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A Perfect 3 Days Bohol Itinerary

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 03:30 pm

Bohol Itinerary

Bohol is located in the Central Visayas Region in the Philippines. If you want to visit Bohol you should have at least 3 dyas Bohol itinerary. We recommend you to stay until one week since Bohol is a popular destination with lots of natural beauty, beautiful beaches and resorts.

One of the most popular places to visit in Bohol is The Chocolate Hills. Bohol is also popular for the breathtaking Panglao Island and the one-of-a-kind Philippine tarsier, the world’s smallest primate.

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Best time to visit Bohol

A destination like Bohol is very easy to predict. By that, we mean you can easily plan your trip based on the weather as there are certain months that are the best choice for traveling the province. For the coolest weather, the best time to visit Bohol is from November to April. You may experience some short and scattered rains during the months of November to February but the other months are sure to be sunny and bright.

On the other hand, May to July are the hottest months and is perfect for those who love the dry season and don’t mind being exposed to the sun’s heat. Finally, for those who came to Bohol to see the dolphins, its best to visit the province from March to June.

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Bohol Itinerary

Day 1 in Panglao

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The first day in Bohol we recommend you to stay in Panglao Island in the East of Bohol. Since most of the people are getting to Bohol-Panglao International Airport which is only 3 kilometers far from the town. Or maybe you are getting to Tagbilaran Port which is 45 minutes jeepney ride far from Panglao is the most convenient.

Unless you are getting early morning in Panglao Island it will be hard to join an island hopping tour to Balicasag Island. We recommend you relax and explore the beaches around Panglao. Alona Beach is the most crowded but with the best options to get your accommodation and also for restaurants and nightlife. There are beaches to explore apart from Alona Beach like Dumaluan Beach, Doljo Beach and you can also visit Hinagdanan Cave.

The best way to move around Panglao is renting a motorbike. Expect to pay 400-500 PHP for one day. If you don’t feel renting a motorbike because you aren’t confidence enough driving. You can get tricycle everywhere in Panglao for an affordable price or negotiate a day tour exploring a few places in the area.

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Make sure you book your Balicasag Tour for next day. Especially if you are planning to dive since there are limited spots available. Click here to get your discount booking online your island hopping in Bohol!

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Day 2 in Panglao

Places to visit in Bohol, Bohol itinerary

Second day in Bohol you can get the island hopping to Balicasag Island. You will leave early morning to watch the dolphins. And later you will do snorkeling with the turtles in Balicasag. The island hopping includes lunch if you paid for it. And you will be able to visit Virgin Island which is a beautiful island but so touristic.

If you prefer diving in Balicasag Island as we mentioned before better you book in advance. Make sure you get on time for the sunset to Panglao. And after the sunset enjoy local places for drink and dinner. There are many places in Panglao where you will find local choices and Western if you prefer.

Day 3 in Panglao, Bohol

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If you have only 3 day itinerary in Bohol. Better you stay in Panglao and you rent a motorbike to explore around Bohol. Or if you prefer you can explore Bohol joining a tour. The highlights are the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol. It will take you more than 2 hours ride to get to the Chocolate Hills.

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We recommend you to stop by Loboc River. You can do activities like zip line. You can also go to the Tarsier Sanctuary on the way to the Chocolate Hills. The visit to the Sanctuary will take you around an hour. The tarsier is usually sleeping during the day so don’t be noisy in your visit. You will spot a few of them! Make sure you have enough time to explore the Chocolate Hills. If you join to a tour you will be able only to check the view point which is amazing but you will not have time to do more on your own.

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If you stay longer than 3 Days in Bohol. You can stay overnight close to Loboc River and the Chocolate Hills to keep exploring the island of Bohol. You will be able to enjoy the sunset at the Chocolate Hills.

More Days in your Bohol Itinerary

Day 4-5 in Anda Beaches

Anda Beaches
Image from Flickr

If you stay longer than 3 days in Bohol. We recommend you to stay overnight around the Chocolate Hills so you can enjoy the sunset. And next day going to Anda Beaches. It will take you more than 2 hours to get there. The best way is renting a motorbike. But there are also buses going there. Buses aren’t going so often so take it easy!

You can explore around the beaches. They are more beautiful the beaches in Anda than in Panglao. If you love waterfalls check Can-Umantad Falls. You can also visit Canawa Cold Spring and Cabagnow Cave Pool. The atmosphere is more relaxed than Panglao since Alona Beach can be quite busy. Also you can visit Cadapdapan Rice terraces!

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Day 6-7 in Loboc

Bohol itinerary, Loboc River

You can stay around Loboc River relaxing and doing activities like zip line. You can also take a tour in the river that include lunch if you wish. You can also book a Paddle Board tour around Loboc river.

If you prefer more calm and quiet time. The best choice is exploring restaurants around the area. You can rent a motorbike and go around there are a few waterfalls like Busay Falls. Also you can visit Tagbilaran which is the main port in Bohol. This option is great if you stay in Loboc and leaving from Tagbilaran Port to Cebu next day since it’s so close.

Hope it’s useful our 3 Days Bohol itinerary. We extended until one week our Bohol itinerary just in case you have more time available to explore the island of Bohol. Let us know if we are missing something or if you have questions in the comments below.

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