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18 Awesome Macau Tourist Spots (Macau Travel Guide 2021)

Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 11:22 am

If you think Macau is just popularly known for their gambling. We recommend you explore with us through this lengthy read. Macau is a very small territory in China not far from Hong Kong. And it used to be under Portuguese domain in the past. There many Macau tourist spots that you can’t miss it and we will write all of them in our Macau travel guide!

Read here Macau tourist sim cardhow to get fromMacau airport to city center and Macau itinerary!

The whole centre of Macau is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list which is brilliant so nearly all the sites here have historic importance. Portuguese influence are mostly seen in some of their architectural designs, you can see many churches as well. Most of the sights can be done in a day trip if you don’t have time to spend a few days in Macau.

Read here Macau travel tips and how to get to Macau from Hong Kong!

Macau Travel Guide

How to get to Macau

Getting to Macau by Plane

We got Macau from Hong Kong by ferry and we left by airplane. We always use Skyscanner to look for our flights where 90% of the time we find the best deals. There are cheap flights to the Philippines from Macau, Thailand and other destinations in Southeast Asia. Flights to Macau from Southeast Asia are affordable from Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok and Singapore.

Getting to Macau by Ferry

The cheapest and most convenient way to get to Macau is by ferry if you are coming from Hong Kong. You can take the ferry from Kowloon or from Hong Kong Island to Macau.

In Hong Kong Island ferries to Macau operate for 24 hours everyday and the ride takes approximately 1 hour.  Ferries can go to Macau and also to Taipa island if you are planning to stay at Taipa as we did in Macau.

Prices are around $20 USD for one way. Click here to book your ticket with Klook!

Getting to Macau from Hong Kong the fastest way

If you feel like doing the most comfortable option a much more expensive one. You can ride a helicopter from Hong Kong which in only takes 15 minutes. Prices are around 4000 HKD which is $500 USD. This is the price to enjoy these amazing views!

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Best Time to visit Macau

If you’re planning to visit Macau during its peak seasons. The best time to visit Macau is from October to December where the weather is great. March to April is also a great time to travel to Macau, which is Spring time. Macau tends to be hot and humid between May and October. From May to July expect rainy days in Macau. January and February are the coldest months. Click here to have more information about Macau weather forecast.

Visa in Macau

All visitors to Macau must hold a valid passport, or a valid travel document. You just need to hold a passport with at least 6 months before expiry. You will not get a stamp in your passport, they will give you a print paper with the date or arrival and the date that you should leave. It’s usually 90 days. US citizens will have to go through customs and immigration so always remember to bring your passport with you. Check the link below to see full details.

Currency and ATM in Macau

Macau has its own currency: the Macau Pataca. This is often abbreviated to “MOP”. Hong Kong Dollars are commonly used by Macau vendors. $1 USD = 8 HKD. Many tourists prefer to use Hong Kong Dollars. You can find ATM very easy in Macau to directly withdraw cash (usually HKD or MOP). Macau’s large hotels and resorts all have places to exchange money as well. Credit cards is accepted in most of the hotels and restaurants in Macau. Click here to check the current exchange rate in Macau.

Internet and Wifi Connection in Macau

If you have to work online in Macau great news. Wifi connection and data works great in Macau. You will be able to get internet connection everywhere. Just get a SIM card if you are planning to spend a few days in Macau to move around the city.

Transportation Around Macau

You have a number of options on how to get around Macau, buses, taxi, and even you can hire Grab to move around Macau. Buses in our opinion is very easy to go around Macau by bus and really cheap for less than $1 USD.

Taxi and Uber if you are in a hurry or you are bringing so much luggage will be more expensive. Using Uber you will be able to save a few dollars comparing with the taxi prices.

Where to Stay in Macau

There are a number places for where to stay in Macau. You may choose to stay in hotels, or find cheaper places in Macau. You may check these links below for more options. Hotels in Macau generally cost between 300-2000 HKD per night.

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Daily Travel Budget in Macau

Your daily travel budget in Macau will be higher than countries around Southeast Asia like Philippines and Thailand. In transportation you can get buses for half a dollar and even go walking distance almost everywhere in Macau.

For food you will find local restaurants with dishes from $3-10 USD. The most expensive part in Macau will be the accommodation. Since a dorm in a hotel can go to $20-30 USD and a room in a hotel can go to $30-50 USD. You can also go for Airbnb and find deals starting from $20-30 USD in Macau.

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Awesome Macau Tourist Spots

1. Visit Saint Paul Ruins

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St. Paul’s ruins are from 17th century Portuguese church. It is in our list of Macau tourist spots for many reasons! The area is surrounded with colonial Portuguese buildings, still preserved to show its original architecture.

 Definitely a good place to visit while in Macau. During the day it’s such a beautiful sight and at night with the illumination is amazing! 

How to get to St. Paul’s ruins? It’s easy since is well indicated and everybody is going there visiting the shops and restaurants around.

2. Senado Square

Macau tourist spots

Image from Flickr

Senado Square is located near the former Senate building. The square is surrounded by people, shops and restaurants. We were walking around this square everyday and we loved getting lost around the area. It´s the most crowded apart from the casinos in Macau!

3. Taipa Village

Image from Wikimedia

Having a walk around the historic Taipa in Macau to admire the colorful buildings in the area. We were staying at Taipa, not only casinos around the area but also nice places to walk around. 

There are many locals places to eat in Taipa Village. Everything was walking distance in Taipa and we really loved this part as a place to stay in Macau.

4. Small Fontana di Trevi

Macau tourist spots

This is our secret Macau tourist spot. A small fountain colorful in the condo that we were staying. Just close to The Venetian Casino less than 10 minutes walking distance.

5. A-Ma Temple

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Image from Flickr

A-Ma temple is one of the most popular Macau tourist spots. A-Ma Temple also known as the Mazu Goddess Temple is one of the oldest temples in Macau. The A-Ma Temple is a sacred place for offering silence and stellar views. Not only is the place full of amazing cultural designs, the temple also contains rich and deep of traditional Chinese culture.

6. Macau Tower

In Macau Tower you can find everything from watching movies, shopping, theatre performances and of course, magnificent views. If you live adventure you should try Skywalking or Skyjumping!

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More Macau Tourist Spots

7. Casino Hopping at Macau

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Image Source | Brenden Brain

There are many casinos in Macau: The Venetian, City of Dreams Macau, The Sands Macau, or Casino Lisboa. Casino Lisboa is the largest casino in Europe and the top 10th largest casino in the world!

Enjoy casino hopping and live bands at night, shows during the afternoon. Free tea, coffee, water and drinks. Be ready to gambling and goodluck!

8. Hac Sa

Image from Wikipedia

Hác Sá Beach is named after the black sea sand of its shoreline. Relaxing getaway from the crazy and chaotic city life. You can spend your day playing sports, swimming and walking along the beach. 

9. Guia Fortress, Guia Chapel and Guia Lighthouse

Image from Wikimedia

The fortress  with Portuguese influence in their architectural designs was built between 1622 and 1638. What’s inside the fortress stands Guia Chapel and Guia Lighthouse, which were established by Clarist nuns. The architecture of the lighthouse is of a column structure, the interior of the lighthouse boasts three levels, connected by a spiral staircase that leads to a large light on top of the building. The lighthouse was damaged by a typhoon in September 1874. 

10. Fisherman’s Wharf

Image from Flickr

Being the largest leisure and themed entertainment complex in Macau, Fisherman’s Wharf features casinos, hotels, convention centers, and many more entertainment facilities. The food in the restaurants may be a little bit pricey for some, so you might want to take note of that. Also, it’s a great place if you have kids with you because they can enjoy the rides. Getting inside the 24-hour Fisherman’s Wharf’s area is free but the attractions’ fees vary.  The Fisherman’s Wharf is located at Macao Avenida da Amizade.

11. Fortaleza do Monte

Image from Wikimedia

Fortaleza do Monte is a UNESCO world heritage site, a fort that is meant for defending ground from attackers. Fortaleza do Monte is part of the historic center of Macau and one of the main attractions in Macau. Tourists love the beautiful panorama of the city seen in Fortaleza do Monte. There is also a historic museum that you should visit to have a glimpse of Macau. The place opens up at 10:00 AM and closes at 06:00 PM. There is no entrance fee, just a short hike, ha!

12. Local Food at Rua du Cunha

Travelling isn’t complete without introducing yourself to the local cuisine of a place. The first place that you should be eating yourself out in Macau is Rua du Cunha. Located in Taipa Village, Rua du Cunha is a narrow pedestrian street filled with shops, stalls, and vendors offering a variety of local food. The street could be filled with tourists sometimes but there is always a way for you to enjoy the offered food.

13. Travessa da Paixão

Also known as the Love-lane, Travessa da Paixao is a street filled with colorful buildings and one of the most famous Macau tourist spots. Tourists don’t come here often as they mostly spend their time in the Ruins of St. Paul. From there, you could walk for a few minutes to get here in Travessa da Paixao. It is a great place to have colorful and instagrammable pictures in your gallery.

14. St Dominic Church

Macau tourist spots

Image from Wikipedia

A simple but beautiful baroque style church. The church has decorated ceilings and art hints all over the place. Aside from the beautiful interior, the facade is one of its own as well. People go here to relax and appreciate the elegance of this site. St. Dominic Church is at Macao Tv. de São Domingos.

15. Giant Panda Pavilion

Giant Panda Pavilion

Who doesn’t want to see a Panda? No one, right? In Giant Panda Pavilion you can visit 2-4 Pandas doing all the Panda “things” you have seen or watched somewhere else on the internet. For its price, you’d get much more value than you expected. And also, Pandas will truly be an animal that you should be excited meeting! Regular admission price is MOP 10.00. Giant Panda Pavilion is located at Estr. de Seac Pai Van.

16. Macau Museum

Macau Museum

Image from Flickr

Macau Museum like any other museum, has stories. Interestingly, the Macau Museum tells its stories to the guests very easily, making it one of the must-see Macau tourist spots. Tourists can have a meaningful glimpse of Macau just by visiting this Museum. An hour is enough for all of the display. MOP$15.00 per adult is the entrance fee, but if you could visit on the 15th of any month, then it’s free. It opens at 10:00 AM up to 6:00 PM.  The museum is exactly located at 112 Praceta do Museu de Macau.

17. St Lawrence Church

Image from Flickr

Being one of the oldest churches in Macau, St Lawrence Church has a neo-classical style structure and beautiful interior. Tourists love getting their peaceful and relaxing stop here at the church. Of course, the facade and the entire interior of the church are outstanding. St. Lawrence Church is also known as Freguesia de São. It is located at Rua de São Lourenço.

18. Flora Garden

Image from Wikimedia

Located in São Lázaro, Macau, Flora Garden is a flowerful garden park. It opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. Even if it is a park, it also has a small aviary and zoo. Yes, you guessed it, there are animals here and there. If you have kids, they can ride a bicycle and have fun touring around. The place is best for families wanting a place for their kids to have their own play time.

Where to Stay in Macau

If you’re looking for a cheap place to crash, there are dorm rooms in Macau that only go for $25 or less. Another inexpensive lodging option is AirBnB, where you can get rooms for $40-50. Click here to get a $30 USD discount on your first booking when you sign up on AirBnB! Those who want to treat themselves can always book luxury hotel rooms starting at around  €200 per night.



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Which of those Macau tourist spots is your favorite? Let us know and let’s talk about it!

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Happy Travels!


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