Discovering Canggu Bali – Bali’s Hippie Side of Town

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Canggu Bali is definitely the trendiest and vibiest side of town. Bali is a place you’d like to stay in if you’re thinking about the diversity of activities you can do. Tourism is definitely very strong here, and you can see travelers having easy access to everything, and in Canggu, it almost feels like traveling in a very comfortable and fun way.

Transportation will feel so much different for sure. They have motorbikes everywhere, and there are narrow streets like in Kuta, so you really need to be careful when you walk. However, it is really fun, because like in Kuta, there are so many shops, and restaurants to visit here that range from authentic Bali cuisine, to healthy, vegetarian food, and the good Western food – definitely a place for all tastes. Read here the best cafes in Canggu!

Canggu Bali is also popular for good, wellness retreats, so people who are expecting to have a mindful holiday, without the daily stress of home will definitely enjoy a full holiday experience in Canggu Bali. Click here to read more things to in Bali from our blogger friends Travellingweasels.

So where can you stay when you’re in Bali? Check out Bali Travel Blog! And if you have a couple of days go to Nusa Penida and you will find the paradise.

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Getting mindful with Desa Seni

Desa Seni is a bit farther from the bars of Canggu, however walking distance to the Canggu Bali beach – a 1o to 15 minute walk.

If you’re looking for a good resort for retreats, with yoga activities and lots of wellness itineraries (including exemplary spas and healing sessions), you need to see Desa Seni.

Desa Seni is a nice yoga and wellness retreat in Canggu Bali

A real health and soul haven, Desa Seni is definitely a nice place to stay while in Canggu Bali. Here, they will definitely make you feel like you are staying home, because that’s what they call it all the time, and that how you will definitely feel in the end.

Food in Desa Seni

The food here is definitely one of the best that we’ve tried in Bali. There is much focus in health and wellness, just like the place is focused in helping you be mindful with your body and soul. And if you are mindful with the activities that you do, you should be mindful about the food that you eat, too.

Here in Desa Seni, we actually felt we can be vegans – only if we can cook organic and vegetarian the way they do. The food was absolutely heaven!

Heavenly healthy breaky!
Heavenly healthy breaky!

Organic and vegan ice creams for the win!
Organic and vegan ice creams for the win!

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The beaches of Canggu

If you’ve been to Bali before, you’ll know that this is a haven for surfers. Bali is definitely not the place for super blue waters, we’d have to admit. At least not in the main Bali area. However, the place is good for surfers of all levels, for sunset walks, and for meeting up with people, since Bali has a good party scene and travelers of all kinds visit here.

Many things has changed with the beaches of Canggu, just in the last couple of years. Now, it’s full of bars and restaurants.

The surfer and the Instagrammer? haha!

Getting vibe-y with The Chillhouse

The Chillhouse is the modern place that you many be looking for, if you don’t want to backpack in hostels however don’t want to go full on luxury in your next Bali trip either.

It’s also focused in good health and wellness, so all around the restaurant, you’ll see options for organic and really healthy food.

The whole place is definitely vibey, and a lot of the people who stay are young, and the young at heart.

Beach is 3 kilometers away, so you can rent scooters and they have amazing tours you can book with them so you can discover so much more parts of Bali – diving with Manta rays and biking with the rice terraces of Bali. They have various biking and surfing activities that you will love – definitely for the surf beginner who wants to experience Canggu Bali and its surfing waves.

Walking around Canggu Bali

Walking around in Canggu, and you’ll find amazing places to see. If you love shopping (even window shopping), there’s so much things to buy or see.

You need to either go around Canggu (and well, the whole Bali), either by a motorbike or a hige time for good, old walking. There’s just too many things to experience!

Sometimes you can feel that Canggu Bali, like Kuta is overly commercialized because of the big business opportunities here, however, thankfully, Canggu Bali has kept it’s uniqueness and beauty.

There’s still a different and beautiful vibe, much different from what you in busy cities in other countries!

Meeting people in Canggu

If Canggu Bali is not a place for you to connect with other fun and like-minded people, we don’t know where is. ha! We are very fortunate to meet amazing people along the way. Unless you’re traveling for a very specific reason, remember to always connect with new people – definitely good for your soul!

We had the amazing time time meeting with Glo of the Blog Abroad, and of course Tom of Traveltomtom (who later on traveled with us in the next part of our Bali series)

Meeting up with Glo of The Blog Abroad was definitely an honor!
The beautiful Glo of The Blog Abroad
Traveled with Tom of travel blog Traveltomtom in Lombok and Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.
Get excited as we travel with Tom in our next Bali series – Lombok and Gili!

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How did you like traveling with us and discovering Canggu Bali? Click here for more things to do in Indonesia!

See you in our next Bali story!

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