is a very traditional part of Swedish breakfasts, often used as a sandwich spread.

17. Snus

Snus, Breakfast in Sweden And Best Traditional Swedish Breakfast
Be careful when adding Snus to your Swedish breakfast routine!

Snus is something popular to be chewed on, especially from South Sweden. Snus is a form of tobacco and is placed behind the upper lip and gum. You can find Snus in loose form, or in small, portioned sachets that look like tea.

Snus is steam-pasteurized, which helps you not feel the need to spit once you take it. You’ll have to know though that selling Snus can be illegal in other parts of Europe, and only legal in Sweden (ooops!) so better check that when you’re trying one!


It’s always a goal for us to try famous and traditional cuisines every time we travel to a new country, and traditional Swedish breakfasts are definitely not for skipping! Let us know if you liked any of the top Swedish breakfasts on our list today. Have more in your experience? Let us know!

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