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Atlas VPN Review Promo Code: The Best FREE VPN For Digital Nomads

Last updated on January 30th, 2024 at 05:59 am

The best free VPN service is something you definitely need to look at to browse the internet safely. Atlas VPN Review, Atlas VPN Review Promo Code
Try a free VPN service to browse the internet safely.

Our full Atlas VPN Review Promo Code of the best free VPN today – With privacy and tracking concerns that have bombarded the internet in the last decade, we are all getting more vigilant about how we let websites track about us. Read here best VPN for Digital Nomads and Atlas VNP Netflix

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This is why a trusted VPN service like AtlasVPN is one of the most important things we could have when we browse the internet.

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But what really is a VPN? A VPN software explained in easier terms means that you have a private untracked way to connect to the internet. For us, as we travel a lot, and stay in a lot of public spaces, this is when we started being very careful about how we use the internet.

When you’re on the internet – in coffee shops, in cafes, in restaurants, and even in Airbnbs, if you ever get across public wifi networks, they are not the safest. Someone can hack your computer and steal your information. People can also track you, or worse even use cameras and microphones in your computers!

This is why when we are using a public network, we make sure we have a VPN running on our computers, especially if we’re going to do some purchases, and opening sensitive information in our computer.

Atlas VPN Review Promo Code: Choosing the Right VPN

Now, there are a lot of VPN companies to choose from, and in this review, we’re going to tell you more about Atlas VPN, our chosen VPN service. We tested AtlasVPN as an option for the best free VPN Android service, and even for the best free VPN on Mac. Read here Atlas VPN for android

Here’s a quick comparison of the features they have, versus other VPN services out there.

Atlas VPN Review, Atlas VPN Review Promo Code

Okay, now here’s a breakdown of all the features that we’re loving with AtlasVPN right now.

You can use it on unlimited devices.

Now we don’t want to have to get different subscriptions just for a VPN. It’s important, yes. But if we have an option to go a trusted service without sacrificing spend, then we’ll definitely go for that. We suggest you do as well.

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It has Ad blockers

Now, this is important for a lot of people, in addition to viewing experience being better, it feels better to know that you have less tracking on your activities online. So yes, to ad blockers. Hopefully, you’re not using it while browsing our site though! haha But seriously, privacy is important. No one needs to track you if you did not let them, and more so, if you are unaware of it.

AtlasVPN has email protection.

Some of our most important work is communicated through emails. More often than not, you share sensitive information in these emails and it would be really nice to feel comfortable that you have protection whether you are exchanging emails with your family members, or sending sensitive information for work and with your clients.

Atlas VPN Review, Atlas VPN Review Promo Code

It let’s you do 4K Streaming.

Now, this is one of our favorite features. One of the most normal thing that happens when you’re connected to a VPN is that the internet slows down heavily. This is why usually if you’re already on a weak connection, you don’t want to be connected to a VPN because it will weaken your connection even more. This is the reason we love AtlasVPN. It doesn’t take so much wifi power from your connection that you can keep on streaming even 4K videos on your computer. Gotta love keeping access to all the series and movies you’re following while having a secured connection!

Atlas VPN Review Promo Code And The Best Free VPN – AtlasVPN Plans: Free and Premium

Here’s the good thing about Atlas that we actually love – if you want to just try a free version of VPN but capable enough to protect your privacy needs, AtlasVPN actually offers a free version, and yes it’s more than capable for an average internet user!

There are of course advantages to the premium as well, so here’s a comparison of what you’re getting for both plans:

Atlas VPN Review

We would say that having access to 3 servers with the AtlasVPN is good enough that you’ll be able to use it and have a secure way of browsing the internet, with unlimited speed and unlimited bandwidth, with simultaneous connections (your account can be connected through multiple devices simultaneously).

If you’re like us, who needs more than 3 locations, then you can start looking at the premium version (now at 83% OFF – definitely a steal offer!) of the AtlasVPN. Usually, we use it for cases like logging in to social media or email. There are times that logging in to email, social media and even just logging in on devices in general from a new location is so inconvenient when it comes to extra security codes that you need to get, and sometimes you don’t have access to phones and other emails. This can easily make life difficult, or worse, lock you out of services and apps many times. Logging in from your “home country” with the help of a VPN helps avoid this problem. The streaming speed is also improved in the paid version, so you can make sure that streaming will not get affected when you’re running a VPN. Watching Netflix? We loved our AtlasVPN Premium for the best free VPN Netflix service!


Here’s the good thing – AtlasVPN actually works with most devices – whether you’re using a Mac or Windows computer, and Android and iOS, you can use this VPN.

There’s our full Atlas VPN Review. If you want to give it a try, you can access AtlasVPN today at 83% OFF. This is one ridiculously good offer so make sure to grab it if you can!

Until our next review friends!

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