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Tunisian Breakfast – Best Breakfast in Tunisia to Try

Tunisian Breakfast Recipes – Tunisians for breakfast love a good bread with olive oil and honey. Egg dishes like shakshouka and breakfast soups and chickpea dishes are also big for breakfast in Tunisia. Let’s look at these dishes and breakfast arrangements below.

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Typical Breakfast in Tunisia

Eating bread with olive oil and ricotta or olive oil in honey is simple and the best way to enjoy your mornings when traveling in Tunisia. Locals will usually have coffee for their breakfast, as this is a big part of their culture and day-to-day. Tunisian food has a lot of personality and whether you’re deciding to have breakfast or other dishes, you’ll definitely appreciate Tunisian’s food and cuisine.

Chakchouka – Tunisian Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Shakshuka / Chakchouka / Shakshouka - Perfect for early mornings or brunches for your breakfast in Tunisia, Tunisian breakfast
Shakshuka / Chakchouka / Shakshouka – Perfect for early mornings or brunches!

A very classic breakfast in Tunisia, but can easily be cooked at other times of the day, Chakchouka or Shakshouka is a Tunisian dish of poached eggs cooked with tomatoes and spices. It’s warm and delicious and perfect for breakfast or brunch, and lunch.

Lablābī – Tunisian breakfast Chickpea Stew

Tunisian Lablabi
Tunisian Lablabi / Image via Wikimedia / Sami Mlouhi

Lablabi is a popular breakfast stew made with chickpeas, broth, tomatoes, and various toppings such as capers, cumin, harissa, and coddled eggs. Traditional Tunisian Breakfast Soup is made with bell pepper (often called capsicum in Tunisian recipes), diced tomatoes, chickpeas, and kale.

Tunisian Brik Breakfast Pasty

Brik for Tunisian Breakfast
Brik for Tunisian Breakfast

Brik is a very thin, brittle pastry that shatters with each bite. It’s used in Tunisian cooking, and here, is the base for a breakfast pastry stuffed with egg, potato, roasted fennel, and creamy, salty feta.

Brik is easy to make, but if you prefer, you can swap in two sheets of frozen phyllo dough that have been thawed and brushed with olive oil before being layered together (phyllo will brown a little faster than homemade pastry).

Fry these pastries in batches so the brik doesn’t get soggy and tear. Using cold eggs is the secret to the yolks remaining runny after cooking; warmer eggs will yield a firmer yolk. The green harissa served alongside is herby, spicy, and bright; serve any leftover harissa with eggs, grilled meats, or on a sandwich.

Asida – Tunisian Porridge

Asida - Tunisian Breakfast, Breakfast in Tunisia
Asida Tunisian Porridge for your Breakfast in Tunisia / Image from Healthy & Bnin

Asida is a Tunisian breakfast that serves at home every Sunday. This was composed of semolina and white flour and is quite filling and tasty. Asida was recognized as one of the most favorite snacks

Bambalouni / Tunisian Doughnuts

Bambalouni - Tunisian Breakfast to Try , Tunisian snacks, Traditional Tunisian snacks and desserts, Tunisia snacks, Tunisia desserts, traditional snacks and desserts in Tunisia, Tunisian desserts, bambalouni
Bambalouni – Tunisian Breakfast to Try

Bambalouni are Tunisian donuts that are common in Sidi Bou Said. Flour, boiling water, yeast, and salt to use to make them. Bambalouni was best served with coffee for breakfast or as a snack.


Tunisian snacks, Traditional Tunisian snacks and desserts, Tunisia snacks, Tunisia desserts, traditional snacks and desserts in Tunisia, Tunisian desserts, mlawi
Mlawi – Food in Tunisia – Image from Wikimedia

Mlawi is a street snack in Tunisia, especially in the shape of sandwiches. It then wraps like a burrito with cheese, eggs, harissa, tuna, and other toppings. Mlawi was serving with butter, chamia, ricotta, or jam for breakfast.

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