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15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica – Where to Eat

Last updated on February 27th, 2024 at 08:51 am

15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

For the best restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica to eat at, whether local or international food in La Fortuna, we will dive into this guide.

Nestled beneath the watchful eye of the majestic Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna is more than just a visual masterpiece. It’s a sensory revelation, an amalgamation of sights, sounds, and most importantly, tastes.

This quaint town, with its lush rainforests and thermal hot springs, is also a gateway to a culinary odyssey, where every meal tells a story, every dish is a celebration, and every flavor is a testament to Costa Rica’s rich heritage. Read here La Fortuna Waterfall Hike and Hiking Arenal Volcano

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What’s Special About La Fortuna?

15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

Beyond its natural allure, La Fortuna’s essence is deeply rooted in its community and culture. Local farmers, with their fresh produce, are the unsung heroes behind the town’s culinary triumphs. Markets brimming with vibrant fruits like guava, papaya, and pineapple, or vegetables like yucca and plantains, provide the base for many of the town’s iconic dishes.

But it’s not just about the ingredients. It’s about the soul that goes into every dish. The meticulous preparation of the ceviche, the slow simmer of the Olla de Carne, or the careful crafting of the Tres Leches — every culinary endeavor in La Fortuna is a labor of love, deeply entrenched in Tico culture.

Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica to Try

From the rustic charm of local sodas — those vibrant eateries that serve up traditional Tico delights — to the elegant ambiance of gourmet restaurants, La Fortuna promises an expansive gastronomic canvas. Here, culinary traditions passed down through generations fuse with contemporary flavors, creating a symphony that resonates with both traditionalists and modernists.

Traditional Tastes of Costa Rica

1. Soda Víquez

This isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a journey back in time. At Soda Víquez, meals are reminiscent of age-old Tico recipes, prepared just the way abuela did. The simplicity of its setup enhances the authenticity of the dining experience.

Price: Low-end

Must-try: Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica’s iconic rice and beans dish.

2. Soda la Hormiga

Imagine a family Sunday lunch, but in a restaurant setting. At Soda la Hormiga, the warmth of the service and the heartiness of the meals evoke the comfort and joy of a family gathering.

Price: Low-end

Must-try: Sopa de Mariscos, a rich seafood soup.

3. Nene’s Restaurant

Amid the bustling streets of La Fortuna, Nene’s stands as an ode to traditional Costa Rican cooking. With locally sourced ingredients and chefs that have mastered the art of Tico cuisine, every meal is a heartwarming homage to the country’s rich culinary heritage.

Price: Low to mid-range

Must-try: Arroz con Pollo, a flavorful chicken and rice preparation.

4. Marisquerias Snapper’s House

With nets hanging from the ceiling and murals of the sea, this establishment exudes a fresh oceanic vibe. As you savor their offerings, you can almost hear the waves crashing, even though you’re miles away from the coast.

Price: Mid-range

Must-try: Ceviche Tico, a Costa Rican take on this Latin American classic.

International Cuisine – Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica

15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

5. Kappa Sushi

Nestled amidst the urban vibes of La Fortuna, Kappa Sushi is more than just a sushi bar; it’s a cultural infusion. While La Fortuna is not coastal, this sushi joint ensures that each piece feels like a bite out of the ocean. Their chefs are well-versed in traditional Japanese techniques, ensuring authenticity. If you’re looking to explore Japanese cuisine beyond sushi, their kitchen also crafts beautiful hot dishes that tell tales from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Price: Mid-range; around $10 USD for a sushi roll with 10 pieces.

Must-try: Their expansive vegan sushi selection and vegan ramen.

6. La Parilla de Maria Bonita

A fiesta of flavors awaits you here. From the moment you step in, you’re serenaded by lively Latin music and the sizzling sounds from the grill. The decor, reminiscent of a traditional Latin American fiesta, complements the flavorful dishes that are served with a side of passion and pride.

Price: Mid-range

Must-try: Traditional grilled meats served with Costa Rican side dishes.

7. La Choza de Laurel

Stepping into La Choza is akin to entering a Costa Rican home during a family gathering. With its warm and inviting ambiance, it captures the heart of Tico cuisine and culture. With each bite, you can sense the tradition and stories passed down from generation to generation.

Price: Low to mid-range

Must-try: Local Tico dishes, especially casados.

8. Lava Lounge

A true melting pot of global cuisines. This chic lounge not only offers a diverse menu but also serves as a hub for travelers from around the world. Engage in captivating conversations, share travel tales, all while sampling dishes that echo flavors from various corners of the world.

Price: Mid-range

Must-try: International platters that mix various cuisines.

9. Flying Tomato

Its contemporary yet rustic decor sets the stage for a menu that celebrates global favorites with a twist. Think classic dishes, but with flavors amped up a notch. It’s a place where tradition meets innovation, and every dish feels like a culinary journey.

Price: Mid-range

Must-try: Gourmet burgers and salads.

10. Don Rufino

A gastronomic pillar in La Fortuna, Don Rufino offers a sophisticated dining experience. Every detail, from the meticulously curated menu to the elegant interiors, speaks of grandeur. But it’s not just about aesthetics; the food here tells a tale of Costa Rica’s rich landscapes and diverse flavors, crafted into every plate.

Price: High-end; mains around $18-27 USD.

Must-try: Grass-fed, free-range ribeye dish with corn tamal and local blue cheese cannelloni.

11. Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge brings a burst of international flavors to La Fortuna. A mid-range bar & grill, it’s known for its grilled burgers, flavorful tacos, and a wide selection of drinks. Its vibrant atmosphere, accented by eclectic music and occasional live performances, guarantees a lively night out.

Eco Eats – Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica

12. Organico Fortuna

Embrace healthy, sustainable dining at Organico Fortuna. This mid-range establishment emphasizes organic and locally-sourced ingredients, offering dishes like vegan bowls and refreshing smoothies. Beyond being just a restaurant, it stands as a testament to eco-friendly living.

More than just a restaurant, it’s a statement. Organico Fortuna champions the cause of sustainable and healthy living. With every dish, they not only serve nutrition but also a message of living in harmony with nature. The rustic interiors, complemented by plants and art, make for a rejuvenating ambiance.

Price: Mid-range

Must-try: Vegan bowls and freshly squeezed detox juices.

Fine Dining – Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica

13. Restaurante Benedictus

For those seeking an upscale dining experience, Restaurante Benedictus stands out. Overlooking the majestic Arenal, this high-end restaurant offers a curated menu of Costa Rican flavors, each dish elegantly presented. Complement your meal with their selection of fine wines for a truly sophisticated evening.

Unique Ambiances and Experiences – Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica

14. Rain Forest

As the sun sets, casting a golden hue over the forest, and the sounds of nature resonate, dining at Rain Forest becomes a symphony of sensory delights. Every element, from the curated menu to the architectural design, is in harmony with nature, offering a dining experience like no other.

Price: High-end

Must-try: Grilled specialties while enjoying views of the lush surroundings.

15. Chifa la Familia Feliz

The name translates to ‘The Happy Family’, and true to its name, the place buzzes with joy and warmth. It’s where the heartiness of Latin food meets the nuanced flavors of Chinese cuisine. The fusion is not just in the dishes, but in the very atmosphere, a testament to the unity of diverse cultures.

Price: Low to mid-range

Must-try: Latin-inspired stir fries and noodle dishes.

What Makes La Fortuna a Popular Destination?

A fusion of nature and culture is what sets La Fortuna apart. The very silhouette of the Arenal Volcano, often wreathed in mist, offers an awe-inspiring panorama. Adventure-seekers are drawn to its myriad offerings — be it trekking through the rainforest, unwinding in the geothermal hot springs, or exploring the mysterious caves.

Yet, it’s not just the landscape that captivates; it’s the heart of the town, its people. Warm and welcoming, the locals of La Fortuna are passionate ambassadors of their culture. Festivals, dances, and, most prominently, food, become avenues through which they share their stories, traditions, and love for their land.

In essence, La Fortuna isn’t just a stop on the map; it’s an experience, a tapestry of natural wonders interwoven with rich traditions, culinary and beyond.

With such a vibrant setting and culinary scene, it’s no wonder La Fortuna remains etched in the memories of those who visit. Whether you’re hiking up the trails of the volcano or diving into a plate of Gallo Pinto, La Fortuna promises an experience that’s truly unforgettable.

Food You Should Try When Dining in La Fortuna

Gallo Pinto

15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

This isn’t just a breakfast dish; it’s a morning ritual. Gallo Pinto, translating to “spotted rooster”, combines rice and black beans with a blend of bell peppers, onions, and cilantro. Traditionally accompanied by eggs, tortillas, and natilla (a type of sour cream), it’s the perfect way to fuel up for a day of adventure.


15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

A lunchtime favorite, Casado is a hearty plate that promises both variety and flavor. It combines rice, beans, plantains, salad, and a choice of meat or fish. The name “Casado”, meaning married, hints at the union of all these delicious components on one plate. Often, it’s served with a tangy picadillo or a portion of avocados.

Ceviche Tico

A testament to Costa Rica’s abundant coastline, Ceviche Tico uses fresh fish or seafood cured in tangy citrus juices. Additions like local chili peppers, coriander, and diced vegetables elevate the flavor profile. Usually accompanied by crunchy tortilla chips or soda crackers, this dish is refreshing on a warm La Fortuna day.

Tres Leches

15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

A celebration on a plate, Tres Leches is a soft sponge cake soaked in a trio of milks: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. This results in an incredibly moist, creamy dessert that’s both rich and refreshing. Often, a sprinkle of cinnamon or a cherry tops this beloved treat.


15 Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica - Where to Eat

Imagine the sweetness of ripe corn transformed into a pancake. That’s Chorreadas for you. These sweet corn pancakes are a blend of grated corn, sugar, and cheese, cooked to a golden brown perfection. Best enjoyed fresh off the griddle, they pair beautifully with a robust Costa Rican coffee.

Olla de Carne

A traditional beef stew that warms the soul. Large chunks of beef are slow-cooked with a mix of native roots and vegetables, including yucca, plantains, corn, and taro. The rich, hearty broth, combined with the tenderness of the meat and veggies, makes this a favorite comfort dish among locals.


A festive treat, especially during Christmas, Tamales are steamed corn dough (masa) stuffed with a variety of fillings like pork, vegetables, and rice. Wrapped in banana leaves, these packets are often a labor of love and best enjoyed with family and friends.

Sopa Negra

A delicious black bean soup, often accompanied by a poached egg. Rich in flavors and nutrients, it’s a favorite among locals for its comforting taste and heartiness.

Arroz con Pollo

A delectable rice and chicken dish, often tinted yellow with achiote and bursting with vegetables like bell peppers and peas. Often served for special occasions, this dish symbolizes festivity in the Costa Rican palette.

Helados de Sorbetera

Traditional Costa Rican ice cream made in a large brass container called a sorbetera. Flavors range from traditional vanilla and chocolate to more local tastes like coconut, mango, and guanabana.

By indulging in these dishes, one doesn’t just satisfy their hunger but also embarks on a journey through Costa Rica’s rich culinary tapestry. Each bite tells a story, and each dish promises a memory to cherish.

Final Thoughts

La Fortuna is a blend of raw natural beauty and rich culinary traditions. As you journey through its landscapes, let the flavors of the region take you on a parallel adventure. From the hearty traditional meals that speak of its rich history to the modern, innovative dishes that hint at its future, La Fortuna promises an immersive experience. As the sun sets behind the Arenal, let the tantalizing aroma from local kitchens beckon, and lose yourself in a town where nature and cuisine dance in harmonious rhythm.

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