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Ubigi Review: Ubigi eSIM Review, Discount and When to Buy

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 03:22 am

Ubigi eSIM A full Review

Looking at why Ubigi is the best for your travel eSIM on your upcoming trip. We give you a full look with our Ubigi review here.

Ubigi eSIM Review: Ubigi stands out as the best eSIM due to its impressive global coverage, seamless connectivity, and instant activation features

The Ubigi eSIM is the perfect solution for travelers who want data service when they are in a new country or location. In this article, we review the Ubigi eSIM, and how you can use it for data service while traveling abroad.

What is an eSIM: Ubigi eSIM

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that you can use with your phone to subscribe to data packages/internet packages. The biggest advantage of using an eSIM is that you won’t need to chase for a physical sim card when you want to get data service for a particular place. You won’t need to replace your original SIM card which you may need as your main source of contact with people and other services.

Before you use an eSIM package, make sure that your phone is compatible, as not all phones support eSIM.

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Is Ubigi Trustworthy?

Ubigi best eSIM prices

Ubigi is a reliable provider, offering competitive pricing and extensive coverage. Great dedication to catering to various travel needs and preferences. While no provider is perfect, Ubigi has a solid reputation and a growing customer base and one of the leaders in the market.

Is Ubigi safe?

Yes, Ubigi is a safe option for travelers seeking a global roaming solution. The company uses secure payment gateways and adheres to strict privacy guidelines to ensure the safety of its customers’ personal information. Ubigi’s network partners are reputable carriers, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity.

Is Ubigi legit?

Ubigi is a legitimate eSIM card provider with a growing customer base and a solid reputation in the market. They have been providing global roaming solutions to travelers for several years, offering extensive coverage and competitive pricing.

Ubigi Alternatives


A global eSIM store that offers affordable data plans for travelers, with coverage in over 190 countries and regions. Read here Ubigi vs Airalo


Specializes in destination-specific SIM cards and eSIMs, providing unlimited data plans and local phone numbers for a hassle-free travel experience. Read here Holafly vs Ubigi


Offering data plans in over 100 countries, Nomad is another viable Holafly alternative. It covers regions in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and offers a mix of fixed data and unlimited data plans, providing flexibility in choice. Read here Ubigi vs Nomad


A popular choice among travelers, offering flexible data plans and eSIM support for compatible devices. Read here Ubigi vs GigSky

Phones and Ultrabooks that support the eSIM feature:

iPhones with eSIM: Ubigi eSIM review

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone SE 2 (2020)
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 3 (2022)

Samsung with eSIM

  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G 
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Watch (via Samsung Wearable application)

Google Pixel eSIM Phones

Have a Google Pixel phone, check this guide on how to activate eSIM. Below are the Google Pixel Phones that support eSIM:

Google Pixel 2 (only phones bought with Google Fi service), Google Pixel 2 XLGoogle Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 3a XL, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4a, Google Pixel 4 XL, Google Pixel 5, Google Pixel 5a, Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Other Android Handsets that Support the eSIM functionality:

Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Oppo Find X3 Pro, Oppo Reno 5A, Oppo Reno6 Pro 5G, Oppo Find X5, Oppo Find X5 Pro, Oppo A55s

Motorola Razr 2019, Motorola Razr 5G, Nuu Mobile X5, Gemini PDA, Rakuten Mini, Rakuten Big-S, Rakuten Big and Sony Xperia 10 III Lite.

There are also Ultrabooks that have eSIM functionality in them.

So check the following ultrabooks and laptops:

Microsoft Surface Pro X, Microsoft Surface Go 2, Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Advanced

Acer Swift 3, Acer Swift 7, Asus Mini Transformer

Asus NovaGo, Asus VivoBook Flip 14, HP Elitebook G5

HP Probook G5, HP Zbook G5, HP Specter Folio 13, Lenovo Yoga C630, Lenovo Miix 630

Lenovo Yoga 520, Lenovo Flex 5G and Samsung Galaxy Book 2

Start using eSIM Data Service with Ubigi

Ubigi eSIM Review - data plans

Ubigi is one of the top eSIMs in the market right now with flexible and competitive data prices you can choose from. Partnered with their mobile app, you can easily choose which eSIM data service you’d like and top up anytime, anywhere, even if you already lost your data service and with no internet connection. Ubigi eSIM data plans are also available to use in up to 190+ countries all over the world and currently have the widest coverage worldwide for countries where you can get an eSIM data plan.

How to use Ubigi:

Go here to download and activate your eSIM profile with Ubigi for free. Then, immediately activate it with your device through their mobile app. Once your eSIM profile is activated, choose the plan that you want to have, and you’re ready to use your data plan immediately.

Ubigi Data Plans and Data Packages

Ubigi offers some of the best eSIM data plans in the market at the moment. You have the choice to get a one-off use plan. If you’re a frequent traveler, outside your country, and will need a long-time data service plan, they also have plans for this, too.

Ubigi eSIM Review - data plans

In the photo above, you’ll see various Ubigi eSIM plans for the US, from a one-day $4 500MB plan, to $14 plans for 30 days. Those are some pretty competitive plans we’ve seen! 

Ubigi eSIM Review - data plans

In this photo, you’ll see 500MB plans for $3 only that cover multiple countries in Europe. 

Let’s check some of Ubigi’s most popular eSIM data plans:

  • 500MB Europe+UK+Switzerland
  • 3GB Europe+UK+Switzerland,3GB France
  • 3GB USA
  • 3GB Switzerland
  • 3GB Iberica (Spain, Portugal)
  • 3GB Scandinavia + Baltic (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden)
  • 3GB Japan
  • 1GB Asia, Best Africa, Best Latam

The best data plans with Ubigi eSIM apart from the United States, you will find the best deals in Scandinavian countries: Norway eSIM, Sweden eSIM and Finland eSIM.

You can also find great data packages with Ubigi eSim in United States, eSim for Japan, and the best sellers in Europe are UK eSim, Spain eSim, Portugal eSim and Switzerland eSim apart from Scandinavian countries.

Ubigi Pros and Cons

Ubigi’s biggest pro is its offering of monthly and annual data plans. To us, prices of data plans are very important so this is a big PRO.  Looking at reviews online, they get pretty amazing reviews as well – so that puts us at ease on how amazing the Ubigi eSIM is. 

We love eSIM technology, especially because it means you can get data on compatible laptops – a very convenient way for remote workers and international business trips. And Ubigi supports eSIM for all compatible laptops. 

The only CON we see right now is that there’s no support for smartwatches yet, but it’s coming soon! 

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Easier access to an international data plan

You won’t need to look for a physical sim card every time you travel and move between countries, some countries have more difficult ways to get a physical sim card like India and Thailand

Applying for a new physical sim card can be exhausting. In a lot of airports, you can get a local sim card or a traveler sim card. However, airports usually charge a much higher fee than local stores when selling a sim.

In some countries, like Thailand and India, they employ deeper security when giving sim cards like the presentation of identification cards, (passports and additional IDs), and filling out forms, which can be very time-consuming and may not be doable by a lot of people.

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Eliminating the problem of thinking about which physical sim card has a better connection: Ubigi eSIM Review

Ah, the constant comparison of which sim card works best. When picking a physical sim card, you always have to think about which sim card provider actually has a better data connection.

With eSIMs, you stop worrying about this because it can actually get data connection through various towers depending on location. This may still be limited if you’re traveling to a very remote area.

Less trackable and more private

Unlike physical sim cards where you have network plans that are connected to your identity, eSIMs are meant to be disposable and easily used and finished. Sign up with an email and pay online, and your personal information doesn’t have to be connected to it.

No need to manage multiple sim cards to multiple mobile phones

This is one of the biggest pros because if you rely on your main sim card a lot for messages, buying a second sim card is such a hassle because you’ll either need to have a dual sim card phone, a secondary mobile phone, or worse replace your main number.

A lot of people dislike the latter because you’ll easily miss a lot of important messages and calls. With an esim, you’ll be able to use your regular sim card and just connect to your esim’s data.

Plus the eSim packages are only data and for us it’s amazing because that what we really use! You can always use Apps like Whatsapp and Facebook for texting and even calls.

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Not all phones have it

The biggest con is of course not all phones have the eSIM yet. If your mobile phone doesn’t have it, you can’t really choose the eSIM option.

Cloud hosting

In case you are traveling longer, and are saving new contacts, saving under the eSIM means you are saving everything in cloud hosting, which means it can be a hassle moving all this info to your original sim card.

The easiest way to go around this is to make sure that you are saving new information locally to your phone’s storage. This way, you won’t have to rely on saving to any cloud hosting.

Still very new and could be subject to limitations: Ubigi eSIM Review

Bugs, and limitations can always happen with new technology. In any case, this shouldn’t be a very big issue because the eSIM has been available for a while now. We don’t see any reason not to try out the eSIM if your phone actually supports it.

Unless you can get a much cheaper data connection when traveling with your local network, which is usually not the case because of hefty international roaming charges.

Getting into new destinations for eSim in Qatar, best eSim for New Zealand, South Korea eSim and Japan eSIM.

Final Thoughts on Ubigi eSIM

So why choose Ubigi? With unrivaled global coverage and immediate connection, Ubigi takes the crown as the best eSIM provider.

Ubigi eSIM is definitely a great choice when you’re looking for an eSIM with good data plans and amazing worldwide coverage. Make sure that your phone supports an eSIM and take advantage of this technology when traveling to get better rates for data plans.

Hope you loved this review and let us know if you have questions. Safe travels!

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