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Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review: The All-Around Travel Backpack

Last updated on June 18th, 2023 at 09:45 pm

Shell Tropicfeel Backpack Red Chocolate, Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review

Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review: The All-Around Travel Backpack – You can use it for a short day trip to longer more demanding trips. Ahh, the question of the ultimate backpack and travel gear is always in the mind of the perpetual traveler.

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Finally, we found something that fits the bill! Introducing the Tropicfeel Shell Backpack. The Modern, All-Around backpack that you’ll be happy to take with you anywhere.

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Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review: Travel Backpack Must-haves

All types of travel and various personalities will definitely require different kinds of backpacks to fit your various travel needs. For us, here are usually want we really require from our travel backpacks:

  1. Durability – Ahh, yes! We’re more hardcore than the average overnighter or weekender traveler. We do like having small bags in case we’re going out for a day. But usually we need a big backpack that can fit clothes, shoes, our devices, water bottles, and more. A durable backpack can carry all this, and still stay wearable, and also strong enough to not break in the middle of the trip.
  2. Weatherproof – Who doesn’t love the tropics! Whether we are visiting a country during the rainy season, going to cold weather, or just the occasional waterfall or beach trip, we want a backpack that can stand some rain, or even more.
  3. Aesthetic enough – Well not a requirement, but if it’s beautiful, then it’s really a big plus for us!

Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review: Why Is So Unique

Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review

Our newest, favorite backpack, the Shell Tropicfeel bag. Check the quick GIF above. You can see how Tropicfeel can easily fit a daily 22L short trip bag requirement and can be extended to the 40L heavier backpack you’ll need for longer, more demanding trips.

Unique Features Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

  • From Day Trip to Longer Trips – This backpack can easily be a day bag and can be extended to a 40L backpack with the organization very easy
  • Clamshell Opening – Love this feature in any backpack that the Shell Tropicfeel has. It allows you to easily see all the things you need
  • Detachable accessories with Fidlock security – it has a unique way of having an extra pocket for accessories
  • Expandable kangaroo pocket – Easily add your shoes or extra travel needs here. It’s a 6L expansion so it can definitely fit a lot of additions to your luggage
  • Weatherproof – Rain or shine, you can bring it anywhere.
  • Shell Wardrobe System – now as an additional purchase, you can get their wardrobe system that easily fits inside the backpack and helps you separate and organize things, and easily take it out, and hang it anywhere you’re staying. See it below.
Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review,

Pros And Cons Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

The Pros for Tropicfeel Shell Backpack is how amazing is to put your things with the cubes, light and how unique is the design.

I love the size especially for short trips and perfect to bring as hand luggage in the airplane and also to bring for hikes and day trips.

About cons maybe isn’t the best for long-term travel if you are thinking only of bringing this backpack for your trip.

Hope you loved the Tropicfeel Shell Backpack Review and let us know if you’re getting one for yourself! We are definitely excited to use ours in our next trip!

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