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Comparing Yesim vs Airalo – Which is Better?

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In this guide, we compare two of 2024’s most affordable eSIMs when it comes to flexible data, Yesim vs Airalo.

Comparing Yesim vs Airalo, while Airalo is more popular, Yesim offers longer validity for their data plans and is more affordable for higher data needs. Let’s look at their specific plans below.

Why use eSIM for Your Travel – Comparing Yesim or Airalo

When planning international travel in the digital age, staying connected is a top priority for many. eSIM technology transforms how travelers access cellular data abroad by offering a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional SIM cards. eSIMs, which stand for Embedded Subscriber Identity Modules, are built into your device and can be activated with various data plans without the need for physical SIM cards. Two prominent eSIM providers, Yesim and Airalo, have emerged as popular choices for travelers seeking reliable and cost-effective data solutions across the globe.

Yesim and Airalo cater to international travelers’ needs, with Yesim offering eSIM plans for more than one country, which can be a boon if you’re touring multiple destinations. Compared to Airalo, Yesim also allows you to choose between unlimited and flexible data plan options, which helps you just worry about installing one app and not having to go through various eSIM brands. The last thing you want to worry about when you travel is maintaining several eSIM apps.

Comparing Pricing and Data Allowance – Yesim vs Airalo

When looking at pricing, you’ll find that Yesim generally provides better value in certain regions, such as Southeast Asia, by offering more GB for the time period selected. For instance, you could get 3GB for one week or 5GB for 15 days. Airalo tends to have competitive rates with an average cost sitting between $4 to $45 depending on your destination and desired data allowance.

Yesim Southeast Asia

Below are the prices for Yesim Southeast Asia plans. The biggest pro of these plans over Airalo’s data plans is that all plans have a validity of 30 days while Airalo offers their lower 1GB plans just for 7 days and others for 15 days.

With the Yesim Regional plans, in case you’re swapping internet with your hotel wifi, you have more chances of avoiding expiring data especially in cases of longer trips in Southeast Asia. Yesim also covers Australia and New Zealand in the Southeast Asia plan.

1GB for 7, valid for 30 days.

3GB for 11, valid for 30 days.

5GB for 15, valid for 30 days.

10GB for 25, valid for 30 days.

20GB for 45, valid for 30 days.

Yesim’s Southeast Asia Plan covers the following countries and coverages:

Australia (Vodafone), Indonesia (XL, Telkomsel), Malaysia, New Zealand (Vodafone New Zealand), Philippines (Globe), Singapore (StarHub, SingTel Mobile), Thailand (AIS), Vietnam (Vms Mobifon, Vinaphone)

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Let’s look at other popular countries and compare the plans of Yesim and Airalo.

United States – Yesim vs Airalo

While Airalo offers smaller data plans like 1GB for $4.50 and 2GB for $8, Yesim eSIM has better prices, starting with 5GB and up.

Yesim vs Airalo - Yesim USA
Yesim USA Plans

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Yesim Mexico

Comparing Yesim vs Airalo for Mexico, Airalo prices are cheaper. However, if you’re staying for longer and would need higher data consumption, you can go for the 20GB with Yesim valid for 30 days, for 58 which Airalo doesn’t offer. Airalo only offers til 10GB

Yesim Mexico Plans – Yesim vs Airalo

Yesim also offers unlimited data plans for Mexico: 7 Days unlimited data for 32 and 15 days unlimited data for 51.

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Europe Regional Plan – Yesim or Airalo

Yesim Europe Plans
Yesim Europe Plans

Both Yesim and Airalo offer regional plans. These are good if you’re planning to visit multiple counties as you will not have to worry about changing plans and covers up to 30+ countries. Make sure that all countries you’re visiting are covered.

For Yesim, the Europe regional esim covers: Austria (A1), Belgium (ORANGE, BASE), Bulgaria (Telenor, Vivacom), Croatia (T-Mobile Croatia, Tele2), Cyprus (MTN), Czech Republic (O2, TMobile), Denmark (Telenor, TDK-Mobil), Estonia (Tele2, Elisa), Finland (Elisa, DNA, lands Telekommunikation Ab (Alcom)), France (Bouygues, Orange, SFR), Germany (O2, Vodafone, TMobile), Greece (Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind), Hungary (T-Mobile, Telenor), Iceland (Fjarskipti (Vodafone), Nova), Ireland (H3G, Meteor), Italy (Vodafone, Wind Italy), Latvia (Bite, Tele2), Liechtenstein (Orange (Salt), Telecom Liechtenstein AG), Lithuania (Bite, Tele2), Luxembourg (Orange, Tango), Malta (Vodafone, Melita), Netherlands (Vodafone, KPN), Norway (Telia, Telenor), Poland (Plus Gsm), Portugal (Optimus, Vodafone, TMN), Romania (DIGI Romania, Orange Romania), Slovakia (O2, Slovak Telekom (DT)), Slovenia (A1 (Mobitel), Telemach), Spain (Orange, Telefonica), Sweden (Telenor (Vodafone) Sweden, H3G Sweden), United Kingdom (O2, H3G UK, EE UK, Vodafone).

For pricing, while Airalo offers the cheaper plan for 1GB at 5, all plans with Yesim are more affordable compared to Airalo, from 3GB to 20GB. You’ll most likely need more than 1GB so going with Yesim is a great choice!

Below are the complete Yesim Europe plans all valid for 30 days from date of activation:

1GB for 8, valid for 30 days.

3GB for 12, valid for 30 days.

5GB for 15, valid for 30 days.

10GB for 26, valid for 30 days.

20GB for 31, valid for 30 days.

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Setting Up and Ease of Use – Yesim vs Airalo

Setting up your eSIM with either Yesim or Airalo is a breeze. You simply scan a QR code and follow the installation instructions to get started. The setup process is aimed to be as user-friendly as possible, ensuring you can access the internet quickly upon arrival at your destination. Both providers boast an ease of use, but the experience might vary slightly depending on your device and its compatibility with eSIM technology.

With this, Yesim and Airalo are both a breeze to use as this is the major pro of using eSIMs over physical sim cards.
Make sure that your phone is eSIM compatible and is unlocked.

Managing Data and Connectivity on the Go: Yesim or Airalo

Switching to an eSIM means you can manage your mobile data plans digitally. Whether you’re checking WhatsApp messages, looking up directions, or making calls and texts, eSIMs help you avoid roaming fees. Opt for providers like Airalo or Yesim, which offer regional and country-specific plans.

These companies often discount codes. You can use GAMIN3 for a 3 Discount on your Yesim plan, which give you a savings on your first purchase.

Conclusion: Why Yesim Holds the Edge Over Airalo for Your Travel Needs

In the comprehensive comparison of Yesim and Airalo for global travelers, Yesim emerges with distinct advantages that could greatly enhance your travel experience. Offering a broader spectrum of data plans with extended validity, Yesim caters effectively to travelers with varying data needs, especially for those embarking on longer or multiple-destination trips.

Yesim’s flexibility shines with its diverse offerings, such as the 30-day valid plans which provide a substantial amount of data compared to Airalo’s shorter duration plans. This feature is particularly beneficial for travelers looking to stay connected without the hassle of frequent renewals or running out of data midway through their journeys.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of Yesim’s plans in regions like Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas, ensures that travelers get more value for their money, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious users without compromising on quality or coverage.

With regards to ease of use, both Yesim and Airalo have a straightforward setup process, which involves a simple QR code scan, along with their excellent customer support, ensures that travelers can start their trips stress-free, knowing that they have reliable and easy-to-manage connectivity at their fingertips.

Opting for Yesim not only offers a more practical solution for managing international travel data needs but also ensures that you have consistent access to high-quality internet services across the globe. With Yesim, travelers can enjoy a seamless, connected experience as they explore new destinations, making it a preferred choice over Airalo for those seeking both efficiency and value in their travels.

For a hassle-free journey with dependable internet access, consider choosing Yesim for your next international adventure. Remember to use the discount code GAMIN3 to get a €3 discount on your purchase, adding even more value to your travel budget.

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