Alegria Beach in Siargao Island

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Today we will tell you how to get to Alegria Beach and other islands in the most Northern part of Siargao. Some of the islands we visited were Santa Monica Port, Tak Tak waterfalls, Pacifico Beach, Pilar and Magpupungko Rock pools.

Siargao Island is really one of the most stunning islands and best tourist spots in the Philippines. There are multiple things and activities to do in Siargao and bunch of places to discover here. From island hopping, snorkeling, surfing waves, cave pools, cliff jumping, to day trips around the island. Read here 7 Days Siargao itinerary!

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How to get to Alegria Beach

We guess that you will be staying in Siargao around General Luna and Cloud 9. The easiest way is renting a motorbike which costs around 400 PHP per day, you can even go down the prices if you rent the motorbike for a week.

You can also hire a tricycle for a day as we did. It’s more expensive but since there were three of us plus the backpacks and since we don’ t have much experience driving motorbikes. We thought the most comfortable was having a local guide for not taking care of the route also.

The costs of a day in a tricycle can be around 1500 PHP for a day small one, can go 2000 PHP for a bigger one or even 3000 PHP if you rent a multicab. You can even rent a tuk tuk by your own for 1200 PHP for a day and going around Siargao.

Alegria Beach

How to get to Alegria Beach, Alegria Beach

How to get to Alegria Beach, Alegria Beach

The beach is quiet and ravishing with crystal clear water, and there are cottages where you could stay and nobody will ask you for a payment. There are few places to buy food in Alegria but there would not be a lot, so we recommend you to bring your own snacks if you are planning to spend some few hours.

From Alegria Beach there are more tourist spots to visit we will mention starting from the Northen part.

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Santa Monica Port

How to get to Alegria Beach, Santa Monica Port

It will take you only 10 minutes driving from Alegria Beach. The place isn’t busy but it’s so beautiful with clear water and fisherman starting their day. It’s may not the best place for swimming but it’s worth to take a look. There is no entrance fee so perfect to have a look!

Tak Tak Waterfalls

How to get to Alegria Beach, taktak waterfalls

It will only take 5 minutes of driving between Santa Monica Port and Alegria Beach. It’s in the middle and you can see the sign to turn from the main road and just keep going 500 meters.

Tak Tak waterfalls is the only waterfall in Siargao and it’s not so busy and it is quite small. But we recommend you to visit it while exploring the area. It’s great to have a swim there and to take a few pictures. There is an entrance fee of 25 PHP per person and the money is used to keep the waterfalls clean!

Pacifico Beaches

How to get to Alegria Beach, Pacifico Beaches

Before going to Alegria from General Luna, you will find Pacifico Beach which are amazing. They are full of palm trees, long beach with clear water. There are many alges is a few areas of the beach in Pacifico. The beach in Alegria was cleaner than the one we visited in Pacifico.

It is so amazing walking around, just beneath the palm trees and just appreciating the beauty of the beach and also, you can surf there!

Maasin Bridge

On the way to the North you will find Maasin Bridge with the bent palm tree which is archi-popular in Instagram with the swing. You will find people swimming, swinging unless you go first thing in the morning. You can see the bridge from the road and it’s 40 minutes driving from General Luna before going to Magpupunko Rock pools.

Top View of the Palm Trees

How to get to Alegria Beach

There is an amazing view point of the palm trees with the mountains at the bottom. It’s perfect going for the sunrise and it takes 30 minutes driving from General Luna. It was our first stop in our day trip in Siargao to the Northen part on the way to Alegria Beach in Siargao.

Magpupungko Rock Pools

It will take you 45 minutes of driving from General Luna to reach Magpupungko Rock Pools. You have to make sure that you go in the low tide otherwise you will not see them. If you go on the low tide even the beach is worth it to stay a few hours.

The entrance fee is 50 PHP per adult and they also charge 25 PHP for parking for your motorbike. There are places which sell food inside the beach and also coconuts just in case you aren’t bringing your own food and you are planning to spend a few hours of your day.

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Where to sleep in Siargao Island?

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