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Hushed vs Burner: Which is the Better Private Phone Number

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Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 11:03 am

Hushed vs Burner, Hushed or Burner
Comparison of Hushed vs Burner Apps for Having a Second Private Phone Number

Hushed vs Burner – which second private phone number should you get? When choosing between Hushed or Burner, Hushed’s robust security measures and encryption protocols offer peace of mind you’re choosing between the two, we compare them in-depth in our guide today.

If you find yourself wishing for a second phone number without the hassle of a second phone, maybe for a bit of privacy, business, or those online dating adventures? Well, you’re not alone. This is where apps like Hushed and Burner come into play, offering you that much-needed second line on the fly.

While Burner excels in-app integrations, Hushed offers a wider global reach with numbers from over 60 countries. Let’s do a deep dive into both to help you choose the better second private phone number service for you.


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Comparing Hushed and Burner – Why Consider a Second Phone Number?

Let’s face it – our world’s pretty connected, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a little corner just for ourselves, or maybe a separate nook for work, right? That’s where having a second phone number comes into play. Think of it as having a secret handshake or a hidden door to a speakeasy – it’s your pass to privacy, convenience, and a whole lot of cool perks.

Privacy and Safety: Picture this: You’re selling that old guitar on Craigslist or diving into the world of online dating. You wouldn’t hand out your home keys to a stranger, so why give out your primary number? A second number keeps your real digits under wraps, safe and sound.

Travel and Local Connectivity: Imagine landing in Paris and having a local number before you can say “Bonjour.” No SIM swaps, no hefty roaming charges, just smooth sailing (or texting, in this case). Plus, verifying local accounts or snagging deals becomes a breeze.

Work-Life Balance: Keeping work calls separate from your personal life is like having a neat desk – everything’s just easier to manage. Turn off one world and tune into another, all with the flick of a switch. Ah, the peace of mind!

Deals and Subscriptions: Ever wanted to grab that one-time deal without signing up for a lifetime of spam calls and texts? Enter your trusty second private phone number, ready to take one for the team, keeping your main line as clean as a whistle.

So, whether you’re a globe-trotter, a side hustler, or just someone who values a bit of privacy, a second phone number can be your ticket to a simpler, more organized digital life. Now, with Hushed and Burner both vying for the spot of your second-line hero, let’s see how they stack up.

Getting Started: Hushed vs Burner

When it comes to Hushed and Burner, both promise a smooth dive into the world of second phone numbers.


Hushed vs Burner

Getting started with Hushed is straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Download the App: It’s a quick grab from your App store or Play Store.
  2. Choose Your Number: Feel like a local anywhere with numbers from 60+ countries.
  3. Set Up Your Account: A few taps here, a couple of clicks there, and you’re ready to roll.


Burner vs Hushed

Burner’s setup might be a little less straightforward with just a few added security questions like for what purpose you’re getting your second number for.

  1. Download and Launch: Straightforward enough, Burner’s ready to meet you in the app store.
  2. Pick Your Purpose: Whether it’s for ghosting or boasting, choose why you need a second line. A bit more hands-on compared to Hushed’s approach.
  3. Choose Your Number: Dive into the selection of numbers. It’s a bit like Hushed, though sometimes it feels like the numbers pick you.

Ease of Use: Hushed or Burner

Once you’re past the setup, how do these apps fare in the day-to-day? Hushed feels like cruising on a sunny day, with a clean interface and intuitive navigation. Switching between numbers is seamless, and everything you need is right where you’d expect it to be.

Burner, on the other hand, has its charms but might send you on a few detours. It’s packed with features, which is great, but sometimes you might find yourself clicking around a bit more to find what you need. It’s the scenic route with a few extra sights (and clicks).

The Verdict on Getting Started

When comparing the setup and ease of use between Hushed and Burner, Hushed is the more user-friendly option, especially if you value getting started without a hitch and navigating with ease. Burner isn’t far behind, though, especially if you don’t mind a little exploration.

Features Face-off: Hushed or Burner

For the features battle, Hushed wins over Burner.
For the features battle, Hushed wins over Burner.

When you’re choosing an alternate phone number, features hugely matter. Both Hushed and Burner have full features and have their charm, so your choice depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. Let’s pit Hushed against Burner in a feature showdown and see which app brings more to the table.

Options for Number Selection


Offers a buffet of numbers from over 60 countries, making it your go-to if you’re looking to have a local presence anywhere from Toronto to Timbuktu. It’s like having an international passport for your phone calls and texts.


Burner has a wide selection of U.S. and Canadian numbers. Perfect if your adventures are mostly in these countries, but it might leave the globetrotters wanting more.

Call Quality and Reliability


Smooth sailing is the norm. Calls are clear, and the connection is as reliable as your best friend showing up with snacks on movie night.


Also delivers on the promise of crisp call quality. It’s like both apps are vying for the title of “Best Soundtrack” for your conversations.

Texting All Day: Messaging Capabilities


Not just about calls, Hushed lets you text till the cows come home, including pics to share those “wish you were here” moments. Plus, the unlimited media access means your conversation can be as colorful as you want.


Matches step with text and picture messaging, keeping you in the loop and your meme game strong. Both apps understand the assignment when it comes to keeping the chat lively.

Extra Goodies and Unique Features


Throws in customizable voicemail greetings for each number, auto-reply messages for your off-grid hours, and even a “burner” feature for numbers you need temporarily. It’s the multitool in your digital pocket.


Offers unique features like text auto-responses and the ability to connect your number to third-party apps like Slack or Dropbox. It’s like having a digital Swiss Army knife, with a tool for every scenario.

The Verdict on Features

In the showdown of features, it’s a close call. Comparing Hushed or Burner for your second private phone number, Hushed shines with its international flair and seamless integration of calls, texts, and media sharing while Burner, with its app integrations and focused feature set, caters well to the tech-savvy user who loves to customize their experience.

If you’re leaning towards a rich, international selection and straightforward communication, Hushed is your winner.

With the feature face-off wrapped up, it’s clear both apps pack a punch in their own unique ways. Next up, let’s delve into the realm of privacy and security—critical for anyone looking to keep their digital life under wraps.

Privacy and Security

When comparing Hushed vs Burner, Hushed offers phone numbers in over 3000 cities in the US and Canada plus 60 countries around the world.
When comparing Hushed vs Burner, Hushed offers phone numbers in over 3000 cities in the US and Canada plus 60 countries around the world.

In the digital age, our online privacy is like a treasure chest we constantly need to safeguard. So, when picking a secondary phone number app, the lock on that chest becomes a deal-breaker. Let’s dissect how Hushed and Burner stack up in building a fortress around your digital life.

Data Encryption and Anonymity

Hushed: It’s like your personal digital vault. With strong encryption protocols, Hushed ensures that your calls and messages are locked away from prying eyes. Plus, the app doesn’t tie your Hushed number to your primary number, keeping your real identity a well-guarded secret.

Burner: Burner also takes your privacy seriously, offering encryption and ensuring that your burner numbers remain disconnected from your real identity. It’s like having an invisibility cloak for your phone communications.

Burn After Reading: Temporary Numbers

Hushed: Offers temporary “burner” numbers that you can use and dispose of as needed. It’s perfect for those one-off times when you need to shield your primary number from the world. Think of it as your digital paper shredder—once you’re done, it’s gone without a trace.y

Burner: The name says it all. Burner is built around the concept of disposable numbers, making it super easy to create a number for a specific purpose and then “burn” it away. It’s like having a secret agent toolkit at your fingertips.

The Verdict on Privacy and Security

When it comes to keeping your digital life private and secure, both Hushed and Burner are like knights in shining armor. They both offer solid encryption and the valuable feature of temporary numbers to keep your communications under wraps.

The choice here might boil down to personal preference and specific use cases. If you’re looking for a straightforward approach with a focus on keeping things locked tight, Hushed has your back. For those who revel in the spy-like thrill of “burning” numbers after use, Burner lives up to its name and offers a bit of extra excitement.

Privacy and security are paramount, and it’s clear both Hushed and Burner take this seriously, providing tools to keep your secondary communications safe. With our digital fortresses explored, let’s next unravel the pricing plans and flexibility offered by Hushed and Burner, because even in the world of secret phone numbers, affordability can’t be overlooked.

Pricing Plans and Flexibility: What’s the Cost of Privacy?

Diving into the world of second phone numbers, one important consideration is how much is it going to cost you? Let’s break down the differences and find out whether Hushed or Burner offers the right features without charging you an arm.

Hushed Pring Plans

Hushed Pricing Plans Hushed vs Burner

Pay-As-You-Go Credits: Starting at just $2.99 USD, Hushed lets you dip your toes into the second number pool without diving headfirst into a subscription. It’s perfect for the occasional use or if you’re still testing the waters.

Monthly Subscriptions: If you find yourself frequently reaching for that second line, Hushed offers unlimited calls and texts within specific countries, starting from around $4.99/month. It’s like having an all-you-can-eat buffet at your favorite restaurant.

Yearly Plans: For the long-haul adventurers, Hushed provides significant discounts on yearly subscriptions, reducing the monthly cost even further. It’s the equivalent of finding a hidden shortcut to the treasure.


Burner Pricing Plans

Burner Pricing Plans Hushed vs Burner

Prepaid Packages: Similar to Hushed, Burner offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-go options, with packages tailored to different levels of usage. Whether you’re a light caller or a text tycoon, there’s a package for you.

Auto-Renewing Plans: Burner’s subscriptions kick in with unlimited calls and texts, offering a couple of tiers based on your needs, starting around the same ballpark as Hushed.

Burner Connections: Unique to Burner, this feature allows integration with apps like Slack, Dropbox, and even your email, potentially adding value to your subscription if you’re looking to streamline your work or projects.

The Verdict on Pricing and Flexibility

When it comes to cost, both Hushed and Burner dig into the idea of flexibility, offering plans that cater to various needs and budgets. Hushed shines with its international appeal and straightforward pricing, making it a go-to for those looking for simplicity and coverage. Burner, with its app integrations and tailored packages, might appeal more to the tech-savvy pirates keen on customization and maximizing their digital toolbox.

In the end, choosing between Hushed and Burner could come down to your specific needs and how much you’re willing to spend. Hushed definitely wins for us for its international reach and straightforward plans.

Our Final Verdict: Hushed vs Burner, Which is Better Second Private Phone Number

While Burner might be the older app in the market, Hushed understands better the needs of getting numbers from several countries and locations with straightforward use and pricing.

After navigating through the setup ease, feature-rich waters, privacy fortresses, and the islands of pricing plans, we’ve arrived at the moment of truth. It’s time to crown our champion in the quest for the best second phone number app. Will it be Hushed, with its straightforward approach and international flair, or Burner, the flexible, app-integrating digital Swiss Army knife?


Why Hushed Might Just Be Your Go-To

Hushed pulls ahead in several key areas:

International Versatility: With numbers available in over 60 countries, Hushed is a globetrotter’s dream. If you’re purchasing a product or a service that requires a number from a particular country, this becomes very handy as well. With globalization of products and services now, this is something we love about Hushed.

Simplicity and Usability: The app’s intuitive design and straightforward plans make it accessible to anyone, whether you’re tech-savvy or prefer keeping things simple.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Hushed offers a balance of affordability and functionality, especially with its yearly plans, making it a solid investment for long-term users.

In the world of second phone numbers, where privacy, ease, and flexibility reign supreme, Hushed emerges as a versatile, user-friendly champion suited for a wide audience. Whether you’re securing your digital privacy, managing business communications, or keeping in touch while traveling the globe, Hushed serves as a reliable, efficient ally.

While we choose Hushed for its broad appeal, excellent balance of features, and international coverage, remember—the best choice depends on your specific needs and how you plan to use your second number.

In comparing Hushed or Burner – If you’re after a straightforward, reliable second phone number with international options and an easy-to-understand pricing model, Hushed is hard to beat. It’s your digital passport to privacy and connectivity, wrapped in a user-friendly package.

But for those who thrive on customization, app integration, and the thrill of tailored plans, Burner offers a compelling case. It’s the customizable tool in your digital belt, ready to adapt to your unique journey.

And there we have it—a detailed comparison of Hushed and Burner, wrapped up with Hushed taking the crown. Hope we were able to help you come up with a decision. Have more questions. Feel free to comment below and we’ll answer!

FAQs: Hushed vs. Burner – Your Questions Answered

In this FAQs, we answer some of the main questions between Hushed and Burner and owning a second private phone number.

Can I use Hushed or Burner without a strong internet connection?

Both Hushed and Burner require an internet connection to make calls or send texts, as they operate over VoIP. For the best experience, a stable Wi-Fi or data connection is recommended.

Are Hushed and Burner suitable for international use?

Hushed stands out for its international versatility, offering phone numbers from over 60 countries. Burner primarily offers U.S. and Canadian numbers, making Hushed the better option for global users.

How do the temporary “burner” numbers work?

Both apps allow you to create temporary numbers that can be discarded after use. This feature is ideal for situations requiring privacy, such as online selling or short-term projects.

Which app offers better privacy and security features?

Hushed and Burner both prioritize user privacy and security, employing encryption and offering disposable numbers. The choice between them may come down to specific features, like Hushed’s international number options or Burner’s app integrations.

Can I transfer my existing mobile number to Hushed or Burner?

Transferring an existing number into these apps varies. Hushed allows porting in from some carriers, making it a more flexible option for those looking to maintain an established number within the app.

How do the pricing plans of Hushed and Burner compare?

Both apps offer a range of pricing options, from pay-as-you-go credits to monthly subscriptions. Hushed provides straightforward, cost-effective plans for long-term users starting at $2.99 USD while Burner caters to a more customizable approach with its plan options.

Which app is better for business use?

If you need a number for international business use or prefer a simple, effective solution, Hushed might be the better choice. Burner’s app integrations and tailored plans, however, can be advantageous for those requiring more customization and functionality for business purposes.

Can I use these apps for two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Yes, both Hushed and Burner numbers can generally be used for 2FA. However, compatibility can vary depending on the service, so it’s recommended to check with the specific platform you’re using.

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