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How To Get From Bohol to Oslob Best Way (By Ferry For Less Than $20 USD)

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 07:03 pm

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How To Get From Bohol to Oslob Best Way – You can go by Ferry For Less Than $20 USD).

What Is The Distance From Oslob to Bohol?

The distance from Bohol to Oslob is 190 kilometers. Click here to book online Bohol activities and day trips

If you are planning to go from Panglao Bohol to Oslob by ferry. There is only a ferry from Bohol to Oslob leaving at 6 30 am that you can book it in advance for less than $20 USD. Read here the reverse way Oslob to Bohol

What Is The Best Way From Bohol to Oslob?

The best way from Bohol to Oslob is by ferry for $17 USD you can book online and it will take 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The ferry from Bohol to Oslob is leaving from Panglao Island at Momo Beach that is located North Panglao 7 kilometers far from Bohol airport and Alona Beach. Click here to book online Bohol activities and day trips

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There are plenty of rooms and B&Bs, Airbnb available all over Oslob that cost around 1000 PHP per night. That’s just $19 USD!

Read more about all the places to stay in Oslob with Booking and Agoda!

Bohol to Oslob by Ferry

If you want to go from Bohol to Oslob by Ferry. There are boats leaving from Momo Beach in Bohol going to Quartel Beach in Oslob.

Bohol to Oslob Ferry Schedule And Fare

The ferry Bohol to Oslob leaves daily every morning at 6 30 am from Momo Beach in Panglao Bohol and gets around 8 am at Quartel Beach in Oslob. The total travel time is 1 hour and a half to 2 hours.

Bohol to Oslob ferry fare is around $17 USD which his 1170 PHP you can book online

If you prefer to buy your ticket in the ferry just check the map above to know the exact point of the departure from Bohol boat in the map in Momo Beach.

Click here to book only Bohol to Oslob ferry ticket!


How To Get From Bohol to Oslob by Ferry (Less Than $20 USD), bohol to oslob ferry schedule

The activity is only first thing in the morning. Oslob is a touristic area full of accommodations, and whale watching in Oslob is one of the great plans to do when visit Cebu.

Our experience was great and impressive in the whale watching in Oslob. The tour lasts 30 minutes and it costs 1000 PHP for foreigners, 500 PHP for locals and it includes snorkeling masks. The three of us were surprised how big are the whales. Apart from this, it´s very tourist activity in my opinion!

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