How to get from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang

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Today we will write how to get from Krabi airport to Ao Nang. One of our favorite places is Ao Nang in South Thailand and we have been a couple of times coming from Malaysia. We will also show you our favorite beaches in AO Nang Krabi.

Krabi Airport is smal with International and Domestic Terminal. Krabi airport to Ao Nang distance is around 25 kilometers and we will tell you all possible ways to get there. As always from the cheapest to the most comfortable one.

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Krabi Airport to Ao Nang

Easiest Way from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang

Let’s start with the easiest way from Krabi airport to AO Nang. You can book online your transfer from Krabi airport to Ao Nang. It will cost you little bit cheaper than a taxi and they will be waiting for you. We totally recommend this if you are traveling 2-3 people. Prices are around 400 THB and the travel time is around 30-40 minutes.

Since you plan in advance you avoid the hassle after the flight. You just need to show them your booking number and you will not to have worried about cash and other issues before getting to your hotel.

Shuttle Bus Krabi Airport to AO Nang

If you are traveling alone your best option will be the shuttle bus from Krabi airport to Ao Nang. The travel time will be around 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes since it has different stops in Krabi town.

The price going to Ao Nang is 150 THB which is $5 USD and they will drove you to Krabi Town, Ferry Terminal, Ao Nang and Nopparat Thara. The driver will drove you to your accommodation. You have to pay in cash. If you go to Krabi the price is 100 THB.

Shuttle Bus Krabi Airport to Ao Nang Schedule

Image from Thai Rest

The schedule starts at 8 am until 8 pm almost every hour are leaving. It’s not fixed the schedule since they wait until it gets full sometimes.

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Taxi from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang

krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang, Taxi in Krabi
Image from 12 Go

If you want to get a taxi you will have to walk outside the airport and wait in the right side since they aren’t allowed to wait inside the airport terminal. Prices of the taxi is around 500-600 THB good enough for 4 people. It will take 30-40 minutes to reach your hotel.

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Cheapest Way from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang By Songthaew

krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang
Image from Wikimedia

If you want to have a local experience and saving a couple of dollars. The cheapest way from Krabi airport to Ao Nang is by songthaew a local shared taxi in Thailand. You will have to walk outside the airport to get a songthaew (white color and you can see English Sign with the destination) going to Krabi town can be around 50 THB.

Once in Krabi town you will have to get the songthaew going to Ao Nang and the price is 60 THB. The total cost will be around 80-90 THB. The travel time can be around 1 hour and 15 minutes similar than the shuttle bus depending on your waiting time for the songthaew. The schedule of the songthaew is around 6 am to 10 pm.

Hitchhiking to the Airport

Hitchhiking to Thailand beaches, krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang

You want to go even cheaper than this and having an amazing local experience in Krabi? Just try hitchhiking we did ourselves a few years ago and we met friendly people driving us from Ao Nang to Krabi airport.

Motorbike from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang

krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang

If you aren’t bringing so much luggage and you are planning to move around by motorbike. Maybe your best option is renting a motorbike 250 THB per day and if you rent for a few days can go down until 200 THB. You will enjoy the amazing landscape while driving and it will allow you to stop anytime.

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Ao Nang is a very beautiful beach. It’s about 10 kilometers from downtown Krabi. From Ao Nang, you can ride the boat and reach 3 Thailand beaches, next to each other. We chose to take the boat from Ao Nang to Ton Sai, then walk to Railey, then to Phra Nang. One way ticket costs 100 Bath ($3) each. The tickets coming back cost the same. Every ride takes 10-15 minutes.

Riding the boat to Thailand beaches
Riding a boat

Ton Sai is a really nice beach, with shallow and warm waters. It is mostly popular for the rock climbing activities that you can do there. We stayed in the beach, had a swim, walked around.

We met a few people who told us that since it was low tide that day, we can actually walk from Ton Sai to Railey, through a very special trail into the rocks and woods. Sick adventure!

We went behind the Ton Sai beach, and followed the trail that leads to Railey. If this is something you can’t do, or if the tide is too high, renting a kayak or a boat will be your next possible options. The hike was not very easy, but also not very advanced.

You just need to be very careful. A lot of people were actually doing the hike even to come back from Railey. There will be a trail guide once you start climbing to hike so you shouldn’t be confused which trail to take.

Thailand beaches: Ton Sai
Ton Sai
Climbing at Thailand beaches
Climbing at Thailand beaches
Hiking to Railey Beach

The Railey Beach is probably the most popular of all the beaches in Krabi. It was very very crowded when we got there. So many people lying down on the beach for a tan, and also a lot of people swimming in the green warm waters. If you are looking for a solo and quiet day Railey is probably not the beach for you. For us, we like the warm waters. Something you won’t find everywhere.

We spend the longest time there, swimming and staying at the beach. Even with the high no. of people, Railey’s beauty is definitely obvious. A long stretch of white sand and beautiful green waters. There are many places to eat at, many boats also waiting to take you back to Ao Nang. Water is not too shallow, but not too deep, so you should see different ages of people taking a swim.

Thailand beaches: Railey Beach
Railey Beach.
Thailand beaches: Railey Beach
Crowded Railey Beach.

A few minutes walk from Railey is the Phra Nang Beach, most popular for its Phra Nang Caves. There were also a lot of people visiting this area, because of the beautiful caves. One of them is the very interesting Penis Cave. We also had a walk in the caves where there are a lot of monkeys freely roaming around.

You are not allowed to feed the monkeys when you pass them by. There are also swimming areas by the caves, although you’ll need to be careful as there can be a possibility of jelly fish bites. Warnings are seen around the area. We didn’t swim in this beach anymore. From Phra Nang, we walked back to Railey, where you can take the boat back to Ao Nang Beach.

View of the Thailand beaches.
View of the Beach.
Monkey at Thailand beaches.
Monkeys around.
Thailand beaches: Phra Nang Beach, krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang
Phra Nang Beach.

End your day with the incredible Ao Nang sunsets, and you’ll have a perfect day trip. Ao Nang Beach is a very long beach and it’s usually little bit crowded and with boats. It’s tricky to take photos of the scenery as there will always be people, but if you focus in the moment, we assure you the views are breathtaking. Wait til the sky changes its color.

Ao Nang sunsets are truly incredible.  The atmosphere is great and we really loved just watching the sunsets, taking in all the beauty of everything surrounding you. Check a few shots of Ao Nang that we took below.

Thailand Beaches: Sunset Ao Nang Beach, krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang
Sunset at Ao Nang.
More sunsets at Thailand Beaches.
Nice sunsets in Ao Nang.
Sunset at Thailand Beaches, krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang


Eating Rice and vegetables at Thailand beaches, krabi airport to ao nang, taxi from krabi airport to ao nang, shuttle bus krabi airport to Ao nang

Ao Nang is actually a very varied place. You’ll easily find eating options for every budget. There cheap, moderate, and big international restaurants. In Thailand, street food is really cheap and delicious. So there was no problem for us to find the food we want to eat. There are even Halal restaurants, in case you are looking for Muslim approved food.

For our stay in Ao Nang, we ate the popular Pad Thai (costs only $1-2 as street food), their fried rice with seafood costs only $1-2, fruits, smoothies and street chicken barbecue.

Where to Stay in Ao Nang

There are places to stay in Ao Nang starting from $20 USD you can get a room or even cheaper if you decide to stay in a dorm. If you prefer mid budget in Ao Nang from $20-50 USD will be perfect. And for luxury budget expect to pay $50-100 USD.

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