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Sorsogon Beaches: 17 Best Beaches in Sorsogon

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 06:16 am

Sorsogon beaches are one of the most beautiful in the Philippines. Sorsogon is the southernmost province in Luzon. It’s located in the Bicol Region and this beautiful province is famous to local and foreign tourists because of beaches in Sorsogon.

One of the popular Sorgoson tourist spots is the Pink Beach. In this blog post we will tell you where to find beaches in Sorsogon city, Magallanes, Bulusan and Gubat area if you like surfing.


Like any other place in the Philippines there are two kinds of seasons- the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. 

It is recommended that travelers visit Sorsogon beaches during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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There are a few areas in the list of beaches in Sorsogon. We will start from Matnog area where you can see a few beaches during the island hopping in Matnog.



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Subic Beach is the best beach in Sorsogon in our opinion. Subic Beach has blue and transparent water where you can do snorkeling. The white sand is inviting to spend your day. It’s called Pink Beach! It’s a long beach where you can walk around, swim and even snorkeling.

We enjoyed Subic Beach for ourselves nobody came into the beach. You can stay overnight there are a few cottages for rent. You can also rent a cottage to spend your day 500 PHP. There is no entrance fee in Subic Beach.

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Sorsogon travel guide, Sorsogon Tourist Spots And Things to do in Sorsogon

Calintaan Cave which we visited after Juag Lagoon in our island hopping in Matnog. We took a picture while passing by with the boat before coming back to Subic Beach. It wasn’t possible to stop because of the tide. From Calintaan Cave to Subic Beach takes a 10-minute boat ride.


Sorsogon travel guide, Sorsogon beaches, beaches in Sorsogon

Our first stop in Matnog Island hopping during our trip here was Juag Lagoon where you can feed and swim with the fishes. On that day the rates for feeding the fishes was 200 PHP. Plus another 200 PHP extra per adult for swimming in Juag Lagoon.

It takes 15 minutes to get there from the port. And from Juag Lagoon to the next stop Calitaan Caves or Subic Beach will take 10-15 minutes more by boat. There is a beach where you can swim outside the fish sanctuary.


Tikling Island, Sorsogon beaches, beaches in Sorsogon
Image from Flickr – Sorsogon Beaches

As a part of the tour Tikling Island is only 15 minutes boat ride from Matnog. It’s a private island. You will find pink sand and blue waters. The named of Tikling Island is because of the birds with this name there were on the island. We couldn’t visit at that time because of the last typhoon two weeks before.


There are a few beaches in Sorsogon city that will take 30-40 minutes to get there. You can go around by jeepney, buses and tricycle to reach them.


Sorsogon beaches, beaches in Sorsogon
Image from Flickr – Sorsogon Beaches

Paguriran island is one of the best Sorsogon beaches around the city and its not yet commercialized in Sorsogon. Paguriran island entrance fee is only 50 PHP. The island also has a lagoon that makes the place different from other beaches.


Libanon Beach, Sorsogon beaches, beaches in Sorsogon
Image from Wikimedia – Beaches in Sorsogon

Libanon Beach located in San Juan, Bacon is different from other beaches because of its rock formations and somehow dark hued sand. The sky is clearly seen from almost all angles, there are little to no buildings around. 


Tutin Beach is located in Brgy. San Ramon, Tutin beach is also a gem loved by locals. The scenic meeting of the clear wavy water and cloudy sky makes most of the view. 


Sorsogon travel guide, Sorsogon beaches, beaches in Sorsogon
Image from Im Marbea – Beaches in Sorsogon

Tolong Gapo Beach is a very humble beach along Barangay Caricaran near Sorsogon City. You’ll often see families around the area swimming at the beach. As far as enjoying a public beach in Tolong Gapo will entertain you with its stories. 


Sorsogon Tourist Spots - Sabang Beach
Image from Flickr

Sabang Beach is a good place to ease yourself after a tiring day. It’s better to just sit around and feel the sea breeze hug you. It’s better to have a picnic to enjoy the view. The last of the Sorsogon beaches near the city in this blog post.



Parola Beach (Magallanes), Sorsogon tourist spots
Image from Flickr

Parola Beach is located around Magallanes area. To go Parola Beach you have to take a jeepney or a tricycle from Brgy. Bacalon in Magallanes.  Boat rentals from the pier to Parola Beach costs for about 1200-1500 PHP. Parola Beach is also in Bagatao Island.


Malawmawan Island, Sorsogon tourist spots, Sorsogon travel guide
Image from Miss Mary Bernadette

Malawmawan Island is located around Magallanes area. Malawmawan Island has no entrance fee is free and the boat ride for a round trip costs only 500 PHP. Almost everywhere you look at will be clear blue waters and sky. Electricity and cell phone signal might be a problem. Also, if you’re a fan of pitching tents beside the beach, you can do so. 


 Bagatao Island, Sorsogon tourist spots
Image from Maxtermind

The beach in Bagatao Island is a great place to swim around Magallanes area. But the Bagatao Island’s lighthouse is much more of a spot to visit. The scene at the top is beautiful, full of Sorsogon’s vibrant trees and calm waters.



Sorsogon Tourist Spots - Bulusan, Sorsogon travel guide
Image from Flickr

Dancalan Beach Resort did not fail to capture and retain the natural landscape and vibes of Sorsogon. The resort itself is exciting and uplifting. The food is also great.


Sorsogon Tourist Spots - Olango Beach, Sorsogon travel guide
Image from Flickr

Olango Beach is a small and humble resort that’s truly relaxing. It is located in Santa Magdalena, Sorsogon. Many families and groups of friends go here to have a picnic beside the beach. You will have to drive 20 minutes South Bulusan to get here.


If you like surfing Gubat area is the most popular for surfing in Sorsogon. You will find a few beach resorts where to rent a board and even having surfing lessons if you need to enjoy the waves.


File:Child-friendly Rizal beach.jpg
Image from Wikimedia

Rizal Beach may be your average beach, but it is still a place to go if you’re near. You’ll have your own space in the Beach because it is large. The sand is brownish gray and the water is clear.


Image from Flickr

Try surfing in Buenavista Beach in Gubat Sorsogon. The place isn’t fully developed yet that’s why the place is a charm. The accomodation around the are well ventilated nipa huts. If you want to learn about surfing you can learn it here for only 350 PHP



Panumbagan Sandbar, Sorsogon tourist spots
Image from Explora PH

Panumbagan Sandbar is located in Pilar area little bit far from Sorsogon City. It’s becoming so popular. You could eat here the delicious Uni (urchins) and sea grapes right from the waters. You could also snorkel around the area.


If you are looking for places where to stay in Sorsogon area. Prices start from 1000 PHP if you are going on a budget. For more comfortable places to stay at, there are places starting from 1500-3000 PHP for a room for two people with breakfast. However, prices may vary as the facilities increase.


The Villa has a hot tub, 24 hrs room service, outdoor swimming pool, and nearby restaurants. The Family Room good for three people also has an air-conditioner, WiFi and TV, and closet. There’s also a wake up service if you’re sleeping too comfortable and you got plans. A night in this room costs about 2000 PHP with free breakfast for two.

Villa Isabel Hotel is located at Flores Street, Burabod Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines

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ZEN Rooms Red Koi Sorsogon, sorsogon hotels, hotels in sorsogon city, resorts in sorsogon, beach resorts in sorsogon

ZEN Rooms Red Koi Sorsogon is a 2-star property located in Sorsogon. ZEN Rooms Red Koi Sorsogon features a restaurant, air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom and private parking.

Address: Pareja St. Brgy. Bitas, 4700 Sorsogon, Philippines

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Recidencia Del Hamor has an outdoor swimming pool, garden, a shared lounge and terrace, and  restaurant. They also have a bicycle rental service. It’s fun to hop in on bicycles and drive around in the morning. Their Duplex Villa with a queen bed, private bathroom, Flat TV, with air condition costs about 5000 PHP per night. Outside the Villa, you also have an amazing view of the mountains. The staff is really well loved by guests. 

Recidencia Del Hamor is located at Barangay Inlagadian, Sorsogon, 4702 Casiguran, Philippines

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Fernando's Hotel, sorsogon hotels, hotels in sorsogon city, resorts in sorsogon, beach resorts in sorsogon

Fernando’s Hotel Fernando’s Hotel is located in Sorsogon City and it has a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, garden, and free WiFi. A perfect place in the list of hotels in Sorsogon city for relaxing.

Address: N. Pareja Street Bitan – O, 4700 Sorsogon, Philippines

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Siama Hotel is arguably the best hotel around Sorsogon, and that’s for a good reason. The value of the place is really top notch. The interior will make you feel that the place is really on the high end range.

The Deluxe Room is air conditioned, has a hair dryer, toiletries, desk, seating area, and covered with blackout curtains. The price of the room per night costs about 6000 PHP

Siama Hotel is located at Sitio San Lorenzo, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines

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