Top 10 Kayaking Adventures in the world

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10 Most Amazing Places to Kayak Around the World - Featured
Are you ready for kayaking adventures? We wrote for you a list of the 10 best amazing areas in the world where you will absoultely enjoy kayaking! Kayaking is definitelyone of the most fun activity you can do while traveling. It’s sort of like a hybrid of eercise and nature watching – which is really amazing. I myself traveled once biking around various countries in Europe, and I can attest to how exciting that kind of fphysical trip can be. Kayaking is definitely in my bucket list and really looking forward to do it soon! Doing some exercise while enjoying the nature it´s totally worthy. I love traveling and doing sport. Once that I did traveling by bicycle around Europe, kayaking is on my bucket list. I hope I can do it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

List of Countries for your kayaking Adventures

Below are the top countries where kayaking is definitely  a must.

New Zealand

One of my favorite countries in the world! Landscapes are amazing and there plenty of options for kayaking adventure in North and South Islands. There are paddle destinations in New Zealand from Milford to the Bay of Islands . Christchurch is a great place for kayaking adventures where you will have an amazing experience paddling. You can do more adventures like skydiving, too. Definitely an adventure location!


We can´t have a best places for kayaking list withut having  the Norwegian fjords and islands on it. My paradise in Norway where I was cyling for two months was Lofoten Islands. This is an archipielago where you can go for kayaking – great even  for beginners. You can combine kayaking with climbing and mountaineering. If you do in summer you can paddle and enjoy mignight sun which is such a great experience.

kayaking adventures New Zealand.


In British Columbia, you will find one of the best places for paddling. In the northern coast of Vancouver is a great place for your kayaking adventure in the small islands with protected water and wildlife. You can also watch whales, eagles and orcas while paddling. It´s one of the world´s top destinations for kayaking. There are many small islands to choose from.

United States

We can´t skip Alaska in our list. There are great places for kayaking adventure here like Glacier Bay where you can paddle between glaciers and there are fjords which can be explored with your kayak.  John Muir first visited Alaska´s Glacier Bay in 1879. You can do hiking and enjoy camping in caves, too. And if you love taking photographs, you will definiltely enjoy every moment here


Patagonia is one of the most popular places for kayaking. The best areas for kayaking are The Chilean Lake District where you will enjoy wild and adventurous kayaking and Torres del Paine will give you an amazing experience paddling amongst fjords, glaciers and icebergs. You can also combine this adventure with days hiking in Patagonia.


Baja California is such a great place for adventure Kayaking. You will find amazing sunsets, warm waters and sandy beaches while kayaking every day. You can also enjoy gray whales in Bahia Magdalena. The weather is really nice in this area! You can also drink margaritas to enjoy the sunset and relaxing in a paradise beach.


The country with more than 300 islands. What about the idea of kayaking while you can snorkling and fishing from your kayak? The calm water and tropical weather make very attractive the place for kayakers. Yasawa Islands are a perfect place to do it! You will enjoy with Fijian people, one of the happiest in the world!

kayaking adventures island.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Photography: Kyle Wicomb


Greek Islands are perfect for kayaking. You will have the amazing experience of paddling from one island to another. You will enjoy great sunset beach. There are many island-hopping expeditions to combine with your kayaking and great nightlife area or just camping in the beach.


Even it´s a touristic place Halong Bay, you can experience paddling in this mystical area between the gigantic limestone islets and you can explore hidden caves. You will be able to visit the typical floating fishing villages with your kayak, a totally worthy experience. Read our things to do in Vietnam. 

adventures kayaking, Thailand.


One of the most popular travel destinations for tourists but also for kayaking. You can immerse yourself in natural beauty of kayaking and enjoy the nature. One of the most popular place for adventure kayaking in Thailand is Phuket where you can paddle in water filled caves and watch the stalactites and narrow limestone passages.

Hope you found this article helpful! A lot of the countries mentioned are definitely in my bucket list, and excited to try kayaking in all these amazing places. Have you ever tried Kayaking? If yes, tell us if we missed any of your favorite spots! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Happy Travels x

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. He believes in travel without money. Recently, he finished a bicycle trip, 9500 km, from Madrid to North Cape.

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