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The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in India

Scopio Review, The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in India

Traveling on a budget in India isn’t just possible but likewise very fulfilling. With its multiple cultures, staggering scenes, and affordable choices, India is a phenomenal destination for budget-conscious travelers. Remember, you can apply for the India evisa to visit. This guide will dish out some effective tips to help you take full advantage of your budget while exploring this charming country.


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How to Tour India on a Low Budget?

There are several ways to enjoy your trip to India without breaking the bank. Below are some useful tips.

Utilize local transport

Opt for local modes of transportation, such as buses, trains, and auto-rickshaws. These are financially savvy as well as offer a more valid travel experience. Trains, in particular, are an affordable and efficient way to traverse long distances in India.

Go for budget accommodations

India provides several budget accommodations, including hostels, guesthouses, and low-budget hotels. Lodging in these spots helps you save money as well as permits you to connect with other explorers and locals.

Eat street food

The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in India

One of the joys of traveling in India is savoring its diverse street food. Local street vendors offer delicious and inexpensive dishes, from chaats to dosas to samosas. Eating at street stalls is not only a budget-friendly option but also a culinary adventure.

Bargain and haggle 

The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in India

Bargaining is a typical practice in India, particularly in local markets and with auto-cart drivers. Be ready to negotiate the price of goods and services to get the best offer.

Travel off-peak

Visiting India during the off-peak or shoulder seasons can significantly reduce costs. You will find lower costs for facilities and less crowds at well-known tourist destinations.

Visit free attractions

India is home to numerous free and low-cost attractions. Explore historical monuments, temples, parks, and markets that don’t charge entrance fees. For example, visiting the India Gate in Delhi or the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is free.

Travel light

Pack light to avoid excess baggage charges and make use of India’s affordable laundry services. Carrying only the essentials will make your journey more convenient and budget-friendly.

Plan your itinerary

Plan your route efficiently to minimize travel expenses. India is vast, and while you may want to see it all, focusing on a specific region or state will help you save on transportation costs.

For accommodation, you can find cheap rooms starting from $10-15 USD. The mid-budget can go from $20-50 USD room for two people with breakfast included. And for luxury accommodation expect to pay more than $50 USD for a room for two people with breakfast.

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Use public facilities

The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in India

Always use public facilities in India if you are on a low budget. Public facilities such as restrooms and drinking water stations are available at many tourist sites and train stations. Utilize these services to reduce personal expenses.

Always stay hydrated

The climate of India can be humid and hot. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Abstain from always purchasing bottled water by conveying a reusable water bottle and topping it with filtered water. This is readily accessible in many spots.

Buy a SIM card.

Purchasing a local SIM card can help you save some money on international roaming fees. You will get affordable data rates and local calls, making it more straightforward to explore and communicate while touring India.


Don’t forget that India is a nation of contrasts, and luxury and budget encounters coexist. It is within the realm of possibilities to partake in the beauty and culture of India on a low budget; however, be ready for a degree of culture shock and various standards of comfort. 

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