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Top Must-Have Vacation Rental Amenities

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From fully equipped kitchens to toiletries and more, learn what are some of the must-have amenities a vacation rental needs.

There’s something that all vacation rentals must have and that’s “basic amenities”, it may be common sense but being in many vacation rentals it seems that many of them aren’t aware of the impact this can have. But basic equipment can be labeled differently, that’s why knowing which ones most of the clients want will help you a lot and will keep your users happy. Whether it’s a nesting coffee table of 3 pcs or a kitchen fully equipped, here are some of the must-haves that any vacation rental needs.

For example, basic amenities can depend a lot on the location of the property, but there are unmissable items that any rental vacation offers, like a comfy sleeping space or a functional bathroom, but those are things that should be taken for granted. So, you can go a step further and add amenities you’ll like to find when staying on a vacation rental.

Some amenities are:

  • Parking lot, many people like to rent cars or use their own.
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi/Internet connection, is a must-have nowadays.
  • Outdoor Amenities, a couple of chairs, or a fireplace where people can gather and have fun.
  • Air conditioning/Heating, depending on the location of the vacation rental, travelers expect to have one of these.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

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People have a common misconception of “vacation = no cooking at all” but the truth is, one of the biggest pros of staying on a vacation rental is the option to cook meals, this means saving money and enjoying a vacation differently.

One of the basic amenities of the kitchen in a vacation rental is utensils, a complete pack of different knives, spoons, and forks as well as a coffee maker, air fryer, or microwave.

There are many other appliances that can be added, like a blender, slow cooker, rice cooker, and toaster. Also, adding some coffee tables and chairs is a good move too. All of these additions will help you have a nicer stay.

A Stocked Bathroom

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It’s well known that not many travelers arrive at a vacation rental with all the toiletries or linens, so adding the necessary ones can boost your customer experience. A good starting point is thinking about what kind of products a guest will find in a hotel’s bathroom.

For example, you can consider adding hygiene products for women or men, a hairdryer, and an iron board. On the other hand, you can always add simpler items like toothpaste, disposable brushes, and small bottles of shampoo and soap.

Also, adding some extra soft towels can be worth it, as well as sheets and blankets.


Laundry is a hard one since most vacation rentals don’t usually include this on their places, and it can be a deciding matter when it comes to booking. So, having an easy-to-use, washing machine is a must to stand out.

It can also help you attract people that book for longer periods of time, since it can make their stay more comfortable.

Other Amenities

Some other amenities that people often overlook but most visitor look for are cleaning items, make sure to add a broom and a floorcloth, many travelers like to keep their spaces clean.

If you want to add more stuff, add board games, they can be a game changer for people. Also, adding pet-friendly items can improve your and your client’s experiences. 

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