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Is Nomad eSIM USA and Canada Better than Prepaid Sim Cards?

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Planning a trip to North America and need a real and honest review on plans of Nomad eSIM USA and Canada plans? How about comparing Nomad eSim usa vs prepaid sim cards? We got you covered on this guide today.

The digital age is revolutionizing the way we travel. Gone are the days of lugging around multiple SIM cards or enduring exorbitant roaming charges. Enter eSIMs, the future of seamless global connectivity.

Nomad eSIM has positioned itself as a prominent player in the space, boasting impressive data plans and connectivity options for over 165 countries. But does it live up to the hype, especially in data-hungry regions like North America?

Here’s our no-holds-barred review.

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First, what really is an eSIM?

First off, let’s demystify eSIM. eSIM, or “embedded SIM,” eliminates the need for a physical SIM card. Instead, it’s a small chip inside your smartphone or device that can be programmed and reprogrammed with different profiles from operators worldwide. It’s like having a virtual SIM card. The magic happens with just a scan of a QR code, propelling you into the world of data and connectivity.

Why is Nomad eSIM a Popular Choice

When it comes to eSIMs, the market is teeming with options. So, what sets Nomad apart? At its core, Nomad offers:

Extensive Coverage

Nomad eSIM boasts data plans for over 165 countries, including region-specific plans tailored for North America, Asia Pacific, and more.

Affordable Rates

Say goodbye to hefty roaming fees. Nomad’s data plans are competitively priced, starting as low as $1.5/GB in certain regions.

Quick and Painless Setup

With Nomad, you can get connected in less than five minutes. Order online, scan the QR code, and you’re set.

Loyalty Rewards

Nomad’s referral program is a bonus. Refer friends, and both you and your friend get points that translate to discounts.

Our Deep Dive on Nomad eSIM

Given that both the US and Canada are expansive with diverse terrains, reliable connectivity was paramount. Nomad eSIM promises robust coverage and seamless switching between the best available networks.

1. Speed and Reliability: Throughout our journey, from the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Banff, Alberta, the connectivity was surprisingly impressive. Streaming, GPS navigation, VoIP calls – everything worked without a hitch.

Of course, there were a few zones, especially in remote areas, where the speed dropped, but such instances were few and far between.

2. Cost-Effective: With rates as low as $1.5/GB for some plans, we felt we got value for our money. No shocking bills, no hidden fees – transparency was evident.

3. Flexibility: One of the standout features was the flexibility to choose from a variety of plans. Whether you’re a light browser or a data guzzler, there’s something for everyone.

Nomad eSIM Plans and Pricing for the US & Canada (Nomad eSIM USA and North America Plans)

Nomad eSIM, Nomad eSIM USA, Nomad eSIM North America, Nomad eSIM Mexico

When evaluating any service, pricing is a primary concern. Nomad eSIM recognizes this and offers a range of plans tailored to various needs.

Their goal? To provide high-speed, flexible, no-contract eSIM data and SMS options at competitive rates.

Data Packs

Nomad offers varying data packs to suit your data needs. Whether you’re a light user or a data-heavy traveler, there’s something for everyone. The plans range from as low as $1.5 per GB, making it incredibly affordable when compared to traditional prepaid options.

Here’s a breakdown of Nomad eSIM Plans For the United States

  • $7 for 1GB for 7 Days
  • $11 for 3GB for 30 Days
  • $14 for 5GB for 30 Days
  • $20 for 10GB for 30 Days

*10GB USA eSIM Plan and 10GB Canada eSIM plan are currently on sale, for a limited time only.

SMS Packs

nomad eSIM, Nomad eSIM North America, Nomad eSIM USA

While roaming charges for texts can be exorbitant with traditional SIMs, Nomad simplifies this with SMS packs dedicated to the US, Canada, and the UK. They range in size, allowing you to choose based on your texting needs.

Regional Plans

For travelers hopping across North America, Nomad eSIM provides regional plans, encapsulating both the US and Canada. This is ideal for those on a North American tour, allowing seamless connectivity across borders.


What sets Nomad apart is its ease of activation. Once you’ve chosen a plan, installing and activating the eSIM is a breeze. Simply use the QR code provided, and within minutes, you’ll be online. No more fussing around with physical SIM cards or complex activation processes.

Points to Consider when Choosing between Nomad eSIM vs Prepaid Cards in the US

  • Nomad’s plans are not only competitive but also cater to the needs of the modern traveler. By offering data and SMS packages separately, they allow users to customize their experience.
  • The flexibility to choose between country-specific and regional plans is a bonus. You’re not tethered to one country or forced into a larger plan than you need.
  • Their referral program is a sweet deal. By sharing your Nomad eSIM referral code, both you and your friend can enjoy discounts, making the service even more affordable.

Comparing Nomad eSIM to Traditional Prepaid SIMs in the US and Canada

When it comes to staying connected while traveling in North America, you’ve got options. But how does Nomad’s eSIM technology stack up against the tried-and-true prepaid SIM card? Let’s dive in.

Traditional Prepaid SIM Cards in the US

T-Mobile: Known for its expansive coverage and range of plans, T-Mobile offers prepaid SIMs that cater to various needs. Their standout plan costs $40/month, delivering unlimited talk and text along with 10GB of high-speed data.

  • Plan: $40/month offers unlimited talk and text, with 10GB of high-speed data.
  • Pros: Reliable network coverage, especially in urban areas; good customer service.
  • Cons: May require a physical visit to a store for activation; coverage can be spotty in rural areas.

AT&T: A heavyweight in the telecom sector, AT&T’s prepaid SIMs don’t disappoint. For $50/month, you get unlimited talk and text and a generous 15GB of high-speed data.

  • Plan: $50/month gives unlimited talk and text, plus 15GB of high-speed data.
  • Pros: Extensive network coverage spanning urban and rural areas.
  • Cons: Some users report slower data speeds during peak times; physical SIM requires swapping.

Mint Mobile: An MVNO utilizing T-Mobile’s network, Mint Mobile is known for its competitive pricing. At $30/month, users get unlimited talk and text with 4GB of high-speed data, often accompanied by discounts.

  • Plan: $30/month provides unlimited talk and text, along with 4GB of high-speed data.
  • Pros: Affordable with periodic discounts; operates on T-Mobile’s network.
  • Cons: Users need to buy in “bulk” (3, 6, or 12-month packages) for the best rates.

Ultra Mobile: Another MVNO on T-Mobile’s network, Ultra Mobile offers a $40/month plan with unlimited talk and text, backed by 10GB of high-speed data.

Traditional Prepaid SIM Cards in Canada


One of Canada’s leading telecom companies, Rogers offers prepaid plans with a mix of talk, text, and data. Their popular choice costs around CAD $40/month, delivering unlimited national talk & text and 4GB of data.

  • Plan: $40/month with unlimited local calls and texts, and 4GB of high-speed data.
  • Pros: Extensive network coverage, especially in populated areas.
  • Cons: Expensive overage charges; some report inconsistent network speeds.


Another titan in the Canadian telecom industry, Bell’s prepaid SIM provides unlimited Canada-wide text and 4GB of data for approximately CAD $45/month.


With robust coverage even in rural areas, Telus offers prepaid plans priced around CAD $40/month for unlimited nationwide texts and 3.5GB of data.

  • Plan: $45/month offers unlimited nationwide talk and text, and 5GB of data.
  • Pros: Strong reception and high-speed data, even in remote locations.
  • Cons: Might require in-store activation; higher price point.

Nomad eSIM (Nomad eSIM North America Pricing)

The modern solution for the digitally-savvy traveler. Nomad’s eSIM eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, offering:

  • Dynamic Pricing: With plans starting as low as $3/GB, you’re looking at potentially significant savings, especially for data-centric users.
  • Flexibility: Choose plans based on your destination, whether it’s country-specific or regional. This adaptability is a boon for frequent travelers.
  • Ease of Activation: Say goodbye to waiting in lines at kiosks or fumbling with tiny SIM card eject tools. Activate your plan digitally, and you’re good to go.

Both traditional prepaid SIMs and eSIM technologies have their merits. However, for the traveler seeking flexibility, affordability, and ease of use, Nomad eSIM presents a compelling case. As the digital age continues to evolve, it’s worth considering how eSIMs might become the new normal for global connectivity. Nomad eSIM, with its innovative offerings for the US and Canada, is certainly leading the charge in this transition.

Given the convenience, range of options, and quality of service, we found Nomad’s pricing to be competitive, if not better than many traditional SIM cards in the US & Canada. The flexibility in choosing a plan based on actual needs ensures you don’t end up overpaying. Plus, with potential discounts from referrals and loyalty points, the deal gets even sweeter.

Comparing Nomad eSIM to Traditional Prepaid SIM Cards

In an age where digital nomads, remote workers, and global explorers are more numerous than ever, staying connected is paramount. Both eSIMs, like Nomad, and traditional prepaid SIM cards aim to offer solutions, but how do they truly stack up against each other? Let’s take a closer look.

Nomad eSIM Activation and Troubleshooting eSIMs

Gearing up with Nomad eSIM is a walk in the park. Here’s a brief guide:

1. Buy Your Desired Data Plan: Choose your destination (in this case, US and Canada) and select the plan that fits your needs.

Nomad eSIM Checkout Page, Nomad eSIM, Nomad eSIM USA, Nomad eSIM Mexico, Nomad eSIM North America plans

2. Install the eSIM: After purchase, you’ll receive a QR code. Navigate to your phone’s ‘Mobile Data’ settings and choose ‘Add eSIM’. Simply scan the QR, and the eSIM profile gets installed.

Nomad eSIM iOS, Nomad eSIM, Nomad USA, Nomad North America, Nomad Mexico plans

3. Activate When Ready: Once in your destination, go back to ‘Mobile Data’ settings and switch to the eSIM profile. Voila! You’re connected.

Nomad eSIM USA and Canada plans, Nomad eSIM North America Plans, Nomad Mexico plans

However, remember, not all issues can be predicted. If you face connectivity challenges, here’s what we recommend:

  • Restart your device.
  • Double-check your mobile data settings.
  • Reach out to Nomad’s customer support. They’re pretty responsive!

The Environmental Edge: eSIM vs. Traditional SIM

While eSIMs bring immense convenience, there’s another angle to consider – the environmental one.

1. Waste Reduction: Traditional SIM cards come with plastic holders and paper instructions. Multiply that by the millions of SIM cards produced annually, and you’re looking at significant waste. eSIMs, being entirely digital, eliminate this waste.

2. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Think of the logistics involved in manufacturing, distributing, and retailing physical SIM cards. eSIMs simplify this process, cutting down the carbon footprint.

3. Sustainable Travel: For the eco-conscious traveler, eSIMs align better with sustainable travel principles. Fewer resources consumed, less waste produced.

Nomad’s Edge in the Crowded Sim Card Market

In today’s world, where new tech solutions emerge daily, why is Nomad eSIM gaining traction, especially for North America?

1. Vast Coverage: Be it the downtown Los Angeles or the outskirts of Vancouver; Nomad eSIM promises robust connectivity.

2. Competitive Pricing: In a market where some providers charge exorbitantly, Nomad remains transparent and affordable.

3. Stellar Customer Support: While we faced minimal issues, our interactions with Nomad’s customer support were prompt and helpful.

Tips for First-Time Nomad eSIM Users

If you’re venturing into the eSIM realm for the first time, here are some nuggets of wisdom:

1. Compatibility Check: Ensure your device supports eSIM. While most new-age smartphones do, it’s good to double-check.

2. Backup Always: Before making any major changes, always backup your device.

3. Data Settings: Once the eSIM is active, remember to choose the right data roaming settings to avoid any unexpected charges.

FAQs on Nomad eSIM USA and Canada (Nomad eSIM North America)

1. Can foreigners buy a prepaid SIM card in the US?

Absolutely! Foreigners can easily purchase prepaid SIM cards in the US. While buying is straightforward, activation can sometimes require personal details, like a Social Security Number (SSN). With eSIMs, such as Nomad, this hassle is entirely eliminated.

2. How does the coverage of eSIMs compare to traditional SIMs in the US?

eSIMs, like those from Nomad eSIM, typically operate on the networks of major carriers. So, the coverage is comparable to what you’d get with a traditional SIM from a leading provider.

3. Are there any long-term commitments with Nomad eSIMs?

No, one of the beauties of eSIMs, including those from Nomad, is the flexibility they offer. You can choose short-term data packs without being tied into long-term contracts.

4. What if I face connectivity issues with my Nomad eSIM while in the US or Canada?

Nomad has a dedicated customer support team that’s prompt in addressing concerns. Moreover, the user community is active, and solutions to common issues can be found on online forums or Nomad’s FAQ section.

In Conclusion and Our Final Thoughts

The digital age beckons a shift from traditional ways. Our experience with Nomad eSIM in the US and Canada reiterated the convenience and efficiency of eSIMs. While there are multiple providers in the market, Nomad eSIM, with its competitive rates, extensive coverage, and sterling support, emerges as a preferred choice for many travelers like us.

Considering a trip to North America soon? We wholeheartedly recommend giving Nomad eSIM a whirl. Safe travels and seamless connectivity to you!

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