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6 Malapascua Beaches: Beautiful Beaches in Malapascua

Malapascua Cebu is the place that you want to go for relaxing and disconnect. We already wrote that there are ...
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Beaches in Pangasinan, pangasinan beach, pangasinan beaches

17 Pangasinan Beaches: Beautiful Beaches in Pangasinan

Pangasinan isn’t one of the most touristic places in Luzon Province, the Philippines. Most of the visitors are coming in ...
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how to get from Tainan to Taipei

How to get from Tainan to Taipei

Today we will write how to get from Tainan to Taipei by train, bus and more options. Keep reading below ...
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bohol to camiguin, bohol to camiguin ferry, ferry bohol to camiguin

How to get from Bohol to Camiguin

Want to go in a place in the Philippines where it is not crowded yet? There are a lot of ...
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butuan to siargao

How to get from Butuan to Siargao

One of the most popular routes is getting from Butuan to Siargao in Mindanao. It takes around 3 hours to ...
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bangkok to ayutthaya, ayutthaya tour from bangkok, bangkok ayutthaya bus, bangkok to ayutthaya taxi, bangkok to ayutthaya distance, bangkok to ayutthaya train, bangkok to ayutthaya tour, bangkok to ayutthaya day trip, bangkok to ayutthaya train schedule

How to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya By Train

If you are looking for a popular day trip from Bangkok. The distance from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is 80 kilometers ...
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Bohol Itinerary, dumaguete to bohol, dumaguete to bohol ferry, dumaguete to bohol roro, dumaguete to bohol ferry schedule, dumaguete to bohol fare, dumaguete to bohol schedule, dumaguete to tagbilaran

How to get from Dumaguete to Bohol

Bohol is located in the Central Visayas Region in the Philippines. We will write how to get from Dumaguete to ...
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cebu to bacolod, ceres cebu to bacolod, cebu to bacolod ferry,cebu to bacolod ceres schedule, cebu to bacolod bus, cebu bacolod flights, silay airport to bacolod city , dumaguete to bacolod, dumaguete to bacolod bus, dumaguete to bacolod travel time, ceres dumaguete to bacolod, dumaguete to bacolod van

How to get from Cebu to Bacolod by Bus and Plane

We believe there are many things to do in Bacolod. The city’s rich history and culture not to mention the ...
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coron to el nido, coron to el nido ferry, coron to el nido flight, coron to el nido expedition, coron to el nido travel time, coron to el nido ferry schedule, how to get from san vicente Palawan to El Nido

How to get from Coron to El Nido by Ferry And Plane

Palawan is indeed one of the Philippines natural gems and for us El Nido is one of the best place ...
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