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10 Best Day Trips From Barcelona

Our full guide on the best Day Trips From Barcelona from Coastal visiting beaches to Historical sites.

Barcelona is a fantastic base for exploring the surrounding region of Catalonia, which offers a diverse range of attractions, from picturesque coastal towns and historic sites to natural parks and charming villages. Here’s an extensive guide to the best day trips from Barcelona.

By exploring these diverse and fascinating destinations around Barcelona, you can make the most of your stay and experience the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Catalonia. Each day trip offers unique opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and discovery.

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Day Trips From Barcelona Coastal Towns


Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Sitges

Highlights: Beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, historic architecture.

Activities: Relax on the beaches, visit the Maricel Museum, explore the narrow streets and enjoy the local cuisine.

Travel Tip: Sitges is about a 40-minute train ride from Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia station.


Costa Brava (Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar)

Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Costa Brava

Highlights: Stunning coastal scenery, charming towns, historic castles.

Activities: Swim and sunbathe on the beaches, visit the medieval Tossa de Mar Castle, explore the lively Lloret de Mar.

Travel Tip: A car rental is ideal for exploring multiple spots along the Costa Brava, but buses are also available.

Calella de Palafrugell

Highlights: Idyllic beaches, picturesque fishing village, beautiful coastal paths.

Activities: Enjoy the beaches, walk along the Cami de Ronda, visit the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens.

Travel Tip: Approximately 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona.

Historic and Cultural Sites


Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Monserrat

Highlights: Unique mountain range, Benedictine monastery, Black Madonna.

Activities: Visit the Monastery of Montserrat, hike to Sant Jeroni for stunning views, enjoy the boys’ choir performance.

Travel Tip: Accessible by train from Plaça Espanya, followed by a cable car or rack railway.


Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Tarragona

Highlights: Roman ruins, beautiful beaches, historic old town.

Activities: Visit the Roman Amphitheatre, explore the Tarragona Cathedral, walk along the Balcón del Mediterráneo.

Travel Tip: About 1 hour by train from Barcelona Sants station.


Best Day Trips From Barcelona, How To Get From Girona Airport To City Center - All Possible Ways

Highlights: Medieval architecture, Jewish Quarter, Game of Thrones filming locations.

Activities: Walk along the city walls, visit the Girona Cathedral, explore the colorful houses along the Onyar River.

Travel Tip: About 40 minutes by high-speed train from Barcelona Sants station.

Natural Parks and Outdoor Activities

Costa Dorada (Salou and PortAventura)

Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Salou

Highlights: Golden beaches, PortAventura World amusement park.

Activities: Relax on the beaches, enjoy the rides and attractions at PortAventura, visit Aquopolis water park.

Travel Tip: About 1-1.5 hours by train from Barcelona Sants station.

Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

Highlights: Extinct volcanoes, lush forests, charming villages.

Activities: Hike to the Santa Margarida Volcano, visit the medieval village of Besalú, explore the Fageda d’en Jordà beech forest.

Travel Tip: Best accessed by car; approximately 1.5 hours from Barcelona.

Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park

Best Day Trips From Barcelona

Highlights: Wetlands, diverse birdlife, unique landscapes.

Activities: Birdwatching, kayaking, cycling through the rice fields.

Travel Tip: About 2 hours by car from Barcelona. Guided tours are also available.

Picturesque Villages


Best Day Trips From Barcelona, Cadaques,

Highlights: Whitewashed houses, Salvador Dalí’s former residence, stunning coastal scenery.

Activities: Visit the Dalí House-Museum, explore the charming streets, enjoy the beach.

Travel Tip: Approximately 2 hours by car from Barcelona. A bus service is also available.



Highlights: Well-preserved medieval architecture, historic bridges, Jewish heritage.

Activities: Explore the medieval bridge and Jewish bathhouse, visit the Museum of Miniatures.

Travel Tip: About 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona.



Highlights: Medieval village, scenic views, charming stone houses.

Activities: Walk across the suspension bridge, hike to the Sallent Waterfall, explore the village streets.

Travel Tip: About 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona.

Wine Regions

Penedès Wine Region


Highlights: Vineyards, wineries, cava production.

Activities: Tour vineyards and wineries, taste local wines and cava, visit the Vinseum wine museum in Vilafranca del Penedès.

Travel Tip: About 1 hour by train from Barcelona Sants station to Vilafranca del Penedès.

Priorat Wine Region

Highlights: Renowned wine region, scenic landscapes, historic villages.

Activities: Wine tastings at local wineries, explore the village of Siurana, visit the Cartoixa d’Escaladei monastery.

Travel Tip: Approximately 2 hours by car from Barcelona.

Unique Experiences

Figueres (Dalí Theatre-Museum)

Highlights: Salvador Dalí’s largest surrealist object, fascinating art collection.

Activities: Explore the Dalí Theatre-Museum, visit the Toy Museum of Catalonia, wander the historic town.

Travel Tip: About 1.5 hours by train from Barcelona Sants station.


Highlights: Historic town, traditional markets, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

Activities: Visit the Vic Cathedral, explore the weekly market at Plaça Major, see the Roman Temple.

Travel Tip: About 1 hour by train from Barcelona Sants station.

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

Highlights: Cava capital of Spain, picturesque town.

Activities: Tour cava cellars like Codorníu and Freixenet, taste cava, explore the town.

Travel Tip: About 45 minutes by train from Barcelona Sants station.

Cultural Festivals and Events

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La Patum de Berga (Berga)

Highlights: UNESCO-recognized festival, traditional Catalan celebrations.

Activities: Experience the lively parades, fireworks, and performances.

Travel Tip: Held in June; about 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona.

Castells (Human Towers) in Vilafranca del Penedès

Highlights: Traditional Catalan human towers, cultural performances.

Activities: Watch the castellers build human towers, explore the local culture.

Travel Tip: Often held during festivals; about 1 hour by train from Barcelona Sants station.

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