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What to do in Vienna?

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Vienna is fast establishing not only as one of the world’s leading travel destinations but also the most liveable city as well. The once shy Austrian has got its attitude on the right track with a clutch of new five star hotels that have got the neighboring countries talking.

The capital of Austria is today a rich cultural hub that is home to many museums,boasts of splendid Baroque architecture and a legacy closely linked to classical music,hence nicknamed as the ‘City of Music’.

Here is how a local will recommend the things to do in this historical city.

Wander around the city center

Vienna is a beautiful city full of places, monuments, churches and impressive buildings with a facade not found anywhere else.So put on your walking boots and take the pedestrian route to take in the sights.

The route starts from the Staatsoper opera house and ends at the cathedral and takes about ninety minutes to complete without too many stops.The 1869 opera house is itself a must see building and you can walk inside without having to attend an actual performance.

On the far side of the road is the Albertina while opposite the palace is Cafe Mozart, a famous coffee house and a favourite haunt of the rich and famous.

Follow the Augustinerkirche road to the Theatermuseum building and onwards to Josefsplatz square,the boundary of the great Hofburg complex,the one time residence of the Habsburgs.

Visit a traditional coffee house

what to do in Vienna

A Viennese coffee house is one of the better creations of the city. These places of coffee and cake have produced political movements that have precipitated the rise and fall of many an empire.

The locals recommended Cafe Central and Cafe Sacher,both of which are extremely popular so expect long queues to both. On the safer side, either book a table in advance or come early in the morning.

Explore the Hundertwasser Museum

Set to reopen after renovation on February 29, 2024 the Hundertwasser Museum is the place to visit for its colors,murals and curves. One can’t explore this fascinating apartment house from inside but is equally impressive enough from outside too.

Pro tip – If you want to explore both sides of Vienna,you will have to include both the old and the new in your itinerary. It is advisable (especially if you are short on time) to simply book your bags in a luggage storage Vienna facility so you can explore at ease. 

Don’t forget the palaces

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The magnificent Schonbrunn Palace is one of Vienna’s most popular tourist spots and it is easy to understand why. A tour of the interior showcases parts of the impressive European history.

The best time to go is early in the morning, before the ticket office opens,so as to admire the views from the Neptune Fountain and the landscaped gardens beyond.

Elsewhere,the Kunsthistorisches Museum holds priceless treasures from Rembrandt masterpieces to Roman gold but the real magic lies in the Cabinet of Curiosities section collected by the various Habsburgs over the centuries.

Spend some time in nature

The rose garden in the Volksgarten Park is a blast of color so make sure you go there early in the morning when few people are around. A visit, especially during the summer months is recommended in order to see the roses in full bloom.

Stand in Mozart’s apartment

Standing in the very room where  the most famous composer of all time lived is indeed a privilege on a trip to Vienna. From Mozart’s apartment you can look out of the very windows the composer used to admire from.

The home is housed on the first floor of the Mozarthaus complex and also displays a special exhibition related to the late maestro’s musical world.

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