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8 Must-See UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

In India, you can find a huge historical background where, across various time periods, different dynasties have ruled the country. Each dynasty has left behind vast structures that are a wonder due to their architectural marvels and other interesting features. It is indeed a wonder that ancient science was so rich that such massive structures could be built by hand.

A Look at the Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India That Are a Must-To Visit

Across India, you can find so many ancient temples, forts, and other similar structures that were made by hand using materials that have, to this day, withstood the test of time. Check up on flights to India so that you can find out which carrier to book for reaching the country’s capital to take a tour of its beautiful ancient structure. Here is a look at key UNESCO World Heritage sites that are a must-visit:

  • The exotic Ajanta Caves are indeed a wonder because of their beautiful sculptures and paintings. These artworks are religious representations and bring out stories from the Jataka tales and other incidents from the life of Buddha. Some of the sculptures seen here complement the stories revealed in the paintings. At one point in time, these caves were used by monks. Some of them were actually temples, while others were monasteries.
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  • The majestic Ellora Caves are a sight to behold with their rock-cut temples. Inside, you can see many shrines dedicated to Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain deities. They bring out the notion of tolerance among religions for all to see. Out of the total 34 ministries and temples here, some are dedicated to each of these religions. The entire place abounds in sculptures and relief work, and all the arts displayed amazing detailing and were done meticulously by hand using ancient tools.
  • The Red Fort is a massive complex made entirely from red sandstone, from which the Prime Minister hoists the national flag every Independence Day. It is a massive fortress that spans 380,000 square meters. Though it displays primarily Mughal architecture, its exterior shows various other influences, such as Persian, Timurid, and Hindu, and there are also additional structures put in place during the time of the British Raj. Today, though it is shown to the public to promote tourism, there are still parts of the structure that are used by the military.
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  • One can’t miss out on the architectural marvel of the massive Taj Mahal, which brings out the architectural genius of the Mughal period. The structure stands on the majestic Yamuna river banks, and its typical Indo-Islamic style is amazing, as can be seen in the works of the thousands of masons, artists, and carvers who were called all over the country to work on it. The unique feature of this massive complex is its perfect symmetry and marble walls, with semi-precious stones, inlaid into them and various decorative works.
  • Make a trip to the Konark Sun Temple, which displays a structure that shows Lord Surya’s chariot. This temple features many beautiful reliefs and also carvings of animals and human beings. There are wheels through which you can determine the exact day and time. It is a highly planned structure with perfect alignment to the sun’s path in the sky and has many spatial units.
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  • Hampi, an ancient city, is now known for its many monuments and ruins, as it was heavily looted and destroyed. Visit its many temples and shrines, which depict the Vijayanagara architecture style. Check out its many pillared halls forts and water structures, where you can see ancient masonry and detailing work on display. Most unique are its boulders, which were once part of large granite monoliths.
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