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Romantic Getaway: Reasons Why You Should Book A Galapagos Cruise With Your Partner

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 09:45 pm

Romantic Getaway: Reasons Why You Should Book A Galapagos Cruise With Your Partner

Reasons Why You Should Book A Galapagos Cruise

You’ve had enough of the dull, boring routine every day and now you want something exquisite and unique. Galapagos is the right choice for you! It is the ultimate honeymoon and romantic getaway destination since many couples decide to visit this place and enjoy the remoteness and seclusion in the area.

But what if we tell you that in this article you will learn why you should visit it? And clear any doubts you’ve had so far regarding the topic.

Reasons Why You Should Book A Galapagos Cruise

Below are the main reasons we’ve highlighted for you why to choose Galapagos cruises with your partner and explore the archipelago at its finest.

  1. Intimate And Secluded Experience

Galapagos is the place where fairytales come true. Picture the perfect romantic getaway with your partner – camera, bathing suits, plane tickets, and just the two of you! Who wouldn’t want such a trip? Moreover, if it’s a remote and exotic destination.

Your Galapagos excursions will be the beginning of the many adventures that lie ahead, so embark on the trip of your dreams and enjoy the intimacy and seclusion at the islands.

You can soak up the sun, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, swim and sip a cocktail at sunset. Plus, the locals are warm and welcoming people, so you will have an enjoyable stay.

  1. Mouthwatering Cuisine

In the heart of the Galapagos, you will find the most delicious and exquisite food on the planet. From the flavourful mix of shellfish and fish, the diverse dishes of squid, lobster, oyster, and octopus, up to the traditional ceviche, you will lick your fingers and ask for a refill each time!

Some of the dishes you must try in the Galapagos are:

  • Arroz Marinero – it’s seafood rice prepared with mussels, shrimp, and various types of shellfish. It’s mixed with vegetables like onions and chili peppers and might even include plantains, yucca, and avocado. 
  • Langostino Encocado – you and your partner, must try this unique specialty of lobster cooked in coconut. It’s a specialty of green and red lobsters and one of the most famous Galapagos dishes.
  • Canchalagua Ceviche – another favorite choice among couples in Galapagos is this delicacy made of shellfish, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and lemon juice. It’s very popular in the restaurants in San Cristobal, so make sure to taste it!
Romantic Getaway: Reasons Why You Should Book A Galapagos Cruise With Your Partner
  1. Learn New Things

You might already know a lot about each other, but you can always learn new things together and get closer to the area. Couples who travel together tend to find new areas of interest and learn new stuff. And Galapagos will meet your expectations accordingly. So never miss out on the opportunity to travel on a romantic getaway!

  1. Breathtaking Sceneries

There’s no better way to escape the notorious reality and enjoy your love than on a remote, secluded beach. And Galapagos has plenty of it. The crystal turquoise waters, warm sun pampering your skin, and delicious drinks are the ultimate highlights of a romantic getaway.

You will disconnect from your daily lives and reconnect with nature while roaming the stunning sceneries and unwinding your true selves. Galapagos is the perfect place to get in touch with nature and all of its beauty, get close to each other and let the fascinating sceneries fill your souls.

  1. See The Wildlife

Galapagos is home to many endemic species, so you can observe the incredible wildlife, wander around, admire the giant tortoises and tropical birds, take pictures with the beautiful flamingoes and see the penguins and iguanas. All of these are just an intro of what expects you there, especially if you are a wildlife enthusiast.

Romantic Getaway: Reasons Why You Should Book A Galapagos Cruise With Your Partner
  1. Indulge In Different Activities

Whether you want to admire the crystal waters or indulge in the secluded beaches, being isolated from the hectic schedule is one way to crown your romantic getaway.

Relaxing on the beach is not the only activity in Galapagos; you can have an unforgettable stay by unwinding in the beauty of the mangrove forests and ancient volcanoes.

For instance, if you are into adventures and want to explore every little corner of the Galapagos, you can do plenty of activities. Hiking the Volcano Sierra Negra is one of them. For water enthusiasts, there are many snorkeling and diving activities in the Gordon Rocks in San Cristobal.

Galapagos has four populated islands – San Cristobal, Isabela, Santa Cruz and Floreana. Since each island offers something special, you can arrange your activities and enjoy the scenery from each of them. Hopping from island to island is one of the favorite activities among tourists, so feel free to check out any offers.

Convinced Yet?

We’ve given you many reasons for you to visit the Galapagos. And if this wasn’t enough, we would like to encourage you to visit our blog and learn more about what to expect from your Galapagos trip, how to prepare, and everything you need to know.

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