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Visa free countries for Filipinos: The Complete List

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 04:37 pm

When Rachel and I started traveling, we realized that the most challenging part about the trips aside from having the budget, was the visa free countries for Filipinos. Sometimes, it can be quite challenging to process a visa for Filipinos. Read here about Rachel’s full blog post to get Schengen Visa Philippines and how long the whole process took, but luckily it was successful!

Most of the destinations that are  visa free countries for Filipinos are around Southeast Asia. All the Asean Countries are in fact part of the visa free countries for Filipinos. These countries are easiest because you can find cheap flight deals with Air Asia and Cebu Pacific aside from having a hassle-free application for visas. You can usually get from 2 to 4 weeks free visa to stay in the country.

So for those who are new to traveling, what is Visa? Visa is an entry permission to the country. It will clarify how long you can stay, when you are allowed to visit the country, which months your allowed to enter inside the country, and how many times you can enter inside the country per year. Also, it tells if you are allowed to work or only visit as a tourist in the country.

Types of Tourist Visas

Free Visa

Free Visa or visa-free countries allow you to enter a country without applying for a one. You will get a few days, weeks, or months of free stay in the country as a tourist.

Visa On Arrival

Visa on Arrival is granted upon entry at the airport of the country you’re visiting, and sometimes there are specific entrance points or airports. There’s no need to apply for this and you will get it at the moment you arrived. It’s like Free Visa but you will have to pay a fee. It’s usually around $40 USD per month but it’s not fixed per country.

Visa Required

You need to apply for a visa in the embassy before visiting the country. You will have to provide documents, dates, itinerary and you will have to pay a fee. It can be tricky and a long process sometimes. You have to make sure you read all the requirements before applying so you will not have to come back to the embassy two or more times.


E-visa is a kind of visa you can apply for online. You will give your passport number, fill out online forms, and some require a fee. After that, you will be ready to enter the country.

For FIlipinos who are ready to travel outside the Philippines soon, here are the list of visa free countries for Filipinos. Here we go!

List of visa free countries for Filipinos

ASEAN Countries

Visa free countries for Filipinos

All of these are visa free countries for Filipinos, so pay attention and take note of them for your next destinations. Most of these countries are affordable and you can go backpacking Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos as cheap as $20 USD per day.

Brunei                     14 Days

Cambodia               21 Days

Indonesia               30 Days

Laos                        30 Days

Malaysia                 30 Days

Myanmar                14 Days

Singapore               30 Days

Thailand                 30 Days

Vietnam                  21 Days

More Asian Visa Free Countries for Filipinos (that are NOT ASEAN)

Visa free countries for Filipinos

Hong Kong             14 Days

Israel                       90 Days

Iran                         15 Days

Macau                     30 Days

Mongolia                21 Days

South Korea            30 Days (but arriving at Jeju Island only)

Taiwan                     14 Days (Until July 2019)

Asian Countries Visa on Arrival or E-visa

Armenia                 120 Days Visa on Arrival

Georgia                  30 Days E-visa

India                       30 Days E-visa

Kyrgyzstan             30 Days Visa on Arrival

Maldives                30 Days Visa on Arrival

Nepal                     21 Days Visa on Arrival

Sri Lanka               30 Days E-visa

Tajikistan               45 Days Visa on Arrival

Uzbekistan            30 Days E-visa

Now let’s go to African Continent and we have this list of visa free countries for Filipinos. There are countries like Morocco which is a dreamy destination, read our things to do in Marrakech.

Cape Verde            21 Days

Cote d’Ivoire          21 Days

Comoros                21 Days

Morocco                90 Days

Rwanda                  90 Days

Seychelles              21 Days

Africa Visa on Arrival or E-visa

Djibouti               30 Days Visa on Arrival

Gambia                90 Days Visa on Arrival

Guinea-Bissau     90 Days Visa on Arrival

Kenya                   90 Days Visa on Arrival

Madagascar         30 Days Visa on Arrival

Malawi                 90 Days Visa on Arrival

Mozambique       30 Days Visa on Arrival

Senegal                30 Days Visa on Arrival

Somalia                30 Days

Tanzania               30 Days Visa on Arrival

Togo                     7 Days Visa on Arrival

Uganda                90 Days Visa on Arrival

Zambia                90 Days Visa on Arrival

Central America/Caribbean and South America Visa free countries for Filipinos

South America and Central America are interesting to visit. Caribbean area can be little bit expensive, so be prepared for it! Read our travel guide to Colombia and Ecuador.

Bolivia                90 Days

Brazil                  90 Days

Colombia           90 Days

Dominica           21 Days

Ecuador             21 Days

Haiti                   21 Days

Peru                   183 Days

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines                   30 Days

Suriname           90 Days

Central America and Caribbean Countries that require Visa on Arrival and E-visa for FIlipinos

Costa Rica          30 Days Visa on Arrival

Nicaragua          90 Days Visa on Arrival

Trinidad and Tobago           Visa on Arrival

Saint Kitts and Nevis           30 Days E-visa

Saint Lucia                           6 Weeks Visa on Arrival

Oceania and Pacific Islands Free Visa countries for Filipinos

Dreamy and exotic destinations not so far away from the Philippines:

Cook Islands                        31 Days

Fiji Islands                           120 Days

Micronesia                           30 Days

Nauru                                  30 Days

Niue                                     30 Days

Vanuatu                               30 Days

Visa on Arrival and Evisa

Marshall Islands                   90 Days Visa on Arrival

Palau                                    30 Days Visa on Arrival

Papua New Guinea              60 Days Visa on Arrival

Pitcairn Islands                     14 Days Visa on Arrival

Samoa                                  60 Days Visa on Arrival

Tuvalu                                  30 Days Visa on Arrival

Apart from the visa, you have to make sure of which countries ask for booking of hotels, vaccinations, flight return tickets, etc.

Make sure you check the requirements with your embassy since they can change the visa requirements anytime.

Please let us know if you have read a new update about visa free countries for FIlipinos that we can add in this blog post. 🙂 Thank you and happy travels!

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