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SafetyWing: The Safety Net That Lets Our Family Soar Globally

safetywing, SafetyWing: The Safety Net That Lets Our Family Soar Globally

What makes us continuously use and trust Safetywing as our travel insurance?

Navigating the complex terrain of travel insurance is often daunting, especially for a family as unique as ours. We’re not your typical tourists snapping pics at famous landmarks. Nope, we’re seasoned travel bloggers and digital nomads, each from totally different worlds—Ruben’s from Spain and Rachel’s from the Philippines. Blend those diverse backgrounds and toss in our 10-year-old son, and you’ve got a travel experience that’s as exciting as it is challenging. We’re living proof that the world can be your playground, even with a kiddo in tow.

This is where solid insurance really saves the day. We need a plan that’s got our backs but doesn’t tie us down—something that lets us be as spontaneous as we like without skimping on coverage.

The Necessity of Robust Travel Insurance

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Life on the road comes with its uncertainties and challenges, and as digital nomads, we have to consider not just leisure but also work and family safety. This makes travel insurance more than a mere option; it’s a necessity. Given that we don’t stay put in one location for too long, we needed an insurance package that could cover us globally and adapt to our unpredictable lifestyle.

Why We Chose SafetyWing

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We chose SafetyWing for multiple reasons, but the following stand out:

  1. Child Coverage: When our son was under 10, his insurance was free. This was an immense relief, given how much we move around.
  2. Ease of Purchase: No complicated paperwork, no days of waiting for approval—just a straightforward, online process that had us insured in minutes.
  3. Comprehensive Plans: SafetyWing offers coverage that fulfills all our needs—health, belongings, and even trip cancellations.
  4. Excellent Customer Support: Whenever we had questions or concerns, SafetyWing’s support team was just a chat away, always ready to guide us.
  5. Flexibility: The plans are easily cancellable, which works in our favor as we never really have fixed plans.
  6. Competitive Pricing: It’s hard to find another travel insurance that offers such comprehensive coverage at such competitive prices.

The Responsibility and Reward of Recommending SafetyWing

One of the beautiful aspects of being digital nomads and travel bloggers is the community we’ve built. Our lifestyle isn’t just about us; it’s also about sharing valuable insights and recommendations with our friends and followers. Recommending a product or service carries a weight of responsibility. We have to be sure that what we’re endorsing not only meets but exceeds expectations.

With SafetyWing, this isn’t a concern. The company’s reputation and our personal experience speak volumes, ensuring we never have second thoughts about recommending their service. Knowing that we’re directing people to an insurance platform that is both comprehensive and reliable means a lot to us. It’s like sharing a travel hack that can save someone’s vacation or even their life.

What sweetens the deal is SafetyWing’s robust influencer platform. As creators, it’s rare to find a company that values our reach and impact in such a tangible way. SafetyWing offers a rewarding affiliate program that lets us earn as creators and ambassadors. In a way, it’s a perfect symbiotic relationship. We get to travel with peace of mind, share this valuable resource with our community, and earn from it as well.

Why SafetyWing Remains Our Go-To Insurance

SafetyWing: The Safety Net That Lets Our Family Soar Globally

SafetyWing is more than just an insurance provider for us; they are a partner in our adventures. They understand the dynamic and often unpredictable lifestyle of digital nomads. The ease of buying and cancelling plans, the comprehensive coverage, and the excellent customer support make it the perfect choice for families like ours who aren’t just traveling, but living globally.

SafetyWing has not only given us the freedom to travel more expansively but has also granted us peace of mind, knowing that we are covered for almost every eventuality. And in a world as unpredictable as the one we explore, that’s worth its weight in gold.

Aligning with Our Ethos: Why SafetyWing is More Than Just Insurance

safetywing, SafetyWing: The Safety Net That Lets Our Family Soar Globally

One thing that we value as bloggers is our commitment to authentic storytelling and our dedication to empowering others to live life on their own terms, especially for families who might think a nomadic lifestyle is out of reach. Just as we carefully curate our travel destinations to fit our work-life balance and educational goals for our son, we’ve found that SafetyWing perfectly aligns with our values and lifestyle choices.

It’s not just about the practicalities, like cost and coverage; it’s also about aligning with a service that understands our holistic needs. For instance, SafetyWing’s sense of community goes beyond the customer-service agent relationship. They run community initiatives, surveys, and feedback loops that make users feel like they are part of something larger—like a global tribe of explorers, you could say. They’re not just an insurance company; they’re advocates for a freer, more exploratory way of life, mirroring our own ambitions and aspirations.

Their environmental and social initiatives also speak volumes to us. SafetyWing is not just selling insurance; they are fostering a community of responsible, sustainable travelers who want to make a positive impact on the places they visit. This ethical dimension of their business makes us proud to be their customers and even prouder to recommend them to our audience.

Concluding Thoughts and Recommendations

At the end of the day, we all want the freedom to explore, work, and raise a family without the constraints of traditional norms holding us back. That’s why we consider SafetyWing to be more than just a service provider. They are partners in our journey towards a more open, accessible, and secure world.

Their insurance packages are suitable for a wide range of travelers:

  • Digital Nomads: Like us, if you juggle work and travel, SafetyWing’s comprehensive and flexible coverage is designed for you.
  • Family Travelers: The no-cost insurance for children under 10 is a game-changer.
  • Gap Year Students: Experience the world without the worry of ‘what if?’
  • Adventurers: For those who like to venture off the beaten path or into the depths of the ocean, SafetyWing has got you covered.
  • Budget Travelers: Excellent coverage doesn’t have to come at a premium cost.
  • Bloggers & Influencers: With their affiliate program, you can earn while you travel, turning your lifestyle into a sustainable business.
  • Long-term Travelers: If home is where your suitcase is, SafetyWing’s subscription model offers convenience and continuity.

In essence, SafetyWing has eased our travel worries and has proven to be an indispensable part of our globe-trotting toolkit. We trust it so much that we not only use it but recommend it without hesitation. It’s more than an insurance policy for us; it’s a partnership for a safer, freer, and more adventurous life. We’re confident it can be the same for you.

So, whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter, a new-age digital worker, or a family looking to take the leap into a world of adventure, we highly recommend SafetyWing. It’s been a cornerstone of our travels and a key part of our life’s toolkit. And just like our trusty camera and our weathered passports, we never leave home without it.

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