Awesome Things To Do in Perth (Ultimate Travel Guide)

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Are you planning to travel Perth? Perth can be a great destination when you are coming from Southeast Asia. It’s one of the closest and most accessible places if you want to have your next in Australia. We will tell you our favorite things to do in Perth. Read here how to get from Perth airport to city center and Perth airport to Fremantle.

When I went to traveled Perth, I came from a long trip in Southeast Asia. I spent over a month in Perth, but I had to stay most of the time in a farm to work. Luckily, I managed to visit and travel to various places in Perth. Glad I did, because it is very beautiful. I got to admit, I was quite surprised at how beautiful Perth beaches are.

If it’s your first time to travel to Australia, you will find that culture is so much different, since Australia is very well developed, and already a new continent which has its own unique culture. Prices are also much higher, which is very common in Australia since they have a higher standard of living. Perth is a small city with around a million people.

Before you travel Perth

By plane

If you will travel to Perth, there are various cheap flight companies coming from Southeast Asia. You can take a look to Skyscanner where you can see flight companies like Air Asia. There are also cheap flight companies like Jetstar for traveling inside the country.

By train

There is a trans-continental railway from Perth to Sydney and Adelaide. Prices are expensive ( around $500) and it takes 4 days and 3 nights for the whole journey. It sounds like a great idea though if you have enough time for it!

By bus

There are buses services from Perth to Adelaide. These are long bus rides and and prices are usually expensive ( around $300). There is a total of 2,000 kilometers distance between both cities.

By boat

If you travel Perth, you can get  to Perth by boat from Fremantle. Prices are starting from $4.


Australian dollar currency rates are little bit slower than American dollar. At that time, 1 USD = 1.30 AUD. But if you want to travel Perth and check the current rate, click this link. There are  ATM’s everywhere so it should’t be hard to find places to withdraw money from. And if you need to exchange money, you will find banks to do it with.

Australian dollar bills always look like they are new. In all the countries that I have visited so far, it’s my favorite currency. When you touch the bills, they look great and not very old like in the other countries.

things to do in perth


If you are planning to travel Perth and you are from Europe, Canada and United States, you will have to obtain an electronic Visa on internet for a tourist visa before your arrival.

There are 27 countries which are eligible to get a working visa in Australia. If you travel Perth and you can work for a year while traveling, you can earn a lot of money and continue your travel. You will find great opportunities in Perth for work. Australian salaries are really good. But just remember that cost of living in Perth is also really high.


If you travel Perth, you should know that Summer season is from December to February and you will find the hottest weather. Winter season is from June to August and temperatures don’t usually go lower than 10 degrees. It even rains during Winter in Perth. Autumn and Spring are the best season to travel Perth where you will find the weather not so hot and not so cold.

How to get wifi

When you travel Perth, getting wifi will not be an issue. There are many places where you will be able to connect to internet. You can get wifi from libraries, bars, restaurants and various hotspots in the city. And the speed is great!


There are various options for public transportation to go around Perth. Buses travel every ten minutes and prices start from $4. It depends on the distance. There are also trains to move outside the city. Perth isn’t really big and you can even walk around if you have enough time. Another great way to explore Perth is with a bicycle. You will see many Australians cycling around the city.


things to do in perth

If are you are curious if hitchhiking works in Perth, then you’ll be happy that the answer is Yes! It works well in Perth. Australians are great and very open minded. As always, hitchhiking is always harder to do inside the city. I recommend you to walk or take the bus around Perth.

But once you are outside the city, and you ask for a ride, cars will stop for you. If you are curious on how you can use hitchhiking so you can travel with less money around the world, or just interested to experience it yourself, here’s a full guide on how to hitchhike everywhere.


As always, accommodation will be the trickiest part of your trip since it’s always the one that you’d have to spend most money on. But there are many options in Perth:

If you travel Perth and you want to stay in hostels, prices start from $20-35 for a dorm. If you want to have a private room, prices start from $50-80. Perth is one of the most expensive cities in Australia.

If you want to travel Perth with a little bit of luxury and stay in hotels, prices for a room start from $100.

If these prices will not work for your budget, or you’re looking at extending your budget for a longer time, we wrote a guide on how to sleep for free on your travels. Take a look and you might find some hidden gems and valuable information that you haven’t heard of before.

I can recommend Couchsurfing and Workaway to travel Perth and save money on your accommodation. Not only will you save money on accommodation but also have a great experience with locals. These options are really great for visiting and exploring a new city and making new friends.

Click here to book your accommodation with!

Budget for Perth

things to do in perth

If you want to travel Perth in a low budget, you can start from $20-50 per day. If you save on accommodations and you buy food in the supermarkets, you will travel Perth in a low budget. Going out will take the most of your budget in Perth. Bars and restaurants are very expensive in Australia.

If you are moving around with buses, public transportation and paying for tourist entrances, your budget for the trip needs to be higher. Luckily, there are many plans you can do in Perth which doesn’t cost a lot of money like visiting the beach and making a barbecue in a park.

Things to do in Perth

Visiting Beaches

things to do in perth

If you travel Perth, you will get surprised about the beauty of their beaches. You will find white sand and blue water. If you like surfing, there are many beaches where you can practice. Australian people love the life outdoors so you can always meet people there.


things to do in perth

This is an easy plan everyday while traveling in Perth. There are electric barbecues everywhere in Perth, FOR FREE. You just need to get some food from the supermarket and relax in the park or in the beach. It’s really amazing how safe barbecues are in Australia. Every 15 minutes, barbecues turn off by themselves and you need to turn on again.

Visit The Aquarium of Western Australia

This one’s a really great plan to do in Perth. You can see marine life and discover coral reefs underwater life. You can explore 12,00o kilometers of coastline in just one day.

Bicycle or Hiking

things to do in perth

There are many places outside Perth where you can go around with your bicycle. If you prefer hiking is also great. There are many trails and you will find maps and signs everywhere during your route. I did this in Kalamunda and it the area is really good for cycling and hiking.

Rent a Campervan in Perth

Another great way to travel Perth is renting a campervan. If you want to visit hidden places and move around Perth, this is definitely one of the great choices you can choose from. You will feel free and you don’t need to adjust any schedule. Perth is a great place to travel around in a campervan because you will find many spots to park your vehicle and places to spend the night.

More things to do in Perth

See Kangaroos

See Kangaroos in Perth? Maybe not inside the city. But outside the city, I saw wild Kangaroos a couple of times. Wild Kangaroos are one of the amazing things Australia is famous for!

Visiting Parks

things to do in perth

If you explore Australia, and you definitely should, you will immediately realize how locals love to stay outside. It’s typical Australian life. So if you’re the outdoor type of person, who loves meeting people, you’ll totally enjoy this place. Australians are very nice and easy going. There are families, couples and people walking around the parks all the time. Australians love doing sport in the parks, too. In Kings Park, you will find great views of the city.


Visiting Fremantle is a great plan. It’s just half an hour from Perth’s city centre. You can walk around the parks, take a look and go around the markets. It’s also a great place if you want to go out in bars and restaurants. There are tourist attractions like the Fremantle Prison and Fremantle Markets.

Sunset and Sunrise

things to do in perth

If you travel Perth, you can’t miss the sunrise and the sunset. It was one of my favorite plans to do in Perth. Plus I’m also addicted to watching sunsets, and I make sure I do it all the time, especially if I’m in the beach in a particular country.

In Perth, the sunset was just phenomenal. You will see colors which aren’t very usual in the other sunsets I have seen. Everyday it’s something I really looked forward to as the Perth sunsets were just really amazing.

Lifestyle barefoot

I was living for a month in a small town in North Perth. And I saw many people going around supermarkets with no shoes. Oh yeah! It’s really interesting and looked like great place where you can see people walking around barefooted.

Eating and drinking

things to do in perth

Another great place to go around in Perth is in Northbridge. If you are into parties, you can go on Fridays and Saturday nights and you will find out how is nightlife in Perth. Around Northbridge, there many bars and restaurants.

Working in Perth

things to do in perth

Perth is a great place to get a job. It is quite easy to find a job in Perth. I was working in a farm picking tomatoes and planting strawberries when I stayed there. It was quite a hard job, especially planting strawberries. Surprisingly, the hardest job that I’ve ever done.

But if you want to extend your travel, working in Perth is one way you can do it. Australian salaries are great! Especially, if you are heading to Southeast Asia were prices are much cheaper, you can easily extend your trip for many more months which happened to me.

If you are heading to Perth and you want to get more information, check Nomadic Matt travel guide or how to travel Australia in a low budget from Ytravel, where you will find more tips for traveling around Australia. And if you are heading to Sydney, click here to know the best places to have breakfast by the water in Sydney.

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Happy Travels to you and always stay doing the things that you love. x

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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