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Breakfast in Suriname: Typical Suriname Breakfast to Try

breakfast in Suriname, Typical Suriname Breakfast to Try

Looking to find out more about typical Breakfast in Suriname and their overall Suriname breakfast culture?

Tucked away on the northeastern coast of South America, Suriname, a former Dutch colony, presents a multicultural culinary heritage that is as vibrant and diverse as its people. The country’s culinary scene reflects a beautiful confluence of African, Javanese, Indian, Chinese, and indigenous influences. This rich cultural melange is perfectly showcased at breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Let’s take a mouthwatering tour of the traditional breakfast delights in Suriname.

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What is a Traditional Breakfast in Suriname?

In Suriname, breakfast isn’t merely a meal – it’s a hearty celebration of the country’s multicultural heritage. Many Surinamese breakfast staples borrow heavily from Indian, African, and Javanese cuisine, offering a delicious mix of sweet and savory, mild and spicy, simple and elaborate.

Breakfast often includes a variety of bread and pastries, soups, and dishes with fish or chicken, served with a side of fresh local fruits and beverages. These meals are predominantly homemade, prepared with love, and meant to be shared with family. From the flavorful roti to the succulent saltfish, every breakfast dish tells a tale of Suriname’s rich cultural journey.

Popular Surinamese Breakfast Dishes


Breakfast in Suriname, typical breakfast in Suriname, Suriname breakfast

Roti is a delicious flatbread brought to Suriname by Indian immigrants. It is traditionally served with curries made from chicken, duck, or goat, and vegetable sides like potatoes, yard-long beans, and pumpkin. The meal is rich in flavors, with a perfect blend of spices making it a must-try for breakfast.

Bake and Saltfish

Breakfast in Suriname, typical breakfast in Suriname, Suriname breakfast
Fried Bake and Saltfish, Typical Breakfast in Suriname, Image via Youtube

This dish is a testament to the African influence on Surinamese cuisine. It consists of savory fried bread known as ‘bake’, paired with salted codfish. The fish is usually sautéed with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and garnished with fresh herbs. The crispy bake complements the soft, flavorful saltfish, making it a favorite breakfast item.

Boiled Plantains

Breakfast in Suriname, typical breakfast in Suriname, Suriname breakfast

Plantains, being a staple in Surinamese diet, find their way to the breakfast table, often boiled and served with peanut soup or as a side to other dishes. Their sweet taste and starchy texture provide a satisfying start to the day.

Peanut Soup

Breakfast in Suriname, typical breakfast in Suriname, Suriname breakfast
This is an African Chicken Peanut Stew, a Caribbean Dish, Image via Wikimedia / Heather

A bowl of warm, comforting peanut soup often accompanies breakfast. This soup is made by simmering ground peanuts or peanut butter with vegetables and sometimes chicken. Its rich, creamy texture and unique taste make it a delightful part of a Surinamese breakfast.

Moksi Alesi

breakfast in Suriname, Typical Breakfast in Suriname, Suriname Breakfast, Suriname Breakfast dishes
Moksi Alesi, Breakfast in Suriname Image via Youtube

Literally translating to “mixed rice,” Moksi-aleysi is a popular Javanese-inspired dish in Suriname, sometimes consumed for breakfast. It’s a hearty, one-pot dish featuring rice cooked with different meats like chicken, beef, or shrimp, along with vegetables and a variety of aromatic spices. This dish represents the harmonious blend of cultures in Suriname, with every ingredient adding to the story.

Cassava Bread

Indigenous to Suriname, cassava bread is a staple breakfast food. Made from the root vegetable cassava, this gluten-free bread has a slightly nutty flavor and a unique texture. It’s often enjoyed with a smear of butter, local jams, or paired with a savory dish like saltfish.

Puri with Chokha

breakfast in Suriname, Typical Breakfast in Suriname, Suriname Breakfast, Suriname Breakfast dishes

Borrowed from Indian cuisine, puri is a type of deep-fried bread, and chokha is a spicy mashed vegetable dish. The chokha can be made from eggplant, tomatoes, or potatoes, each bringing their own distinct flavor. The crisp puri and spicy chokha make for a delectable combo, offering an adventurous start to the morning.

Breakfast on the Go in Suriname

Street food is a vital part of Surinamese food culture, and breakfast is no exception. On the bustling streets of Suriname, you’ll find vendors selling quick breakfast bites like samosas, bara (a type of fried dough), and phulauri (fried dumplings), often served with spicy tamarind or mango chutney.

The Culture of Breakfast in Suriname

In Surinamese culture, breakfast is seen as a communal affair, often involving the entire family. It’s a time for everyone to gather around the table, share a meal, and discuss the day ahead. There’s an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, with a balance of flavors and nutrition. Unhurried and full of conversation, breakfast is more than a meal in Suriname – it’s a way of connecting with the family and the country’s diverse cultural roots.

Where to Have a Traditional Surinamese Breakfast

Paramaribo, the vibrant capital of Suriname, offers an array of eateries serving authentic Surinamese breakfast. Try ‘Zus & Zo‘, known for its local and European mix of breakfast options, or ‘De Waag’, a historic venue serving Dutch and Surinamese dishes.

For a truly local experience, nothing beats an invitation to a Surinamese home. Surinamese people are known for their hospitality, and sharing a meal is one of the best ways to experience their rich culture and cuisine.

FAQs – Breakfast in Suriname and Typical Suriname Breakfast

What is a typical Surinamese breakfast?

A typical Surinamese breakfast includes dishes like roti with curries, bake and saltfish, boiled plantains, and peanut soup. It is hearty, flavorful, and reflects the country’s multicultural influences.

Where can I try authentic Surinamese breakfast?

Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, is home to several eateries that serve authentic Surinamese breakfast. Street vendors also offer a variety of quick breakfast items.

Final Thoughts on Breakfast in Suriname

From roti and curries to bake and saltfish, breakfast in Suriname is a gastronomic adventure that mirrors the country’s multicultural heritage. These meals, prepared with love and served with warmth, offer a delicious start to the day. Whether you’re a foodie on a culinary journey or a traveler seeking cultural experiences, a Surinamese breakfast promises a delightful experience.

So, as the Surinamese say, “Yu musu broko yu neti nanga wan sani” – You must break your night with something. In Suriname, that ‘something’ is a satisfying, culture-rich breakfast.

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