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Benefits of a Long-Term Car Rental for Your Next Extended Vacation

If you prefer to spend the chilly winters in warmer climates, or you are planning an extended touring vacation, finding the right transportation options should be a priority. When you visit a new country or head out to your permanent vacation home, you will want to have the freedom to explore your area in a convenient and affordable manner. 

Unless you are going on a road trip near your home, it’s likely that you will have to leave your personal vehicle behind when you head out on your extended vacation. Finding the right rental car to help you with your transportation needs can have many benefits.

Whether you need a long term car rental or just for a few weeks, many companies are happy to match you with a vehicle that meets your needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits of long-term rental cars for your next extended vacation.

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Lower Rates

Daily and weekly car rental rates are generally inflated beyond most budgets when it comes to longer vacation schedules. When you rent a car for an extended period, you will enjoy significantly discounted prices.

Long-term rentals are not calculated in the same manner as daily or weekly rates that use a formula including mileage and fuel costs. In some cases,  you can rent a vehicle for your vacation at lower payments than leasing a traditional vehicle.

Range of Choices

When you rent a car for business or personal use when your vehicle is in the shop, you probably end up with a generic sedan of some sort. With a long-term rental, you have a broader choice of type of vehicle that will suit your needs.

You may choose to cruise the seashores in a convertible or a 4×4 Jeep-style vehicle for your off-roading exploring. It is completely up to you to find a match with the size and style of vehicle that will enhance your vacation. 

No Mileage Limits

When you rent a car for a day, you will generally have to comply with certain mileage limitations. With long-term rentals, there are rarely restrictions on your mileage. You will be free to take off and explore your vacation destination without worrying about going over your mileage limits.

Easier Budgeting

Your long-term vacation car rental will save you money and help you budget your allotted spending. Your rental agreement can be customized to outline your overall costs and negotiate a monthly or weekly payment schedule. 


Learning the public transportation system in a foreign country can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if the locals speak a different language. Public transportation may not always be reliable or available when you need it. When you rent a long-term vehicle, you have the convenience of having a vehicle when and where you need it.

If you are planning on getting away for a few months or weeks, you should consider your transportation options while you are planning your adventures. Consider these benefits of long-term car rentals for your next extended vacation.

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