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Best Boat Tours in Algarve and Kayaking in Algarve

Last updated on September 5th, 2023 at 08:02 pm

Best Boat Tours in Algarve and Kayaking in Algarve

Looking for the top boat tours in Algarve to do when visiting Portugal? Love to do some kayaking in Algarve? Let’s dive in!

The Algarve region of Portugal, known for its breathtaking coastline and warm climate, offers some of the best boat tours in Europe. Whether you are looking to explore hidden coves, marvel at the majestic cliffs, or simply relax on a luxurious yacht, Algarve has a boat tour that fits your interests and budget. Here’s a guide to the best boat tours in Algarve to help you choose the perfect one for your next adventure.

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Best Boat Tours To Do in Algarve and Kayaking Tours in Algarve

🥇 1. Portimão Speed Boat Adventure: Benagil Caves & Optional Sunset Viewing (Rated 4.9 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

See the full tour here

Rating: 4.9 stars (From 2974 enthusiastic explorers)

Conducted by: ATLANTIS TOURS

boat tours in Algarve, kayaking in Algarve

Overview: Journey across Algarve’s magnificent coastline aboard a thrilling speed boat, making stops at the world-renowned Benagil Caves, basking in the joy of potential dolphin encounters, and indulging in an optional golden sunset finale.

Main Attractions of this Boat Tours in Algarve

  • Coastal Charm: Revel in Algarve’s coastal gems from the unique perspective of a speedy vessel.
  • The Magic of Benagil: Experience the mystique of the Benagil Caves, a secluded wonder reachable solely by the sea.
  • Chance Dolphin Interactions: Stay vigilant for the delightful dolphins that might grace your tour with their presence.
  • Refreshing Detour: Immerse yourself in the crisp ocean waters near the captivating Corredoura beach.
  • Dusk Delight: Opt for the sunset variant and witness the day’s majestic curtain close.

Experience Breakdown

Starting from the pier at Portimão, you’ll be acquainted with safety protocols before setting sail. As you navigate, you’ll be immersed in tales about Algarve’s past and the legendary Arade River.

Witness the architectural wonders of Fort of Santa Catarina and Ferragudo castle, and glide past a picturesque fishing hamlet. The journey is peppered with awe-inspiring geological formations, culminating in the mesmerizing Benagil Caves. Here, observe nature’s marvelous play of light and shadow.

While dolphins aren’t guaranteed performers, they often steal the show. If they’re in proximity, you might get an intimate spectacle.

A refreshing swim awaits near the pristine Corredoura beach, and if you’re on the sunset ride, the sky’s changing palette promises a memorable conclusion.

Package Inclusions:

  • Skilled Navigator & Informative Guide
  • Safety Gear & Life Jackets
  • Comprehensive Commentary
  • Access to the Benagil Caves’ majesty
  • Convenient Hotel Transfers

Considerations: The tour may not be apt for expectant mothers, individuals with cardiac or back issues, or wheelchair-bound participants.

Key Information:

  • Duration: A packed 2-hour escapade
  • Languages: Offered in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French
  • Assembly Point: Depends on the selected variant.
  • Essentials: Sturdy footwear, protective eyewear, a brimmed hat, aquatic attire, absorbent towel, and protective sunscreen.
  • Heads Up: Alighting in Benagil Caves is off-limits. Language combinations might vary, based on group compositions.

Cancellation Flexibility: No penalties for cancellations made up till the last hour.

Safety Protocol: Adherence to Covid-19 safety guidelines is paramount. Refer to the activity voucher for exhaustive specifications.

Reservations: Group and individual bookings catered to. For collective reservations, coordination is recommended for optimal experience.

🎖️ 2. Albufeira’s Coastal Wonders: Benagil Caves & Dolphin Quest


See the full link of the tour here

Rating: 4.6 stars (Based on 2532 feedbacks)

Organized by: Dream Wave Algarve

boat tours in Algarve, kayaking in Algarve

Overview: Embark on an exhilarating boat ride from Albufeira that unveils Algarve’s majestic coastline. Dive into the magical realm of Benagil Caves and feel the anticipation of spotting playful dolphins, all while being treated to little luxuries on your journey.

Tour Highlights (Boat Tours in Algarve – Kayaking in Algarve)

  • Stunning Vistas: Sail across Algarve’s shoreline and appreciate the remarkable Benagil caves and their intricate rock formations.
  • Revitalizing Dip: Pause for a refreshing swim in Algarve’s pristine waters.
  • Dolphin Watch: Experience the thrill of seeing dolphins frolic in their natural surroundings.
  • Priority Perks: Bask in the comfort of a pre-tour coffee lounge and enjoy priority boarding.
  • Choice of Experience: Whether in a small group or privately, savor the journey on a dynamic RIB speed boat.

Detailed Itinerary

Your voyage begins in Albufeira, where Dream Wave’s affable crew welcomes you. Revel in the special treatment as you bypass long queues and enjoy complimentary beverages in the coffee lounge.

As you set sail, the allure of Algarve’s coastline stretches before you, narrated by an expert guide sharing intriguing tidbits. Marvel at the splendor of Benagil Caves, and seize the chance to capture stunning photos as daylight illuminates the caverns.

The coastline also boasts other treasures: the resplendent São Rafael and Marinha beaches, celebrated for their breathtaking cliffs and sun-kissed sands.

Throughout the tour, the possibility of dolphin encounters adds an element of excitement. Watch in wonder as they possibly glide and leap around your boat.


  • Guided tour in a small group setting
  • Professional skipper and live commentary
  • Refreshments: Bottled water or coffee
  • 10% off at the Gate 4 Cafe
  • Safety essentials

Points of Consideration: This tour might not be ideal for expectant mothers and those with back ailments.

Essentials to Carry:

  • Comfy footwear
  • UV protective gear: sunglasses, sun hat, and sunscreen
  • Swim attire
  • Lightweight jacket


  • Tour duration is capped at 2 hours.
  • Languages offered include English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • To ensure the natural harmony of the Benagil Caves, boat stays are brief.
  • Although dolphins are a highlight, their appearance isn’t guaranteed.
  • Boat interiors within caves are restricted zones for guests.
  • The journey may pivot in response to dolphin sightings or adverse weather.
  • Near the meeting point, parking is available at Estacionamento P3 Marina de Albufeira. Note: Parking fees are excluded from the tour price.

Flexible Cancellation: Free cancellations up to 12 hours before the start of the tour.

Safety Assured: The tour adheres to all Covid-19 precautionary measures. Refer to the activity voucher for comprehensive guidelines.

Meet Up: Spot the Dream Wave kiosk near “Gate 4” cafe, close to the boat boarding area.

Best for Family Boat Tours in Algarve: Portimão’s Coastal Adventure: Pirate Ship & Cave Exploration

boat tours in Algarve, kayaking in Algarve

See the full link of tour here

Rating: 4.7 stars (Based on 1182 feedbacks)

Hosted by: Santa Bernarda

Overview: Embrace your inner buccaneer and set sail on the vast Atlantic waters aboard a pirate ship! This unique Portimão cruise promises an exhilarating blend of history, adventure, and leisure. From plunging into pristine waters to touring enchanting caves, the journey is ripe with picturesque moments.

Tour Highlights:

  • Sail Historic Waters: Experience the thrill aboard a medieval-inspired ship, designed for discovery and exploration.
  • Subterranean Wonders: Using traditional wooden boats, venture deep into captivating caves, including the iconic Benagil’s cathedral cave.
  • Pirate Shenanigans: Embrace the pirate spirit – take a courageous plunge off the plank into the embracing ocean waves.
  • Historic Landmarks: Relish views of medieval fortresses and the Alfanzina lighthouse while keeping hopes high for a dolphin sighting.
  • Multiple Sailings: Tailor your adventure with morning, midday, or sunset cruise options.

Detailed Itinerary:

Your maritime escapade commences from Portimão. Once aboard, anticipate a thorough safety and comfort briefing, setting the tone for a seamless journey. As the ship sails, witness the captivating landscapes of Rio Arade, the quaint Ferragudo village, and timeless medieval castles, painting a tapestry of history and natural beauty.

Glide past the Algar Seco’s renowned rock formations until you reach the Alfanzina lighthouse. Here, transition to a smaller vessel to delve into the mesmerizing cave systems stretching to Marinha Beach.

After the cave exploration, the ship beckons you back for a refreshing swim in the ocean’s crystal embrace. As you commence your return, scan the waters for playful dolphins, frequent visitors of these parts.

Inclusions (Boat Tours in Algarve)

  • A scenic coastal cruise
  • Intimate cave tour aboard traditional wooden boats
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Essential life vests

Exclusions: Transfers from and to the hotel, meals, and beverages.

Participants and Languages: This tour is open for adults, children, and infants and offers guide services in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Flexible Cancellation: Opt for a full refund when you cancel 24 hours in advance.

Health Advisory: Adherence to all Covid-19 safety guidelines is ensured. Kindly consult the activity voucher post-booking for specifics.

Boarding Information: Embark on your adventure from the Vasco da Gama pier, conveniently located beside Clube Naval and the Portimão Museum. Your majestic vessel for the day is christened the ‘Santa Bernarda Pirate Ship’.

Benagil Caves and Secret Spots Guided Kayaking Tour

Kayaking in Algarve

by Diamond Boat Tours

Find the full link of the tour here


Revel in the stunning landscapes of Algarve with its radiant sun and crystal-clear waters. Experience the thrill of navigating through the renowned Benagil Caves and uncovering hidden beaches, all on a kayaking expedition expertly led by a local guide.

Key Highlights:

  • Master kayaking essentials under the guidance of a skilled professional.
  • Journey through the mesmerizing Benagil Caves and unearth lesser-known spots teeming with beauty.
  • Relish the sight of Algarve’s exquisite beaches and awe-inspiring rock sculptures.

Detailed Itinerary

Initiate your adventure at Benagil Beach, where you’ll be acquainted with kayaking techniques and safety measures essential for cave exploration. As you paddle through the serene waters, your path will lead you to magnificent marine cathedrals, beckoning you to disembark and traverse their grandeur on foot. Along your journey, you might catch glimpses of native aquatic life and distinctive coral formations. Make sure your camera is at the ready to capture these moments, culminating your tour at the world-renowned Benagil Beach.

Package Includes:

  • Twin kayak and paddle
  • Safety life jackets
  • Expert guide boasting STCW certification
  • Exclusive entry to Benagil Caves and Marinha Beach
  • Waterproof bag and safety briefing

Location & Meeting Point

Arrive at Benagil Beach, and head towards the stairs and showers. Your guide, identifiable by a yellow shirt adorned with a diamond kayak logo, will await you. Also, keep an eye out for the distinctive yellow umbrella located near the beach bar.

Things to Note:

  • Children below the age of 5, individuals with claustrophobia, wheelchair users, and those weighing over 100kg may find this tour unsuitable.
  • Weather conditions might prompt the cancellation or shortening of the tour. Ensure you’re prepared for any last-minute changes.

Final Thoughts on Boat Tours in Algarve and Kayaking Tours in Algarve

From adrenaline-pumping fishing adventures to serene sunset cruises, Algarve’s boat tours offer something for every traveler.

Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure seeker, or someone looking to relax and soak in the scenery, these tours provide an unforgettable way to explore the beautiful Algarve coastline. Make sure to book in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your spot on one of these incredible boat tours.

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