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Sofitel Mumbai BKC A Review

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 03:49 pm

We had an amazing staying at Sofitel Mumbai BKC. We loved it the design of the room, the food, the spa, the pool. What an amazing weekend we spent at Sofitel Mumbai BKC and we will review for you in this blog post. Read here India sim card for tourist.

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How to get to Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Sofitel Mumbai is located close to the train stations and the International Airport. It will be a great choice if you are getting to Mumbai by plane or by train as we did coming from Kerala in South India.

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First Impressions and Facilities at Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Everything was great and fast for our check in at Sofitel Mumbai. Plus we were looking to get a local Sim card for our staying at India. And in the concierge they arranged everything for us. It’s tricky to get a local SIM card in India as a tourist. And you have to show an address where you are staying, passport, photo all the requirements. So they arranged everything for us and the price of one month unlimited calls and 1.5 GB data everyday was only $13 USD. What a deal!


Sofitel Mumbai BKC Review

We stayed at 12th floor and in a Luxury Room where the views were great. We loved the welcome cake and letter that they prepared for us. Toiletries, coffee and great wifi to catch up with work. Amazing start!

Pool Area

Sofitel Mumbai BKC Review

We always love to stay at the pool swimming and taking pictures. So we had to visit the pool area at Sofitel Mumbai at 3rd floor. It’s not allowed to take pictures (always respecting the privacy of the guests). But we were just ourselves wasn’t a problem. We took these cool shots.

Pondicherry Cafe

Sofitel Mumbai Review, Podicherry Restaurant Mumbai

A huge buffet restaurant in Podicherry Cafe. You will find all the food Asian, Western and of course Indian food. We tried delicious pizza, cheese, pasta and ice cream. Of course we had to try Indian delicacies like Garlic Naan which was our favorite one.

Sofitel Mumbai Review, Podicherry Restaurant Mumbai

For breakfast was also amazing! We had cheese, crepes, eggs and omelette. Noodle soup was so delicious. We liked it that there are many options for juices, salad and fruits.

Tuscar Restaurant

Sofitel Mumbai Review

It’s a vegetarian restaurant. They were really nice with us and even we got almost late they served us an amazing thali. We have to say that the best thali ever in India. It was so complete with chapati and rice mixed with dhal as you can see in the pictures.

Sofitel Mumbai Review

The service was great. They will explain with details and advise you about the food. We tried as much as we could! And OMG good thing that we kept space for the dessert since it was so sweet the ice cream with condense milk.

Artisan Restaurant

artisan restaurant

We went to Artisan Restaurant for breakfast. It was a good one to say goodbye to Sofitel Mumbai. A delicious coffee with Parisian benedict for Ruben. And the Artisan recommendation for Rachel huge portions that we could almost not finish.

The restaurant is quiet. And it’s a great option if you want to have coffee or a drink. There are many options available in the menu. And based in how was our breakfast we can totally recommend you to give a try.


Sofitel Mumbai BKC Review

We loved it our Spa time after swimming in the pool. We had 30 minutes massage focused in our back and shoulders as we requested. Everything was perfect. Since the welcome to the Spa with a delicious juice. An amazing massage so relaxing!

Sofitel Mumbai BKC Review

After the massage a tasty tea with dry fruits. It was perfect for us while we were taking pictures around the Spa. It’s so beautiful the decoration and you can check it if you like with these pictures.

Gin Tasting at Jyran

Sofitel Mumbai Review, gin tasting in Mumbay

A Gin tasting at Gyran for us was a perfect introduction since we never tried before. We love more wine and beer than strong liquors. But the waiter did amazing job. Just watching the preparation of the Gin you are loving to drink it.

We tried Indian and Scottish Gin, two glasses one each of us. We loved it both of them with the sweet taste of the leaves. My favorite was the Indian one and Rachel loved the second one the Scottish. Well as I mentioned both of them were incredible.

Sofitel Mumbai Review

For dinner we went for the menu a non vegetarian thali. The food was so delicious but after so much eating at Sofitel Mumbai we couldn’t finish all the food. Our favorites was chicken and fish.

Sofitel Mumbai Review

We made sure that we tried the dessert since we love Indian sweets. And yes again was an amazing one!

Going back again?

It was our first experience at Sofitel. It was an amazing one, the food, the staff everything is perfect and you don’t have to be worried of anything. Just enjoy! Whatever you need the staff will attend you and will make things so easy in your staying at Mumbai.

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After our staying at Sofitel Mumbai we were going to Rajasthan. The staff made sure that everything was going good with our ride to the train station and we went for a new adventure.

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