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7 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Best Palces To visit in Italy

With various means of entertainment and scenic landscapes, Italy makes a perfect choice of holiday, no matter what kind you are looking for. It is an ideal destination for solo trips, couple retreats, and of course, family vacations.

However, if you are bringing your kids on this tour, you might want some guidance on the places you should visit! So check out our list of top sites in Italy that would be perfect for you! 

Best Places to Visit in Italy

1. The Dolomites

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

Otherwise known as the Dolomite Mountains or the Dolomite Alps, these giants are entirely safe and enjoyable for families with children. These trips are perfect if you like spending time outside and are a fan of outdoor activities.

There are many packages for mountain climbing that are prepared specifically for kids, and if that is too extreme for you, you can simply take up hiking, cycling, and BASE jumping. It is like a vast, natural playground for children, so it will surely not disappoint! Time to make great memories! 


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2. Lake Garda

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

Settled in northeastern Italy, Lake Garda is one of the family-friendliest places you could visit! With a huge resemblance to children’s fairytale books, the lake is surrounded by impressive greenery and many pretty towns and villages for sightseeing. 

The hotels and other means of accommodation are perfectly equipped to have children around – there are numerous playgrounds and campsites with waterparks, and some of them have the biggest rollercoasters! 

If your family is one for active leisure, there are many routes for hiking and cycling! 

3. Tuscany

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

One of the most visited regions in Italy, Tuscany is great to spend time with kids! However, keep in mind that this one usually does not include many active pursuits. Spending time here is more about relaxation and general appreciation for the Italian countryside. 

There are many options available for you to rent a car and set your own destinations so that you are entirely free in your sightseeing choices. There are many beautiful castles to visit along the way and fields with friendly wineries and shops. 

If the kids get restless, you can stop by the playgrounds; there are several of those here!  

See tours to Italy to plan the best and most inspirational trips! 

4. Rome

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

Of course, there is no going around the capital city! 

A family visit to Rome can be educational and fun at the same time. All of the most popular sites are appropriate for children, so you can take them to the Colosseum or the Pantheon and teach them a bit about the impressive historical background of Italy.

Then, once you have introduced them to the country’s antiquity, you can balance it out by taking the kids to the children’s museum called Explora. Spending an afternoon here is proof of how you can mix entertainment and learning. In the museum, history and science are presented in a way that the children can understand it while having fun at the same time. 

Apart from that, just take full advantage of the city! Stroll through the impressive piazzas, where children can run freely, introduce them and yourself to Italian food, lovely shops, and friendly locals! 


More Places To Visit In Italy

5. Amalfi Coast

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

It is a universally known fact that both children and adults enjoy beaches! So Amalfi Coast just might be your best choice. Aside from divine white-sandy shores and colorful streets, you can also enjoy sights of expansive cliffs and small lively towns, decorating the Mediterranean scenery.  

Both you and the kids will have a great time enjoying the baby-blue water and soft sand, where you can sunbathe and relax while the children play! There are also several playgrounds and parks, prepared to be enjoyed by families. 

Amalfi Coast might not be the number one place for sightseeing and educational tours, but it is a great way to loosen up and just have the time for yourself. Not every trip has to be active and excursion-heavy. Sometimes, you can just chill! 

6. Sicily

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

Sicily is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, and it is also kid-friendly. There are two sides to this island – lively beaches mixing together with ancient sites and popular tourist attractions. This way, you can learn new things regarding history and culture, and afterward, relax at the beach or have fun at family-friendly parties on the coast. 

However, Sicily might be your best choice if you go with older children and not toddlers. While there is much entertainment for youngsters, the main attractions require a firm attention span and a thirst for knowledge. For example, you could have a fantastic time touring Mount Etna, a still active volcano, or visiting one of many archeological sites. 

Make sure you whip up some sort of itinerary before going to Sicily. There are so many things to see here – better to be prepared! 

7. Florence

Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids

A city oozing culture and art, Florence might not seem like the most suitable destination for a family trip, but there are plenty of things to do here with kids as well. 

A great advantage of a city as small as Florence is that you can walk everywhere. This way, the children are naturally captured by the sights of Renaissance buildings and artsy sceneries. 

While exploring the most popular places, you will inevitably reach the neighborhoods of Santo Spirito and Santa Maria Novella. Both of these are near the river and within walking distance of the main attractions, and the reason why they are both so lovely and suitable for children is because of the parks and playgrounds you will find here! There are also many great restaurants in the area, so it will be easy to re-energize after all the walking and games. 

Also, make sure to visit the Boboli Gardens and the Uffizi Museum, with children’s tours to the Michelangelo galleries and interactive exhibits for youngsters. 

As you can see, there are many wonderful places in Italy for both kids and adults. So do not be discouraged while planning the holiday – we guarantee that the children will have fun here as well! Many of the places mentioned above are stroller-friendly, and if you are taking children closer to their teenage years, all of the most popular sites are suitable for them. So have the most fantastic time in the most amazing Italy!

Let us know in the comments below which one of these best 7 places to visit Italy is your favorite?

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