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Instagrammable places in Cyprus are a very popular thing to do when you are doing a Mediterranean trip. Cyprus is a sought after destination because of its amazing weather and location, and of course it’s an island which makes it more infectious for travel because of all the beautiful coastlines, and mountain ranges. Cyprus instagram spots are amazing and it has amazing history too.

You’ll see a lot of beautiful old towns, and churches (if you love visiting these kinds of architecture) because of Cyprus being one of the most religious countries in Europe. Today, we show you 37 of the most Instagrammable places in Cyprus that you can go.

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The whole Cyprus county is dominated by two mountain ranges – the Troodos Mountains, and the smaller part the Kyrenia Range. The main cities of Cyprus are Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta and Paphos.


1. Troodos Mountains / Mount Olympus

The beautiful mountain range of Troodos,
The beautiful mountain range of Troodos,

The beautiful mountain range of Troodos stretches across the western side of Cyprus, with Mount Olympus as its peak. The area has a lot of churches and monasteries as the Troodos mountains became the centre of art during the Byzantine period.

2. Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery, Kalopanayiotis / St. John Lampadistis

Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Church

The Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery was originally a monastery, and now a UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site. It is a complex that includes 3 churches – the Ioannis Lampadistis, Agios Irakleidios and a third Latin chapel. You’ll find Agios Ioannis in the Troodos Valley of Marathasa, (off of the village of Kalapanagiotis). The Latin Chapel has the complete series of Cyprus’ Italo-Byzantine paintings, and the churches are believed to have been built in the 11th century.  

3. Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas Peninsula,

The Akamas Peninsula is a promontory and a cape, in the northwest end of Cyprus. It was used by the British Army and the Navy for military purposes (until the 2000s). One of the touristic places you can visit when you are in Akamas is a loggerhead turtle sanctuary, and the place where Aphrodite was believed to have bathe (known as the Baths of Aphrodite).

4. Blue Lagoon in Akamas

The Blue Lagoon in Akamas, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The Blue Lagoon in Akamas is part of the National Park of the Akamas Peninsula, and has amazing blue waters, just like a lot of the parts of Cyprus. It is also the largest lagoon of Akamas, and definitely one of the most suggested to visit when you are in Cyprus.

5. Larnaca Port

Larnaca Port, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Larnaca Port (also known as Larnaka) is the largest port of Cyprus, and at the southeast part of the country. Since Cyprus is an island, you’ll see that it has a lot of ports worth the visit. One of the main points of the Larnaca Port is how close it is with the airport. About 6 kilometers away.

6. Larnaca Medieval Castle / Larnaca Fort / Larnaka Fort

The Medieval Castle of Larnaka, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The Medieval Castle of Larnaka (Larnaca Medieval Castle), also known as the Larnaka Fort (Larnaca Fort) was built during the Middle Ages, and definitely a must to see if you like to see old architectural structures.

7. Agios Lazaros / Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaca

Agios Lazaros, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Agios Lazaros is a Greek Orthodox Church or the Church of Saint Lazarus is believed to be the place where Lazarus (one of the popular figures in the Catholic bible). Agios Lazaros was buried on his death – Lazarus’ second tomb. If you are familiar with the story, Lazarus died and was raised by Jesus, and this is the place in Larnaca where he lived for 30 more years, and was buried when he died. Definitely a big part of religious history a good place to see, even just for its amazing structures.

8. Larnaca Aqueduct

Larnaca Kamares Aqueduct, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Larnaca Aqueduct, the Kamares Aqueduct in Larnaca is such an amazing structure. It provided the city of Larnaca’s water supply until the 1930s, and was styled using typrical Roman-era aqueducts! Definitely a place to see. You can visit these arches by riding any of the buses that goes to the direction of the K Cineplex.

9. Stavrovouni Monastery, Larnaca

The Stavrovouni Monastery, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots
Instagrammable Places in Cyprus – Image via The Island of Cyprus Blog

The Stavrovouni Monastery is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Lanarca, although you will need to get your own transportation to get to this area. Pilgrims all over the world visit Cyprus because of its strong Christian roots, and the Stavrovouni Monastery is the oldest Orthodox Monastery of Cyprus. Although it is beautiful and has extremely great parts of history, there are a lot of restrictions in visiting this monastery so make sure you check these before heading here. Women might not be allowed to enter the monastery itself although there are areas around that they can visit.

10. Larnaca District

The Larnaca district, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The Larnaca district itself holds amazing charm, just with all the spots mentioned here earlier. It’s full of historical spots, and the beautiful harbor shaded by palm trees, and surrounded by the view of the Troodos mountains, just a scenic and beautiful vibe all over. A true townscape worth the visit.

11. Lefkara Village

Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Lefkara Village is one of the most characted-filled villages of Larnaca. Terracota-roofed houses, winding streets, and so much traditional views. For an old town village vibe, this is a must visit.

12. Port of Limassol / Limassol Marina

The Port of Limassol, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots
Most Instagrammable Places in Cyprus – Image via Super Yacht News

The Port of Limassol is now considered as the main cruise port when entering Cyprus. It is considered as one of the busiest ports of the Mediterranean Transit trade. The Limassol Marina is considered to have an amazing location, being in the intersection of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and now a prominent location for luxurious travels, and even properties. Limassol’s New Port and being in Cyprus, is one of the established ports in the shipping industry, and the city of Limassol is a huge center for international shipping companies.

13. Limassol Old Town

Limassol old town, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Limassol old town is one of the main places to see when you are in Cyprus is the Old Town of Limassol. You’ll see a lot of beautiful old architecture, and a series of beautiful narrow streets that branch out from Limassol’s old fishing port. You’ll see old British colonial buildings, and traditional workshops in this area too.

14. Kourion Archaeological Site / Kourion Ruins

The Kourion Archeological Site, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots
Instagrammable Places in Cyprus – photo via Wikimedia / Michael Osmenda

The Kourion Archeological Site in Limassol is one of the most impressive in the island, and one of the most important for its antiquity. The city-kingdom was built in this area as seen in this shot. The main piece of the site is the Greco-Roman Theatre and built back in 2nd Century BC. Parts of this site include The House of Eustolios, House of The Gladiators, and the House of Achilles. You’ll see also the remains of Roman Agora in the ruins. Beautiful marble columns – if you love history and even mythology, this is a must see and an experience to really cherish!

15. Port of Paphos / Paphos Harbor

The Paphos Port, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The Paphos Port is one of the oldest and archeological ports of Cyprus, and one of the best parts of the city. It’s a close walk to the Paphos Archeological Park. And the whole port and harbour was maintained to reflect its beauty and history.

16. Petra Tou Romiou Paphos / Aphrodites Rock

Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots
Petra tou Romiou,

The beautiful Petra tou Romiou is in the Paphos District of Cyprus, and lies between the Paphos and Limassol, close to the Aphrodite hills. It has magical and amazing mythological significance, believed to be Aphrodites’ birthplace. It is one of the most famous beaches of Cyprus. The name Petra Tour Romiou literally means Rock of the Greek, and is believed to be the place Aphrodite emerged from, and the Aphrodite’s Rock the main rock that carried her to the shores of Cyprus.

17. Lara Bay

Lara Bay,

Lara Bay is most popular for the conservation of the Green and Loggerhead Turtles. You’ll see a lot of the conservation work at its protected beach. If you want to see the turtles when they lay their eggs, you’ll have to visit between May and August. Because of all the turtle conservation work, the beaches here in Lara Bay are unspoiled making it one of the more relaxing beaches of the country.

18. Paphos Old Town / Ktima

Paphos Old Town, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The top selling point of Paphos Old Town, also known as Ktima, is it’s amazing historical and well preserved district. You’ll still see a lot of the medieval builds in the district, that shows a lot about its colonial history. Definitely a good visit for some old and unique architecture.

19. Paphos Lighthouse

The Paphos Lighthouse

The Paphos Lighthouse is a very popular lighthouse in Paphos District of Cyprus. The island was a main military base during the British administration that protected ships traveling through the Suez Canal to the colonies, and the Paphos Lighthouse was the light that was used as a landfall marker for any shipping going to Paphos harbor from Britain.

20. Tombs of the Kings Paphos Cyprus

Tombs of Kings.

The famous “Tombs of Kings” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a part of Kato Pafos / Paphos’ Archeological Park. With all the history of the country, it’s bound to have important and well preserved beauties such as this. The Tomb of Kings are underground tombs and they were built during the Hellenistic and Roman eras. These underground Tomb of Kings dates back 5,000 years and just one of the most beautiful ancient sites in the whole of Cyprus.

It is not actually kings that were buried here, but high ranking officials and aristocrats of the time. These underground tombs were made out of carved solid rocks, and have huge rooms that resemble houses and are decorated with Doric pillars. Same tombs can be found in Alexandria.

More Instagrammable Places in Cyprus

21. Agios Georgios Chapel, Peyia / Saint George Church

Agios Georgios,

Agios Georgios is a beautiful, small fishing village located in Paphos, and a short drive from Coral Bay. It’s the last village in Paphos, and the entrance to the Akamas Peninsula. The Agios Georgios Chapel is located in the Peyia Village, in Cape Drepano. It’s a quaint, litle chapel, which has two bell towers.

22. Pomos Village

Pomos village,

The beautiful Pomos village is in the northeast of Paphos, and geographically part of the Tillyria District. Pomos is a laid back village, and if you want to get away from the busy parts of Paphos, this is the best part to go as it is considered as one of the remaining undisturbed and unspoiled areas of Paphos. The road from Polis to Akron Pamos is actually one of the most beautiful and scenic paths in Cyprus.

23. Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Famagusta District Cyprus, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

And now we moved to Ayia Napa destination spots. Ayia Napa (officially romanized Agia Napa), is a touristic resort part at the far eastern end of Cyprus southern coast. It is officially a part of The Famagusta District. It is one of the most popular resort areas in Cyprus, especially from international travelers, and it has the reputation of being a huge party place because of the night clubs, karaoke bars and foam parties in the area. However, it still has Cyprus’ signature historic vibe – the cobbled streets, the tavernas in the harbor, and the Medieval monasteries.

24. Cape Greco National Park

Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots
Cape Greko National park, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The main attraction of Ayia Napa, the Cape Greko National park is a mixed of natural trails, botanical beauty and sea cliffs views. What more can you look for? One of the nature trails of Cape Greko forms part of the European Long Distance Trail E4 (this runs from Cyprus to Gibraltar), and the Aphrodite Nature Trail. This trail a a 2km nature trail which also doubles as a cultural route because of how it is believed to be Aphrodite’s mythical birth place. Cape Greco also has beautiful marine life which also makes it a good place to visit for divers. In this photo, you’ll see high limestone cliffs – all natural without any human intervention.

25. The Bridge of Love

The Bridge of Love, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

The Bridge of Love / Love Bridge is one of the most instagrammable places in Cyprus to see in Ayia Napa. It is a natural bridge, and considered one of the most remarkable spots in all of Cyprus. This is very popular as a point where lovers “lock their love”. The romanticism, and the beaut especially during sunsets makes it so popular to photographers, and honeymooners, and all types of couples.

The Bridge of love is one of the Cypurs instagram spots that you can’t miss a natural arched bridge with an edge that extends to some of Cyprus’ bluest waters. And the bridge is all natural. It is believed that if you kiss your special someone while you are on the bridge, and make a wish, whatever it is will come true. Whether that’s true of not, it is still one of the most sought after areas in Ayia Napa, and is a part of Cape Greco National Park.

26. Sea Caves in Ayia Napa

Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots
Ayia Napa are the Sea Caves,

Another must visit while in Ayia Napa are the Sea Caves, beautiful rock bridges, hidden caves and tunnels. These mark the start of Cape Greco National Park and you will see them along Ayia Napa’s mesmerizing coastline.

To get to the Sea Caves in Ayia Napa, you can drive east from Ayia Napa, towards Protaras. Turn left at the first sign for Grecian Park Hotel and Cape Greco, and then turn right onto a dirt track which will then lead you to the sea caves. The local bus route 101 / 102 passed by here too, but it can be a short walk from the main road. Just follow the coastal pathway from Ayia Napa if you want to reach them by walking, although it’s quite a long walk. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the sea caves and the Cape Greco including tours, cliff dives, and more.

27. Oniro by the Sea Peyia

Oniro by the Sea

On the other side, near the sea caves is this shipwreck – Oniro by the sea. This is a beautiful view that just adds so much attitude in the area, and with the sunset, and the restaurants around, you can just get a crazy beautiful view of this.

28. Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa is one of the most stunning beaches of Cyprus. The crystalline blue water stretches 500 meters, with beautiful white sand, and with warm water. There are definitely a lot of activities to enjoy here on your beautiful Cypriot holiday. There are a lot of beach parties that you can definitely join as this is one of the most touristic beaches of Ayia Napa, and the whole of Cyprus.

29. Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Next to the Nissi Beach, Konnos Bay is also one of the most Cyprus instagram spots and beautiful scenic water areas of Ayia Napa. A beautiful secluded beach, perfect for swimming, even for kids, as there are no caves. Konnos Bay can be found 2km north of Cape Greco. It also has amazing crystalline blue waters, stretching 200 meters.

30. Fig Tree Beach / Fig Tree Bay Protaras Cyprus

 Fig Tree Bay in Protaras,

Awarded as the third best beach in Europe, the Fig Tree Bay in Protaras is one of Cyprus’ beautiful sandy beaches. The Fig Tree Beach is popular as a family beach, and there are a lot of water activities available. It’s very interesting why it’s named the Fig Tree, and this is because there is a single fig tree in the bay, that has been there since the 17th century!

31. Makronissos Beach

Makronissos Beach, Most Instagrammable Places In Cyprus And Best Cyprus Instagram Spots

Makronissos Beach is one of the most instagrammable places in Cyprus a stunning and beautiful blue beach, The Makronissos Beach is 5km from the center of Ayia Napa, and stretches to 3 other small bays. The beach is suitable for families.

32. Makronissos Necropolis / Necropolis Tombs

Makronissos Necropolis,

Apart from the beach area, the Makronissos Beach, this is also very close to the Makronissos Necropolis, the Archeological area which has 19 tombs also built during the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

33. Nicosia Old Town / Venetian Walls

Nicosia old town,

A walk around Nicosia old town is definitely one of the things you have to do when you are in the capital. Nicosia is the last divided city in the world (dates back to the Bronze Age), and you’ll discover so mush culture and heart and archeology in the city. Signs of the historic past – old churches, medieval buildings. Visit Ledra Street, a cobbled-street area which is full of local shops, cafe’s and bars. Close to the Ledra is the Onasagorou Street where you can experience another authentic feel of the Nicosia Old Town vibe.

34. Kato Pyrgos

Kato Pyrgos,
Image via Cyprus Alive

Kato Pyrgos is a village in the foothills of Troodos Mountains. It’s a rather remote area to visit, but you’ll definitely see a lot of old temples and churches and chapels here. A beautiful oak tree stands in the heart of Pyrgos, which dates back to 110 years, just crazy! Pyrgos also has a beautiful blue coastline during Cypriot summers.

35. Caledonia Waterfall / Kalidonia Falls

The Caledonia Waterfalls,
Image via mycyprusinsider

The Caledonia Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus, located in the village of Platres in the Trodoos. and surrounded by beautiful forest greenery and views. The waterfalls is 12 km in height, and can be reached by a 3km hike. This trail can take up to 3 hours, however there’s an easier path that you can take, and the shortcut can take around 20 minutes, from Aedonion road.

36. Kyrenia


Kyrenia is the main town of the Kyrenia District, the smallest of all of Cyprus’ Districts, and the only one controlled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It’s popular for the historic harbor and its castles. And it is considered the cultural capital of Northern Cyprus.

37. St. Hilarion castle

The Saint Hilarion Castle,
Wikimedia Commons / Chris06

The Saint Hilarion Castle lies in the Kyrenia Mountain Range of Cyprus, and was built by the Byzantines. The castle itself was named after St. Hilarion. He was a hermit monk who ran away from persecution in the Holy land and was believed to have died in the mountains. The Byzantines build a monastery here in the 10th century.


Cyprus in totality has amazing warm, Mediterranean weather, which gives the whole island its long summers, and very mild wet winters. August is considered the warmest month in Cyprus, and with the country being very close to south-west Asia, it is actually one of the more hotter countries of the Mediterranean. It is best to wear much lighter clothes when traveling in the summer in Cyprus. You’ll find it warm from early June until October.

It is best to plan your Cypriot holiday during the warm summers from June to October, however Spring time is a perfect time to visit too, if you prefer a cooler weather. This time is mild enough for you to still enjoy a cool Cypriot swim.

Winter is very mild in Cyprus, compared to the rest of Europe, so you can experience cooler nights. And there will definitely be less sunshine than the summer period, however you can still have enough time to enjoy sight seeing.

Click here to know more about the weather in Cyprus!

Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

Hope you liked our most instagrammable places in Cyprus. Let us know if we missed any Cyprus instagrammable spots in the comments below.

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