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Guide to Ontario’s Must-Dos

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Dreaming of a Canadian adventure

Who has not dreamed of visiting Canada? Those wide open spaces and all that stunning scenery? In addition, Canada is sparsely populated, so whenever and wherever you go, you should have the luxury of finding that little part of yourself that you thought you had lost. It is essential to understand just how vast the country is. This is not a destination you can take in on a short trip, nor can you hope to visit everywhere without a private jet and an enormous budget. 

Which London is closer?

There is a story of a family in London, Ontario, who received a telegram from friends in London, UK. The British sender was hoping that her Canadian friend would collect her grown-up daughter from the airport and show her some hospitality. In the days before, Google Maps and internet communications were slow and expensive. Transatlantic telegrams were paid for by the word.

The story goes that the Canadian family received the telegram advising them that the flight would be arriving at Vancouver airport on a specific date and asking if they could arrange the meet-up. 

The Canadian family, who was known for liking a quip, sent a reply which said, ‘you collect, you’re closer’. 

While London, Ontario, is closer to Vancouver than to London, UK, the difference is marginal; it does give a good indicator of the sheer vastness of Canada. Therefore, when visiting, you need to be realistic and probably not try and cover too much ground. Bear in mind that Ontario is over twice the size of Spain. That might just put things into perspective.

Ontario has it all

If you can only visit one province in Canada, Ontario makes a pretty good case for being the one that should be your destination. It quite simply has everything going for it. Here is a short list of things that you must-dos when you are in the area.

  1. Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls is Canada’s most famous attraction, receiving millions of tourist visits annually. However, the largest section, known as Horseshoe Falls, is the part which is the most famous. Located at the heart of Niagara City, they are easy to visit. There are fantastic views from the walkway along the gorge. It is simply a site not to be missed. Day trips from Toronto are easy to organize as the Falls are about one and a half hours from the city. 

  1. Toronto’s CN Tower
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The iconic CN Tower dominates the skyline of Toronto. At night the 553-meter tower is lit up and can be seen all over the city and surrounding area. To fully experience it, however, you must take a trip up inside. There is a lift to the observation deck and restaurant, three-quarters of the way up. The views from here are stunning – on a clear day, you can see the mist rising about Niagara Falls.

  1. Parliament Hill, Ottowa

Situated in the nation’s capital, Parliament Hill is home to the Senate and The House of Commons. Here you can see the Changing of The Guard and visit the seat of power. You can book a guided tour or just wander around the lovely grounds. Of course, everyone wants their photo taken in front of The Peace Tower.

  1. Provincial and National Parks

The province has outstanding nature on offer. The national parks offer Ontario’s stunning lakes where you can swim, fish or go pleasure boating. The beaches are spectacular for a spot of sunbathing. Or, if you like a bit more action, there are fantastic hiking trails throughout the parks.

  1. Casinos

After a day in nature, try something completely different. Ontario is famous for its casino, as Canadians love to have a flutter. At Niagara, you could try out the stunning Fallsview Casino Resort or choose from one of twenty-nine others situated throughout the province. You could also try your hand at an online casino Ontario. The newly regulated and legalized market has something for everyone who enjoys a flutter.

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM) is situated in downtown Toronto. It features fabulous collections of natural history and cultural exhibits. However, it is not only what is inside which is worth viewing but also the building itself. The building is a stunning mix of old and new. architecture

  1. Canada’s Wonderland

This massive theme park thirty kilometres northwest of Toronto is a must for any thrill seeker. There are roller coasters and a waterpark for all the family to enjoy.

  1. National Gallery of Canada

Housed in an ultra-modern structure, the National Gallery is a must-see for all art lovers. You can see important works from Canadian artists as well as from famous international names. The gallery is in Ottowa and nearby the Canadian Museum of History.

  1. Art Gallery Ontario

Situated in downtown Toronto, the prestigious AGO is not to be missed. The impressive collection focuses on artists from Ontario and Toronto in particular. It is noteworthy because it holds Canada’s most extensive collection of African and Oceanic art and works by European masters. Temporary exhibitions are held throughout the year

  1. Toronto International Film Festival

Held in September every year, TIFF is one of the best-attended film festivals in the world. It attracts over half a million visitors and has the city buzzing. Everyone is hoping to catch a glimpse of a top movie actor. The evenings are still warm this time of year, and it is a great time to visit.

Whatever time of year you go, Ontario extends a warm hand of friendship and welcomes visitors. There is always something special to see, and the province offers an unforgettable experience.

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